Chapter 2290 The Devil King (8)

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She took a light breath and looked at him. He did not wear a mask, so it was an appearance that she was familiar with. She picked up her wet hair and smiled at him. “Fuyi, I haven’t seen you for a long time! I finally found you!”

Although her appearance was not her original one, she spoke using her genuine voice. Hence, he should be able to recognize her. She would have immediately washed her face and restored her appearance if the makeup on her face could be washed off so easily.

Di Fuyi stared at her with a stern face, but he ended up laughing. The laugh sounded quite mean. “Gu Xijiu, it’s you! Are you looking for me? What is the matter?” His tone was rather flat, and it sounded like he was not talking to a friend.

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She did not expect him to be so cold. “You… You have been missing for more than a year, and have not returned to Luo Hua City… I was worried for you…”

“Why are you worried about me? Were you worried that I would continue to look for you and not let you go?”

Gu Xijiu’s face was pale when he asked that question. She subconsciously rebutted, “I didn’t say that!”

“Oh, so it was not because of this matter. Why else would you be worried about me? You said that you felt disgusted when you see me and do not want to see me anymore. I have left as you wished. I have been very considerate all this while so what else do you want from me? Why are you looking for me?”

He said everything in a calm manner. However, the words that he said was like a sterilized knife taking stabs at Gu Xijiu. She resisted and tried to express her intention. “I know that what I said at the time was very hurtful, but you lied to me first… Naturally, I was outraged, so I had no choice but to speak bluntly. I…”



“Miss Gu, I did cause trouble to you before, and I also lied to you when you lost your memory. I will always feel bad for what I had done. I am too into you, so I… If you are looking for me because of that matter, and want me to be responsible for you…”

Di Fuyi paused and leaned forward toward Gu Xijiu, whose face was quite pale. “As you have been so eagerly searching for me, is it because you have finally realized that you want me to be responsible for what I have done to you? If this is the case…”

“Of course not!” Gu Xijiu quickly interrupted him. She was excited, but she could still suppress her emotions. However, her lips were slightly dithered. “You overthink, I don’t want you to be responsible for me because of this…”

Di Fuyi smiled, but his stare was colder. “Why are you looking for me?”

“I was worried about your safety!” Gu Xijiu blurted.

“Thank you!” Di Fuyi smirked. “As you can see, I am safe. What else you want?”

Gu Xijiu was speechless. It was true… Since nothing was wrong, what did she want to do?She was happy to see him alive and probably wanted to spend some time with him. However, based on his current attitude, she could not say this. She was choked for a moment.

Di Fuyi continued, “Don’t you want to tell me that you want to stay with me? You are no longer looking for Huang Tu or Celestial Master Zuo anymore?”

“It is very likely that all of you are the same person. You are his reincarnation!” Gu Xijiu blurted.

When she said this sentence, Di Fuyi’s face really changed. “Gu Xijiu, is this the reason you came to me? I am sorry, but I will disappoint you! I am Di Fuyi. I am not a substitute for anyone!”

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