Chapter 2337 His Arrival (5)

Chapter 2337: His Arrival (5) Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fortunately, Di Fuyi was well aware of how to give a good massage by kneading her hand at the precise acupuncture points.

Gu Xijiu closed her eyes to rest and was overwhelmed by a sudden change in her body. The pill must have been some elixir of life as the immense pain in her body was greatly reduced immediately after she swallowed it.

She could feel a steady flow of energy coming from her stomach and slowly spreading into every inch of her muscles. It was a very warm sensation.

Once he realized that the pill started to take effect, he stopped massaging her and proceeded to put their palms together in order to channel his spiritual power into her body. The flow of spiritual power was controlled and effective. His spiritual power moved steadily in her bloodstream and helped the elixir work more effectively. The steady flow of energy also helped her blood circulation.

The healing technique was, indeed, a painful one. His spiritual power flowed through her body like a knife cutting through her tissues, slowly removing the toxins that were trapped in her every vessel.

Her body trembled a little in discomfort, as seen from the sweat all over her face. Di Fuyi could not bear to see her in pain, but he could not stop either. He had to finish what he started.

He thought that she would, at least, groan in pain. To his surprise, she did not even make a sound. Her only obvious reaction to the pain was the sweat all over her.

Did she really have to hide her pain in front of him? He was not going to tease her, anyway.

“Scream if you are in pain!” Di Fuyi sounded rather demanding.

Gu Xijiu looked at him confusedly. She did not quite understand his obsession with whether or not she should scream in pain. It should have been obvious that she had a high tolerance for pain. She did not even let out a sound before the pill started to take effect, which was when the pain was the worst. Why would she complain about the pain right now, when it was more tolerable?

A sense of familiarity suddenly hit her. She felt that they had been through the same situation some time ago but could not remember exactly when and where.

Di Fuyi did not look very pleased by her response. Worried that he might give up on the treatment halfway, she quickly explained, “I was in even greater pain yesterday, but I did not even make a sound.” Needless to say, she would not complain about the pain that she was going through today. Di Fuyi was speechless. The pain must have put her through severe suffering yesterday. What kind of poison did Yun Qingluo use? At that moment, Di Fuyi had another impulse to shred Yun Qingluo into pieces to vent his anger.

When carrying out the treatment, the two parties should not be talking, so they kept quiet and focused instead on the flow of energy. The entire process lasted about an hour. Di Fuyi finally stopped channeling his spiritual power.

He approached Gu Xijiu and straightened her legs. Utterly surprised, Gu Xijiu asked, “What are you doing?”

Di Fuyi said nothing and continued. She was sitting with her legs crossed, so he put them straight. He then removed her socks, revealing her feet that were all black.

Gu Xijiu never expected for her feet to turn black; it was a rather shocking sight. When Di Fuyi was channeling his spiritual power into her bloodstream, perhaps he focused on driving the toxins down to her feet.

He proceeded to poke her feet at different acupuncture points, allowing the bad blood to flow out of her body. Drip by drip, the blood slowly formed a pool.

He continued to exert pressure and massaged her feet to quicken the process. Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu was overwhelmed by a tingling sensation everywhere he touched.

A sudden thought reminded her that she had not been able to wash her feet in the past couple of days. Given the rigorous activities that she carried out over the past few days, her feet must stink. For a man with an obsession for personal hygiene, he really was giving his best to make her feel well again as he continued to massage her feet.

He gave his best effort to help her recover despite their broken relationship. Not forgetting that he had even found himself another lover.

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