Chapter 2319 Whose Child Is He? (2)

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Yuanyuan told Di Fuyi that she had to carry him with the puppet strings that she created. When they were finally in a safe place, she got a carriage and transported him into the Devil Kingdom.

Most of Di Fuyi’s injuries were internal, and fortunately, his body had the special ability to heal itself. Hence, Yuanyuan did not actually need to nurse him back to health. She was physically by his side, but could not do anything, as she was not able to get any closer.

Di Fuyi remembered looking at Yuanyuan the moment he woke up and saw how relieved she was that he was awake. She wanted to treat his injuries and take him to the doctor earlier, but all her intentions could not be realized because no one was allowed to get close to him. By the time he was awake, most of his injuries had already healed.

Yuanyuan offered to help, but he refused. After all, he could heal himself. In fact, that happened at an accelerated pace once he woke up. Yuanyuan once complained about his habit of not letting anyone get close to him. Even his closest men told him so, saying that they would not be able to save his life in times of danger if he insisted on keeping the boundary that pushed people away.

He knew that the habit would one day cost his life, but he could not help it. The only thing he could change was his strength. The stronger he was, the lower the chances that he would get injured, or even killed. It was truly fortunate for him that his special physique had granted him the ability of self-recovery. Despite being in many battles, there were only one or two instances where he was really on the verge of losing his life.

As he continued to observe the baby, Di Fuyi realized that the infant shared the same unique physical condition. He certainly was not ready to trust the little kid, but hand in hand, they looked rather harmonious. He had thought that the baby was his son at first sight. Could that be the reason why he was not disgusted by the baby’s touch?

Quietly, Di Fuyi continued to observe the baby. With eyes full of hope, the baby fixed his eyes on Di Fuyi as well. He tried very hard to show him the sincerity in his heart. After a while, Di Fuyi broke the silence by raising a question, “If you cannot tell me your age, what about you start with your name?”

“Hao Er! The baby answered without any hesitation.

“What is your surname?”

“Di. You can call me Di Hao.”

The name sounded like it belonged to a noble lineage. Di Fuyi could not believe that the baby actually shared the same surname as him. Could he really be his son? Di Fuyi knew that he only had one romantic encounter with Gu Xijiu. During which time, Gu Xijiu’s body showed no obvious signs of pregnancy. Therefore, the child must be someone else’s.

Over the brief conversations with the child, Di Fuyi realized that he knew some terms from the modern era. Had he traveled through time to be here? His own mother and Gu Xijiu were people from the future. They were only here because they could time travel. Could the child be one of them as well?

How could there be so many people who came from another period? His fingers reached out and started reading the baby’s pulse to examine his condition. Unbelievably, the baby turned out to be a rare talent with an excellent physique. Also, his spiritual power was already at level eight at such a tender age. The baby was almost as good as him during his childhood.

Di Fuyi initially suspected that the baby was only pretending to be young. Perhaps the little kid was trying to deceive the people around him. However, he realized that the body structure of the baby clearly showed that he was only an infant of two or three months. To Di Fuyi’s surprise, the baby did not seem to be uncomfortable being examined. It seemed that he wanted to let the man have a better understanding of him.

Di Fuyi stopped reading his pulse after some time. There was usually nothing he could not predict, but this child turned out to be an exception. There was no way of determining his origin.

The baby stared at him in silent admiration. “Father!” He called out loud. Awkwardly, Di Fuyi trembled as soon as he heard the baby. “Do not simply address me as your father,” he swiftly rejected.

The baby seemed confused. “What about, uncle?” The baby carefully offered an alternative.

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