Chapter 2322 Whose Child Is He? (5)

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Di Fuyi did not know what to say. He began wondering whose child is he? He was incredibly smart for an infant. After lying down for a while, the baby was getting a little bored. He moved his little arms and legs in an attempt to turn his body around. With his back now flat on the bed, he continued to ask Di Fuyi, “My Devil King, you have not actually got over my mother, have you? Are you trying to win her heart again?”

Di Fuyi was convinced that the child was a mind reader who knew exactly what he was thinking. He took out a bottle of wine and presented it before the baby’s eyes. “Little one, I am surprised to know how well you know me. Your company makes me want to feast. I can drink far more than usual with you.”

The baby’s eyes flashed with excitement. “I will have a small glass of wine, please,” he requested while reaching out his hand. Slowly, Di Fuyi took two different wine glasses out. One was filled with wine, while the other was filled with a glass full of juice. He handed the glass over to the baby and offered weighty advice, “You are too young. The alcohol will damage your brain that has yet to develop fully. It will be a waste of your talent if you become an idiot overnight all because of the wine. The juice is a better option.”

The baby did not argue. Therefore, the grown-up and the baby started to chat freely, each with their preferred drink. Di Fuyi used to spend much time and thought on the things that he should do in the Devil Kingdom, where every step he took posed a great risk. Thus, he never told anyone how he truly felt. The baby, however, made him feel comfortable enough to share his thoughts.

“I have thought about giving up,” Di Fuyi began his story while taking a sip of wine.

The baby took a sip of his juice, too, while waiting for Di Fuyi to continue his story.

Di Fuyi held the glass tightly in his hand. His eyes were dim with a sense of helplessness as he added, “I like her, so much that I feel like I am going crazy. However, she has already given her heart to another man. For the past 200 years, she had never stopped searching for him.”

“She is much older than me, so for a very long while, I was only a child to her.” A forced smile appeared on his face. “No matter what I did, she only treated me like a child. I was very frustrated by the setback. After that, she was punished by the heavenly law for violating a heavenly secret. She was forced to descend to the Lower Bound. After a long, painstaking search, I finally found her in the Shura World, only to realize that she had completely lost her memory. I thought fate had granted me a chance to win her heart. Therefore, I told her that I was her fiance, and she believed it so easily. I only wanted to stay by her side, so we could save her people and venture through the unknowns of the Shura World together. I wanted to make her fall in love with me. To my surprise, we had an unplanned night of romance together.”

He took another sip of wine to help him reminisce. “When we were together, she could not recall anything about us. Instead, the memory of another man started to surface. She asked me about the man while her face beamed with delight. It was then I realized that our relationship was not built on trust because what I had told her was a lie. Any sort of external factor would crush our bridge easily. I knew that she was going to find out about the truth someday, but I did not expect the day to come so soon. Her anger was within my expectation, but she told me something that I can never let go- the only man she truly loved was Huang Tu. It had never been me. She even told me to stay as far away as possible from her.”

He continued with a rather guilty conscience, “To her, I am nothing but a wretched who lied to her while she had no memory. She must be very disgusted by my mean trick.”

“Is that why you gave up?” The baby interrupted.

Di Fuyi swirled the wine in his glass and sighed. “What else could I do? I do not want to be in the shadow of another man. I do not want to be a substitute.”

His father once told him that if he truly loved a woman, he should let go of all constraints and do everything to win her heart. But could he?

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