Chapter 2365 The Poisonous Swamp (2)

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She would never be able to share her man with another woman. Although the men of this era would generally marry a few women in their lifetime, she was not ready to accept the social norm. She would never be able to be so generous and share her husband with a few women.

As soon as she knew that he had already fallen with another woman, she made a prompt decision to let him go. But was Di Fuyi still holding on to her?

She did not want to think or care about it. She would only do what she needed to do. At that moment, she needed to stay calm until she could find the cure. Calmly, she slowly took deep breaths, in and out. Finally, she was able to remain calm and keep her thoughts away from the turbulent relationship.

She tried to examine her body’s condition and was surprised. At first, she thought that her circulatory system would be significantly affected after spitting out so much blood. To her surprise, her body was recovering even better than before.

This put her mind at ease. Needless to say, it must be the benefit of eating the majestic bird, the Green Phoenix. She suddenly remembered that she only had a piece of the bird, and the rest of the meat was still with Di Fuyi. She had put it away while trying to save him, so the meat must still be in the cave.

Immediately, she teleported back to the cave and realized that Di Fuyi had already left. Unfortunately, the meat of the bird was nowhere to be seen. The bamboo bed had also disappeared. Did Di Fuyi come back to take the rest of the meat with him? What about the bamboo bed? It was only an ordinary bed made of bamboo. Did he really need to take it along, too? Or had there been someone else who came into the cave to take the bamboo bed away?

She went around trying to observe the cave but failed to find any traces. There was only a faint scent lingering in the air. Perhaps, he had taken the bamboo bed away. Her heart ached at the thought of their intimate encounter on the bed. She tried to suppress the thought with a deep breath, so she would not overthink it.

She exited the cave and came back to the same spot one more time. There was no sign of Zhu Duqing anywhere. With a sigh, she plucked a piece of leaf from the bamboo that was nearby. She was surprised that its emerald green trunk was strong enough to withstand the strong wind from before. The bamboo tree should be quite special. The storms had wiped away many big trees, but it had not even shed a leaf in the violent winds.

The bushes shook a little while the donkey could be seen running out from a clump of shrubs with a big, round tummy. It was obviously full from all the food that it had. As soon as it saw Gu Xijiu, it came running with its wagging tail. Then, it looked at the bamboo tree.

Gu Xijiu was alone at the tree, plucking the leaves one by one. She had also peeled off some long, thin strips of wood and started weaving. Being absent-minded while contemplating the many matters on her mind, she never noticed that the bamboo tree trembled every time she plucked a leaf. It was even more apparent when she peeled its skin.

She finally stopped torturing the tree when the donkey approached her. “Where is your master?”

The donkey did not make a sound. Quietly, it walked towards the bamboo tree and gave it a kick. It was trying to tell her that he was there.

Gu Xijiu did not get it. “Your master went looking for you. Haven’t you seen him?”

Troubled, the donkey did not know how to get the message across to her. Therefore, it gave the bamboo tree another kick. Unknowingly, it managed to hit a critical acupuncture point and turned the bamboo into the man that she once knew.

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