Chapter 2327 An Utter State Of Misery

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Gu Xijiu tried to ignore the pain and squeezed out the blood around the affected area. She had also taken some antitoxin pills to help drive out the remaining toxins in her body. Relieved, she noticed that the colors were slowly fading away and believed that the toxins were finally clearing. She then joined Mr. Zhu, who had been standing aside to give her some privacy, and followed him into the bamboo garden. All of a sudden, a tingling sensation and numbness in her limbs caught her attention. She could feel her blood vessels slowly coagulating.

She knew that something was not right. Mr. Zhu, once again, walked away to give her some privacy. Quickly, she checked the wound and was surprised by the spread of vivid colors around the affected area, stretching across her skin like tendrils. The toxins sprawled along her vessels and coagulated the blood that flowed within, thus numbing her muscles. Obviously, her condition had worsened. On the back of her hand, there was a five-colored tendril inked across her skin like a vivid tattoo.

Mr. Zhu carefully observed her condition for a while, but still had no clue about the type of poison that had entered her body. He was a keen learner, who was intellectually curious about the use of poisons. The odd colors of the toxins managed to catch his attention, so he eagerly participated in the search for a cure. He started offering many methods to help Gu Xijiu get rid of the toxins in her body.

She had to deal with the misery of her inability to control her movements. Like a laboratory mouse, she had to swallow a few different doses of medicine that he kindly offered in an attempt to target the toxins. Unfortunately, her condition worsened, which proved that none of the medicines actually worked.

About two hours later, the tendrils were already well spread all across her limbs. The gradual deterioration finally set her into a complete paralysis on a bamboo chair. Mr. Zhu continued to search for a cure, but all his trials in the past hours had proven to be ineffective. He began to panic when Gu Xijiu finally lost her ability to move.

There was no time for more trials. Perhaps the only way to obtain the cure was to find the source of the poison.Determined, he quickly went to see the princess, leaving Gu Xijiu alone. In her deep contemplations, Gu Xijiu was certainly fed up with the constant miseries in her life. However, she was not ready to die. She wanted to save herself.

Although she could not move her body, she still had control over the flow of the spiritual power in her body. Forcibly, she tried to drive away the toxins using her spiritual power. When she was stabbed, the pain was only concentrated around the affected area. Nonetheless, as the toxin spread, the pain also followed suit.

Other than her scalp, there was pain everywhere in her body. She imagined that the pain was similar to slicing every inch of her flesh open. The pain was unbearable. She felt as though her body was being literally torn into pieces. Cold sweats broke out all over her forehead. Furthermore, she remained conscious throughout the entire struggle.

For the first time ever, she felt like dying was actually a better option than the struggle to live. She was not depressed by the misery, but the pain was truly torturous. Xie Zhi knew that she was struggling, so it panicked. It circled around her regularly and pulled her robes on occasion to get her attention.

Gu Xijiu wanted it to bite into her flesh until she finally became unconscious, but there was no way she could communicate with it. She never actually thought that she would one day be in such an agonizing state. She could neither live nor die; such an utter state of misery.

What had she done to deserve this sort of torture that was worse than death? Yuanyuan was, indeed, a terrible woman. How could she be so cruel? She wanted to make her suffer a slow, painful death before she finally took her life.

If Gu Xijiu died, the misery died with her. However, if she survived, she would definitely seek her revenge. Meanwhile, she tried her best to suppress her thoughts about Di Fuyi. Their relationship was completely over, so she could safely assume that he no longer cared about her.

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