Chapter 2367 The Poisonous Swamp (4)

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Once, a red-eyed golden eagle ventured into the poisonous swamp in hopes of finding food. It was known to have a strong resistance against poisonous gases, but before it managed to find any food, it had already suffocated and died as a result of the colorful and yet poisonous air.

All the beings that lived in the poisonous swamp were equally poisonous. A small bite was fatal. There was not even a cure that one could use. Therefore, all the mortals and devils would avoid this place at all costs.

Nonetheless, it was a heaven for all the poisonous beings in the world. There were the poisonous snakes, frogs, scorpions, and even centipedes. All these poisonous animals lingered around almost everywhere in the swamp and could hide easily in a pool of mud or the bushes. These creatures would attack any passer-by with their fatal strikes.

The swamp was a vast plain full of mud, about thousands of miles wide. The Silver Ring Crocodile that Gu Xijiu was looking for was hidden in the depths of the swamp.

On one particular morning, two figures could be seen wandering around in the unfrequented swamp. They were wearing weird clothes with oddly shaped caps. The caps could cover their heads completely, showing only their eyes. Even their eyes were covered with a transparent cover.

Their suits were tightly fitted. It was evident that the woman was slim, and the man was strong. They possessed very powerful Qing Gong, as they glided across the surface of the mud swiftly without touching it.

While they were crossing the mud, a red, poisonous snake suddenly appeared from one of the mud pools and took a bite on the leg of the man. However, after a while, the snake let go and fell to the ground, seemingly dead. The man was, however, unharmed. The thin fabric of his pants remained unscratched.

The set of clothing was strong enough to resist any forms of battering or scratching. Also, the clothing had the ability to counteract with some of the poisonous creatures. Once a poisonous creature took a bite, it would be long dead before it could penetrate the clothing with its fangs.

“Mr. Zhu, you are really an expert in the use of devices. This is such a precious suit!”

The two figures were Zhu Duqing and Gu Xijiu. The donkey had no resistance toward the poisonous gas, so it stayed outside. Zhu Duqing was the one who prepared the suits that they used.

Proudly, he waved the feather fan in his hand and said, “Of course!”

Exalted, he was finally able to leave the trauma of his messy image behind. Gu Xijiu was sincerely very impressed. The poison-resistant suit was even more advanced than the one she saw in the modern era.

The modern suits were able to resist any other type of poison but were quite heavy. It was unlike the suit that she was currently wearing, which was unusually lightweight. It was as if she was wearing her usual attire.

When she first put on the suit, she was still in doubt about the functionality of the light fabric and was unsure whether it could withstand the sharp fangs of the many creatures. Her confidence about the suit returned two hours after venturing into the swamp.

“You seem quite aware of the place and are very well prepared,” Gu Xijiu complimented.

She had prepared a lot of medicines and antitoxins before she came here, but they were all useless. Zhu Duqing’s suit was the solution to her every problem.

His eyes shone with a hint of proudness as he responded, “I have been here a few times, so I roughly know about this place. Master, you are a woman who needs a lot of care. I shall take the responsibility of keeping you safe.”

He waved the feather fan in his hands proudly, acting like a man of noble character. He tried to make his words sound as gentle and loving as possible.

Gu Xijiu was dumbstruck. “Thank you,” she said.

She had a feeling that he was acting all weird, for he had been looking after her like a gentleman all day. All his words were kind and affectionate. She was not used to it.

Anyway, in a brief moment, they were both in the depths of the swamp.

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