Chapter 2323 Whose Child Is He? (6)

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His mother, on the contrary, told him that only if a lady was single and emotionally available, was he allowed to go and win her affection. Otherwise, it would be better for him to let her go. If the lady had indeed fallen for another man, he should walk away before it was too late.

His mother had even told him an example based on her personal experience. She told him about what happened between her and Xue Yilan. Xue Yilan used to be her closest courtier, who was obsessed with her. She, however, fell for Shen Jiuli instead; thus, kickstarting a series of disputes.

All three of them were forced to deal with one another for three centuries. Xue Yilan did not intend to let her go and chose to stay by her. However, her heart already belonged to another man. Eventually, shemarried Shen Jiuli. Xue Yilan, however, ended his life miserably in ashes and sorrow. Three centuries of tireless pursuit became entirely fruitless.

His mother was still guilty about Xue Yilan’s miserable end, but there was only guilt in her heart and nothing else. The only one that she truly loved was Shen Jiuli. Xue Yilan’s love for her was destined to be hopeless, from the beginning until the very moment of his death. He would not even stand a chance in his next life.Di Fuyi did not want to repeat Xue Yilan’s mistake. If there were no way that he could win her heart, letting go would be his best option. Certainly, he was unwilling to let her go, for what he had for her was true.

The baby took a large sip of juice while still lying flat on his back. “Are you prepared to let her go now?” He finally asked.

Di Fuyi gave him a quick look and sighed. “I wish you were really her child.” The thought gave him some hope. At least, he was able to convince himself that she cared for him enough to give birth to their baby.

However, the baby was not their child. He was only a boy that she found in the wild. Di Fuyiwas terribly depressed by the unreturned love. At the thought of his desperation, he took another large sip of wine to ease the pain.

Apologetically, Di Hao followed him and took a large sip of juice. He then questioned Di Fuyi, “Aren’t you worried about her safety? After she got injured, a man dressed entirely in green took her away. I still think that the man is wicked. What if he takes advantage of her while she is weak?”

Di Fuyi was not concerned about that. “Don’t worry; he is not that bad. He is just a curious man. Your mother promised him something in return for a favor. They must have some secret deal going on. I believe that he will not harm her in any way.”

“It is hard to say. Lust is irresistible. My mother is a very beautiful woman who is adored by many. Once she reveals her true beauty in front of the man, he will definitely fall for her. In addition to his good looks, he was there by her side when she needed help the most. Perhaps, she would fall for him at the most unexpected moment.”

Unconvinced, Di Fuyi rejected the possibility. “Your mother only remembers Huang Tu, a love that is deeply rooted in her heart. If she was able to change her mind so easily, I would not have…”

He would not have gone through all the torment. He would have gone all out to win her heart.

The baby continued to indulge in his glass of juice. “Even if you are sure that she would not change her mind about someone else, you cannot be sure that the man would not do anything against her will. After all, she was severely injured, so she cannot possibly defend herself against him. You know that she is no longer a virgin. The man could easily assume that she was alright with having one night stands since she had made love with another man.”

Di Fuyi was utterly shocked. He could not believe what he had just heard. The child was way too matured than he should be at this age. He must be the reincarnation of some great man.

Stubbornly, Di Fuyi waved his hand to dismiss the baby’s thought. The little kid understood the message and finally stopped making any more assumptions. He stared at Di Fuyi instead.

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