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Chapter 2306

Breakout (7)

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 2306 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

“Brother, do you think her action is considered a theft? The Xie Zhi [1] should belong to me, right?” Princess Yuanyuan looked at Di Fuyi with a pitiful gaze. She would have tugged the edge of his sleeve if she could.

Di Fuyi took a glimpse at Gu Xijiu and noticed that she was standing still. It was evident that she refused to compromise. The odds were not in her favor at this moment since she picked a fight with the princess of the Devil Kingdom. Since Gu Xijiu was just a foreign ordinary person in the Devil Kingdom, why would the people speak for her?

Was she insane to continue? Perhaps, she thought that Di Fuyi would speak for her because of their relationship in the past? Furthermore, he was the Devil King, so anything he said would be followed.

Di Fuyi took another glance at her, but she did not look back at him.She probably only looked at him once since he arrived. It seemed that she did not intend to ask for his help this time. He was somewhat upset by this and responded icily, “Since the animal was sold, it should belong to the buyer.”

Yuanyuan’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Gu Xijiu arrogantly. Finally, Gu Xijiu raised her head and stared at Di Fuyi.Her lips were slightly curved upward as if she was going to say something sarcastic. It also made it look like she knew that he would side with her and was simply waiting for the confirmation.

Her facial expression made Di Fuyi uneasy; he clenched his fists inside his sleeves. Meanwhile, Yuanyuan quickly took the opportunity to add to Gu Xijiu’s misery. “Did you hear that? Our king is always fair! So what do you have to say for yourself? Give me back the little Xie Zhi! We shall then decide what punishment you should receive for breaking into my residence!” She raised her hand to instruct the guards to catch the Xie Zhi.

The little Xie Zhi was busily biting the Universal Net to free its little master. It got frightened as it heard Princess Yuanyuan’s orders and then immediately ran toward Gu Xijiu and hid behind her.

Gu Xijiu lowered her head in disappointment, but she was certainly not surprised that he would side with Princess Yuanyuan. After all, she was his savior, his god-sister, and his lover. Nevertheless, she could not deny that it hurt. The bigger her hope, the larger the disappointment.

Alas, Di Fuyi looked at her facial expression again while the guards were slowly approaching the creature. She looked pale, but somehow, he could sense a hint of sarcasm behind her smile.Di Fuyi’s heart ached at the sight of what he was doing to her. Suddenly, he twisted his earlier statement. “However, what Hua Xuyue said was not absolutely unreasonable. After all, she owned the creature, so it makes sense for her to look for it, especially since she was not the person who sold it. So I propose that we do not have any punishment on Gu Xijiu for breaking into the princess’ residence. Also, she can keep the Xie Zhi, but she has to pay 100,000 devil coins to the princess. If she does not want the Xie Zhi, then I will pay an extra 50,000 devil coins to her as compensation. What do you think?”

All the devils applauded when he proposed that solution and could not stop praising the Devil King for being a fair person. Of course, some thought that he showed too much mercy to Hua Xuyue. They strongly felt that Hua Xuyue should kowtow to the Devil King. Otherwise, she would be considered as very ungrateful.

Princess Yuanyuan was rather bitter about the turn of events. In fact, she wanted to get this matter resolved as soon as Di Fuyi arrived so as to reduce the interaction between the two of them so that they would not recognize each other and get back together. She did not know that Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi had met privately and that they recognized each other despite the disguise on Gu Xijiu’s face.

Di Fuyi’s solution seemed to favor the princess still; hence, she was quite happy to do a favor for Gu Xijiu. With pursed lips, she said, “Although this is too easy on her, I am not a calculative person. Brother, I will take your advice. However, I do not wish for you to spend so much money. I will pay for it.”

She sounded very understanding; hence, the devils continuously cheered for her generosity. After that, everyone shifted their gaze to Gu Xijiu in anticipation of her response. Gu Xijiu felt like laughing all of a sudden! It seemed that he did show her some mercy after all. At least, he did not arrest her and send her to jail! She should probably thank him!

She smiled and clapped her hands, adding to the applause. She added, “This king is indeed a fair person; thank you so much!” She bowed to thank him.

Di Fuyi could not utter a word, but he felt as if a needle was poking his heart.His heart sank when his gaze finally returned to her face. He knew that Gu Xijiu had a fantastic technique to disguise herself. With the intention to achieve a better result, her skin complexion looked the same as her original one. At that moment, it was incredibly pale.

Di Fuyi did not look at Gu Xijiu properly since he arrived as he was afraid to be emotionally distracted. Perhaps, he only took a few quick glances at her; hence, he did not notice her real complexion.Was she injured? Or did shedisguise herself like that on purpose?

He finally took a step forward and said, “You…”

However, Gu Xijiu took a step back to keep a distance from him. Smilingly, she added, “If this is the truth, it is very reasonable for the Devil King to finalize this matter this way. Unfortunately, things are not that simple. I am afraid that I cannot compromise!”

Di Fuyi seemed to be a little surprised as she took a blue talisman out. “I guess the Devil King can recognize this talisman, right?” Gu Xijiu asked.

“It is an Audio Talisman.” Di Fuyi said with a deep voice.

Gu Xijiu nodded. “You are right! Things will be slightly easier since Devil King recognizes this object. This is the conversation I heard today at around three o’clock in the afternoon. It is quite interesting; let’s continue our discussion after listening to it together.”

Instantly, Yuanyuan’s complexion changed! Three o’clock was the time she was having a discussion with Servant Ye.She certainly did not want anyone to hear that conversation, especially Di Fuyi!

She immediately rushed forward with the intention to grab the Audio Talisman from Gu Xijiu. “Why is this important now?! Let’s get the matter of Xie Zhi resolved first!”

Gu Xijiu was well prepared and avoided the princess. She then chuckled sarcastically. “Do you feel guilty and scared, princess? Do not worry; this is also about the little Xie Zhi. We are still talking about Xie Zhi.”

Swiftly, she switched on the Audio Talisman. A conversation between a master and a servant was clearly heard.

“Is it done?”

“Rest assured. Everything is done. I didn’t expect Luo Zheng to be so sensible. He took less than half of the portion and even gave the child to us. He has left the devil world, so we do not need to kill him.”

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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