Chapter 2353 The Devil King Came To The Rescue (4)

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In just a brief moment, the situation in the field had been reversed. The young palace master, who had dominated earlier, was now at the disadvantaged position. She was being fooled around by the strange tricks of Zhu Duqing.

Mr. Zhu was someone who liked to get revenge. He was furious that the young palace master cut the cloth on his chest earlier and exposed it. Thus, he wanted to let the other party share the same embarrassment.

In the fight, he finally caught such an opportunity. The cloak of the young palace master was sliced off by him! Mr. Zhu was sure to cut off a larger piece than what the young palace master had done to him earlier.

As a result, her body was exposed. The young palace master’s breasts, that had been tightened for a long time, were now released.

Mr. Zhu was speechless! The young palace master had always dressed like a man, and her behavior was also similar to that of a man, so Mr. Zhu did not expect her to be a woman.

The guards that the young palace master brought were also men. It was also their first time they saw that their head was not of the same gender. They were also stunned for a moment and then subconsciously looked away.

The young palace master hurriedly covered up her chest, and her pretty face turned pale. She rushed to the carriage. “Who is inside?! Get out!”

Mr. Zhu knew that Gu Xijiu could not exercise her spiritual power for the time being. In a hurry, he also rushed forward! In his eagerness, he used a magical instrument and directed a silver cord from his sleeve toward the young palace master. Once it hooked onto the lady, he pulled the cord back toward him. “Come back!”

“Buzz!” The young palace master’s clothes were torn.

“Pervert!” The face of the young palace master was crimson red as she roared.

Mr. Zhu was speechless. If he said that it was not intentional, would anyone believe it? For the time being, the young palace master did not care about fighting anyone. She retreated into the jungle. However, before her figure disappeared, she left a sentence of anger, “Help me to kill them! Kill them all!”

The other four guards answered together, “Okay!”

These four people were the most elite confidants of the young palace master, and their Kung Fu was just slightly below that of the young palace master. The four of them knew a kind of formation to help improve their attack. They headed straight toward the carriage, ready for battle.

Apparently, they also knew that there was a master in this carriage. Even though Mr. Zhu was an expert in martial arts, he could not fight with four of them at once, especially in his current state.

A flute sound suddenly came along with the wind. The flute sounded soft like the wave of seas. The surrounding forest sensed the sound of the flute and creaked. Suddenly, a few green figures flew toward the four men.

The four guards were shocked, and they all fought to cope with the green figures that flew over. It seemed that there were sharp leaves all over the figures.

“The Devil King!”

The four guards were knowledgeable enough to recognize that the Devil King was here! It was said that when the Devil King was fighting in the Shura Devil Kingdom, he used this tune and watched as a lot of his enemies perished in battle.

Mr. Zhu’s facial expression changed slightly. He subconsciously looked in the direction of the flute.

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