Chapter 2354 The Devil King Came To The Rescue (5)

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They saw a carriage flying in the distance. The carriage was silvery-white, and there was a long-winged pegasus out front. A man was standing in front of the carriage.

The man donned a red dress that was bright like the clouds on the horizon. His black hair was moving like a waterfall. There was a mask on his face and a red flute that was across his lips. The sun was behind him, which made it difficult for the group to see his face clearly. They could only see a silver border around him.

It was really the Devil King! When Zhu Duqing saw him, he felt his ribs hurt all over again! He did not know what his intention was, so the first reaction when he saw him was to run!

Zhu Duqing could not care about anything. He raised his hand and opened a Ruyi Gate. He whistled, and the donkey screamed and pulled the carriage into the gate. Zhu Duqing naturally also entered.

The four guards were busy fighting with the green figures so they could not block the path of the carriage. They could only watch as the donkey disappeared together with Zhu Duqing.

After a short battle, the guards looked into the distance but saw nothing but clear skies. The silver-white carriage had disappeared, and even the flute had also stopped playing without them knowing.

The four guards looked at each other in bemusement. The young palace master finally changed her clothes and came out of the jungle. The four people reported the incident to her, which made her frown.

The people from the Devil Kingdom would not easily appear in the human world. This time, the Devil King actually appeared in person. What was it for? What was his conspiracy?

At a hillside. There were a green grass field and a small stream that flowed along the hillside. Zhu Duqing sat on the ground and wheezed. He could not care less about his image. When he opened the Ruyi Gate, it almost exhausted half of his physical strength. When he landed, he even stumbled and found it difficult to pick himself up.

When the donkey landed, it stood firm. It watched its owner and sneered. Later, it went to eat some grass.

Gu Xijiu came down from the carriage and looked at Mr. Zhu. She handed him a fruit. “Come, eat this fruit. Let us rest for a while. The fruit will help moisten your throat.”

Mr. Zhu took a bite and stood up again. When he got up, he tidied up his clothes and hair, then he frowned and asked Gu Xijiu, “Is it true that the Devil King is following us? Damn it, is he here for revenge? Does he expect us to fight another 300 rounds?”

Gu Xijiu could not reason Di Fuyi’s intention for being present again so soon. She just did not want to think about it right now to preserve her state of mind. “Maybe he has other business to attend to but saw that we were in trouble, so he came and helped us?”

Mr. Zhu obviously did not believe her statement. “Does he have such a good heart? This guy usually does very sinister things. I always feel that he has no good intention…”

“Okay; well, don’t guess. Anyway, we have gotten rid of them. Are you hungry?”

Mr. Zhu’s eyes flashed slightly; he was actually not hungry. However, he hoped to receive care from Gu Xijiu; therefore, he nodded. “Very hungry!” then he looked at Gu Xijiu desperately.

The donkey next to him gazed at him despicably. Hungry? Liar! As long as he could absorb the essence from the sun and moon, he did not need to eat at all. Was he bullying the little girl who could not tell his physique?

Gu Xijiu smiled. “Do you like to eat barbecued meat? I am good at barbecuing.”

Mr. Zhu answered excitedly. “Yes!”

Then, he kicked his donkey. “Go and hunt a few rabbits for me.”

The donkey kicked him back! Was he sending a donkey to hunt? Was he crazy?!

Gu Xijiu’s gaze went over to the donkey. “Oh? Can it hunt as well? Is it that skillful?”

The donkey immediately raised its head, screamed, and ran away. What it said was, “I am going to hunt! I am a skillful donkey!”

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