Chapter 2301 Breakout (2)

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The bamboo-robed man’s eyes flashed. He looked up and down at her, and suddenly he responded, “Miss,you have two sets of clothes on your body, so you can stay for another day. If you want to stay, I can help to upgrade your attire which will allow you to stay in the devil world for another ten days. With two pieces, you could be here for 20 days. It will be enough for you to stay and teach me the Facial Disguise Technique.”

Gu Xijiu’s heart moved. She had no idea that her attire could be upgraded.She had intended to leave immediately, but when she heard the bamboo-robed man’s suggestion, she decided to change her mind!

“My Facial Disguise Technique is a very secretive skill. I don’t usually teach it to people. If you really want to learn, I can teach you, but you need to teach me a skill in return.”

The bamboo-robed man smiled. “Miss, you are so daring. You dare to talk to me about conditions…”

Gu Xijiu chuckled. “I like to buy and sell fairly and never cheat. I know that you can force me to stay with your efforts, but you can’t force me to teach you the skill. Even if you torture me, it is useless.”

The bamboo-robed man remained silent. Frustrated, he let out a long sigh. “I have always treated ladies well. How can I be cruel to such a pretty and petite lady?Nevertheless, I will not be threatened by anyone. It seems that if I want to let you stay willingly, I can only use the less humane method.”

Just as he finished speaking, his hand suddenly stretched out toward Gu Xijiu. Strangely, it appeared to be one-foot longer than before. The man wanted to grab the kid in Gu Xijiu’s arm! Apparently, he wanted to take the child as a hostage.

Gu Xijiu was initially not too far away from him. Furthermore, since he would have caught her off guard, he thought that he would be able to catch the kid. However, he did not expect that before his palms arrived, Gu Xijiu suddenly disappeared! In the end, he did not catch anything.

When he looked up again, he saw Gu Xijiu standing nearby with the cheeky smile. “If you want to learn my skill, teach me how to upgrade the clothes! Otherwise, you will not get anything.”

While she spoke, her fingertip seemed to emit white light. The wizardry barrier in the air was instantly torn apart! The next moment, she had disappeared.

The bamboo-robed man was speechless. Even when he was prepared, she could escape! Her trick of breaking the wizardry barrier was good! She could actually break his barrier in such a short time!

Hence, the man knew that this girl was very smart. It was the first time he met such an interesting girl. He was certainly captivated. In a second, he disappeared too.

Her teleportation was very precise this time, and she headed directly to the east of the city. She even saw the vehicle that she had booked. However, when she approached the vehicle, she realized that something was wrong!

The driver seemed different from the one she hired.She was stunned for a while, and when she was about to teleport again, a big net flashed out of the air and was about to capture her.

When Gu Xijiu saw the big net, her heart ached! It was the Universe Net- a portable instrument that Di Fuyi possessed. She had seen him used it once before. It was beyond her expectation that the next time she saw the net, it would be used on her.

Although she was not covered by the big net, she was swept away by the left corner of the big net, and it hurt her very badly. To make matters worse, the child who was in her left arm fell to the ground when her left hand was hurt and was covered by the big net.

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