Chapter 2294 The Secret Of The Princess

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The area was huge with several pavilions. There were trees and flowers everywhere. The princess’ house was very grand and gorgeous. There were different scenic views everywhere which looked like a Jiangnan’s courtyard style.

The security outside the princess’ house was very powerful. There were teams of guards who brought Tibetan mastiffs with them as they passed through the courtyards at various intersections. Under such strict defense, even a mosquito could not fly into the house.

It seemed that the safety of this princess was more important than the sky! How protective was Di Fuyi toward the lady? Although the devil world was now ruled by Di Fuyi, the other rebels were still in the dark and wanted to regain power.

In this case, anyone who stayed beside Di Fuyi was at risk. If someone wanted to threaten him, they would definitely go for his weakness. It seemed that Princess Yuanyuan was his only weakness at this moment. Thus, it was understandable for him to want to protect her.

Perhaps he really intended to marry her to return her the grace of saving his life. When it came to the relationship affair between men and women, how many of them could actually sacrifice their lives for one another?

Love could not defeat time. Even if he was the reincarnation of Huang Tu, he was now a different man. Similarly, he could be very loving in his current life, but he would forget about it in his next life. Regardless of how loving a couple was in their current life, they would be strangers in the afterlife.

Perhaps Gu Xijiu’s disappointment was self-inflicted after all. It was because she was too obsessed with Huang Tu and always held on to those memories that she wanted to continue the relationship with him. But now, she hurt Di Fuyi and herself.

When she really realized it, it was too late.Perhaps, they were destined to miss each other. If he did not fall in love with someone else, she could fight for their relationship again. However, he had a sweetheart now, so why should she go and interrupt them and get embarrassed?

It was time for her to let go of her obsession. She shook her head and stopped thinking about the seemingly unnecessary problems that only made her brain hurt. Although the security here was comprehensive, it could not stop Gu Xijiu. With her current level of skill, there were only a few places that she could not enter.

With her current mood, she simply could not enjoy the scenery. Hence, she went to the courtyard where the Princess Yuanyuan lived. She seemed to have found it very quickly. Perhaps, she was lucky. The princess was now in her room.

Gu Xijiu was hidden near to the windows of her bedroom. She could see her dressing up in front of the mirror. Being so close to her, Gu Xijiu could clearly admire her beauty. The skin of the princess was fair and smooth like fine porcelain. She looked very alike with Yun Qingluo in the past. Even her character was quite similar. She was always elegant and carried herself well. Her every move was indeed like a princess.

Could she be the reincarnation of Yun Qingluo? As Gu Xijiu’s memories of Yun Qingluo mostly involved Huang Tu, she could not have access to all her thoughts about her. Most of them were vague. She could just remember that Yun Qingluo tried to hurt her out of jealousy. Finally, she killed herself and died quite awfully.

Did her acquaintance with Di Fuyi happen by chance? If she was the reincarnation of Yun Qingluo, would she have any memory of her past life? She used to be the wife of the city owner of Luo Hua City. If she met Di Fuyi for the first time, would she be willing to abandon everything, pretended to be dead, and even come into the Devil Kingdom for a stranger? It was impossible!

Her intuition told her that this princess was not the type of person to sacrifice everything for a man she barely knew! Which led to her next question- what was the relationship between her and Yun Yanli? There were a lot of doubts in her heart about this princess. However, she had too few clues so these questions could not be answered.

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