Chapter 2361 The SoCalled LifeSaving Grace (4)

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The distance to the cave was something Gu Xijiu could travel to in a second using her teleportation technique.However, just as she grabbed him, a lightning strike was headed toward them! Gu Xijiu quickly teleported, and in the blink of an eye, the two of them had gotten into a cave.

Even though a cave is supposed to be dark, the back-to-back strikes of thunder and lightning brightened up the area.Two bolts of lightning seemed to be heading toward them even though they were in the cave. Di Fuyi pulled Gu Xijiu behind him and waved his sleeves. A multi-colored light flashed and seemed to absorb the two bolts of lightning.

“Bomb! Bomb!” Two loud noises shook the earth. Gravel seemed to be falling inside the cave, and the two of them had lost their balance.Gu Xijiu, who was behind Di Fuyi, could hear a ringing sound in her ears. Her heart seemed to be jumping so hard that she thought it would bounce out of her throat.

The punishment for eating a mythical creature was very severe. It could even bring disaster to the earth.Even if one had practiced to the level of a Golden Immortal, it was indeed a unique and powerful skill to be able to control bolts of lightning.

Di Fuyi seemed to have absorbed those lightning bolts into his sleeves. Did he think that his sleeves were a universal bag?! Sure enough, he was not ready to control such a powerful force.He fell backward and was naturally caught by Gu Xijiu, who hugged him in her arms.

She saw that his face was pale, and his eyes were closed. He did not move even though she was still holding him in her arms. Was he injured by the lightning? She was afraid that the lightning would strike at them again; thus, she carried him toward the depths of the cave.

The cave was dark, so she took out a night pearl to illuminate the place. She looked at his face again and then checked his pulse. Based on his external appearance, it seemed as though he was in a coma. Gu Xijiu literally pulled him around the place as he lay there motionless.

Gu Xijiu was certainly worried, but she also felt rather confused. She had thought that she had seen the last of him after their fight. However, they were now running away together.What did he intend to do?

As she looked at his body, she realized that he was still holding the Green Phoenix meat in his hand!She rubbed her eyebrows to try to ease the headache that she was getting. She removed the meat and cleaned his hand as she sighed. “Not everything in this world can be eaten; one clear example is a mythical beast. Have you learned your lesson this time?!”

As she observed him, she realized that his eyelashes were long, and his lips were rather thin. When he was lying in her arms, it made her have an inexplicable feeling. The smell of his body was very captivating. The indescribable, yet familiar, floral fragrance made her heart pump faster.

The two of them had not been close for a long time, and now she was holding him again. She had very mixed feelings about it.Since he had another sweetheart, she had decided to let go of him. Therefore, this situation was certainly not helpful.

She took out a bamboo bed from her storage space and placed him on it. She used to be homeless in the Upper Bound, so she put some life essentials in her storage space. However, she was quite lazy, so she only carried simple things with her. On the other hand, Di Fuyi often carried very luxurious items with him.

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