Chapter 2307 Whose Child?

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“Did you manage to get the information of his companion, Hua Xuyue, who is the owner of the Silver Wolf?”

“According to Luo Zheng, he and Hua Xuyue had met each other not long ago. You can rest assured. Since Hua Xuyue is a businesswoman, she should not be a high-ranking person. She left the child and the Silver Wolf and went missing for so long. Perhaps she has gone to see her lover. I heard the doorman say that she came to our house to inquire about the child and wolf and was rushed away by the doorman. With her ability, she will try to find Luo Zheng to interrogate him. However, Luo Zheng has left the devil world. After he got the 50,000 magic coins, he ran away. It should be challenging for Hua Xuyue to find him. Even if she takes three to five years, she may not be able to find the man. She naturally cannot come to us to look for trouble too.

“Well, that is good to know.” Princess Yuanyuan continued to comb her hair.

“They are among the lowest level people in the outside world. You don’t have to worry about them. In fact, I think we should not give a single additional cent to him. After all, these are not his possessions.”

Princess Yuanyuan’s lips were curved upward. “Well, since he is so sensible, just give him a reward. I don’t care about these 50,000 devil coins.”


The dialogue in the voice recorder spell could be heard by everyone and repeated the conversation between Princess Yuanyuan and Servant Ye. Every sentence was clear. The crowd naturally went speechless.These conversations were the proof she needed.

It proved that after this pair- master and servant- had their eyes on the Silver Wolf, and bought it forcibly. They also wanted to kill Luo Zheng so that the original owner of the Silver Wolf, Hua Xuyue, would not find them.

It also proved that the allegation that Princess Yuanyuan imposed on Gu Xijiu was completely false. The statement that she and Luo Zheng colluded with each other to deceive Princess Yuanyuan was simply nonsense! Obviously, they were the ones who schemed on Gu Xijiu.

Countless eyes stared blankly at Princess Yuanyuan and her servant. Although many bad things had happened in the Devil Kingdom, the princess seemed to always carry a positive image. However, that seemed to have collapsed in an instant.

“Fake! It is fake!”

“This is not true! She imitated their voices to deceive us!”

Princess Yuanyuan’s beautiful face had turned pale.She never imagined that there was such a trump card. She was certainly not prepared for it.No wonder Gu Xijiu screamed earlier to gather a crowd. She was waiting for this moment!

This girl was really good at scheming, and the princess actually took the bait.She wanted to grab the voice recorder spell and destroy it, but Di Fuyi was standing there. If she went to snatch it, it would make her appear to be guilty.Therefore, she made up her mind to simply refuse to admit it. She claimed that the other party was making trouble and faked the voice recorder spell.

“Brother, she deliberately faked it and accused me! Brother, you have to help me…” Yuanyuan was nervous and wanted to pull Di Fuyi’s sleeve to beg him.

As expected, she failed to touch him. Di Fuyi just took a step back and avoided her hand. She still could not really get close to him. She flashed a sight of resentment in her eyes and then looked at Di Fuyi with tears and a pitiful look.

Gu Xijiu smirked. “Fake?” She then looked at Di Fuyi. “I remember that the Devil King has the skill to distinguish between real and fake spells. You can check if the sound in this voice recorder spell is genuine or fake.”

She lifted her hand and threw the spell to Di Fuyi. Di Fuyi could only accept it.

Gu Xiyi smiled again. “Princess Yuanyuan, the Devil King is the brother who loves you the most. He will only favor you. He will not even accuse you. Thus, the result of his identification must be true, right?”

Princess Yuanyuan remained silent. She couldn’t refute this statement. Nonetheless, Di Fuyi was silent. He felt as though a needle repeatedly stabbed his heart.

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