Chapter 2336 His Arrival (4)

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The bamboo chair was too small to perform the treatment. So, Di Fuyi offered her a couch instead and slowly carried her away from the chair.

With her eyes closed, Gu Xijiu tried hard to ignore the warmth in his embrace. She should not have the longing for something that was no longer hers to claim.

On the couch, she could not even sit up on her own. Di Fuyi supported her with a U-shaped cushion to hold her up. He then offered her a red-colored pill and put it close to her lips. “Take this,” he demanded.

Gu Xijiu was somewhat reluctant. She had enough pills for the day. Affected by the unpleasant experience, she tilted her head to avoid the pill. “There is no need for another pill.”

“Are you afraid that I will poison you?” Di Fuyi did not sound pleased. Why would she feel that way? Gu Xijiu had never doubted him before.

Although he was no longer in love with her, she was sure that he would never do anything to kill her. Even without love, their relationship would not fall into bitter animosity. She was confident about that.

“You will never do so,” she answered firmly.

Di Fuyi then answered delightfully, “Not bad. I thought that you had the need to guard against me more than ever.”

Gu Xijiu was not interested in discussing the topic. “What about Hao Er?” She asked.

“He is well. I will not do anything against my own son.”

Concerned, Gu Xijiu added, “What if he is not your son?”

“I will be sure to make him suffer in the cruelest way possible,” he said without hesitation.

Gu Xijiu kept quiet. She should not tell him about it then.

Di Fuyi continued to offer her the pill. “Take it. It will not trigger any of the toxins in your body. It will help you to recover by healing your nervous system.” He then put the pill next to her lips.

Her system already had more medicine than she should need. Hence, another pill would not make any difference. The red pill had a rather shimmering surface, making it look like something only the noble would possess. Also, it smelled heavenly.

Gu Xijiu could not tell its content based on the scent, but she believed that it must be something precious, as seen from all of Di Fuyi’s possessions. She then put the pill into her mouth.

When his hand accidentally touched her lips, she could feel a sense of electricity flowing through his body. His heart raced in excitement. With a deep breath, he tried to calm the butterflies in his stomach. Then, he offered her some water.

She took a sip to help her swallow better. Being thirsty, Di Fuyi gulped down some water from the same sac that she drank from.

Bewildered, Gu Xijiu stared at him.

Di Fuyi noticed her gaze and asked, “Do you want some more?” He then passed the sac back to her.

Wouldn’t it be an indirect kiss if they drank from the same bottle? It would not be so appropriate to share, knowing that they had broken up.

Gu Xijiu thus turned her head away and rejected his offer, “No, I am not thirsty.”

Di Fuyi was smart enough to understand her concern. The look in his eyes darkened. Was she really that eager to draw a solid line between them? He wanted to question her but decided not to, considering how weak she was.

He sat opposite her on the couch and pulled her hands over. “I will help you to put the pill into effect, and after that, I will proceed with the detoxification.”

Gu Xijiu had spent too much time lying on the chair. A massage would be helpful to help her warm up her stiff muscles.

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