Chapter 2325 There Was Nowhere He Could Go

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“Your Highness, I really think that you should check on my mother, even if you have to do so from a distance. You should know that women tend to say things they don’t mean.”

Di Fuyi sat with his face clasped in his hands. “Why should you be worried when I am not even concerned? Are you the reincarnation of a matchmaker from heaven? Honestly, I am starting to question your intention.”

Hesitantly, the baby explained, “My intention? Hmm. Perhaps my real intention is to ascend the throne as the next Devil King. My status as the prince will only be secured when both of you are well and in love.”

Di Fuyi was speechless. Delighted, he rubbed the baby’s head and said, “As you said, I have made you the prince to serve as a distraction to my opponent. If she really cared for you, she would not let you become the prince. You should not be so positive about your present status as the prince.”

The baby hesitated. At last, he kept quiet.

Di Fuyi took a look at the hourglass in the corner of the room and realized that it was almost midnight. It was almost time for him to go.

He then performed a spell to secure the baby under a wizardry barrier. “Behave yourself. Do not make a mess. I will only be away for a while.” Swiftly, he left.

The baby heaved a sigh of relief. Perhaps, Di Fuyi was only waiting for the right timing. The baby honestly thought that he would not go at all. Then, he heard Di Fuyi giving orders to the guards at the door. “Keep a close eye. If I find anything missing in my room, you will bear the consequence for it.”

His men took his words very seriously and continued with their duty. The baby had a bitter smile on his face. Was Di Fuyi worried that he would run away? There was nowhere he could go. He took a look at his tiny arms and legs. With a deep sigh, he could not help but curse! “Damn it.”

He never expected that he would come into the world in the form of this tiny human. Forget about running away; there was no way he could even walk properly at the moment. For now, patience was what he needed, as he would be stuck in this form for quite a while.

The hook-shaped moon was high up in the clear night sky. Within the eerie, peculiar bamboo garden, Gu Xijiu found herself reclined comfortably on a bamboo chair. Blankly, she stared at the moon.

She was not someone who would shed tears in an air of melancholy, or sob every time she took a bad knock. She lay quietly on the chair, not because she was sad, but because she could hardly move at all. Every inch of her body was frozen. She could only move her eyes.

The wound, which was caused by Princess Yuanyuan stabbing her in the ribs, was not very deep, but the pain was unbearable. Under normal circumstances, injury from a weapon with a dangerous poison would not hurt so much. It would either become numb or terribly itchy. The color of the blood would be the only noticeable difference, as it would change from red into either black or dark green.

Nonetheless, the wound that she suffered was unusually painful. Oddly, the blood from the wound was still red, instead of black. Moreover, she was still able to run, or even fight, right after she was stabbed. Therefore, she assumed that the wound would not be a big deal. The poison that was applied to the weapon would only cause her an immense amount of pain, but would not cost her life.

She thought that the wound was nothing serious, so she waited until she was finally free to apply the medicine. To her surprise, it was not as easy as she had thought it would be.

When she retreated into a hidden door, the man in robes of bamboo prints offered her an entry into another space, where she found herself in a sea of flowers blooming with an array of colors. Once she got to her feet, she looked into the distance and could still see the oddly structured green door. She could even hear the sounds that came from the other side of the door. She heard about the confrontation between Mr. Zhu and Di Fuyi. Then, Mr. Zhu took a leap and joined her in the garden.

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