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Chapter 2031

Meeting Again

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 2031 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

Di Fuyi looked at its ancient beast with his hand under his chin. “Surprised?”

Bai Ze was relieved. “Not at all; I’m so happy!”

It was bizarre that the lady who His Highness liked did not intend to further their relationship.Based on Bai Ze’s experience, General Long was very interested in Miss Gu, and he was trying to quietly participate in every part of her life to make him irreplaceable.

While His Highness was good at almost everything, he was certainly too young. To make matters worse, Miss Gu looked at him as if he was a fragile flower; hence, His Highness needed to put in more effort to show his maturity.

Culinary art was an excellent talent to get a girl, as the Divine Lord also got his wife by cooking delicious food for her. Bai Ze remembered that the Great Devil used to admire the Divine Lord every single time he prepared delightful dishes.

Now, His Highness finally understood the importance of culinary arts! Bai Ze was so happy about it. However, his happiness only lasted for half a day.

Bai Ze was confident that His Highness was extremely smart. Nevertheless, he must have inherited awful cooking skills from his mother! It was incredibly bad!

Although they were using the same recipe, the products they made were completely different. Di Fuyi’s dishes were so bad that it could kill a ghost!

Bai Ze initially thought that there was something wrong with its sense of taste; hence, it invited its buddy, Teng She, to try it. Teng She accidentally asked after tasting, “Is this made from poop? Gosh, this is disgusting!” As a result, Teng She was sent to clean the toilet by His Highness.

His Highness threw away all the food he cooked and asked Bai Ze with a smile, “General Bai, are you trying to tell everyone that I cannot cook?”

Bai Ze trembled and quickly explained, “How could I? Please, do not get me wrong, Your Highness.” It added, “Do not worry, Your Highness, I will not tell anyone before you pick up your skills.”

Di Fuyi nodded; he trusted Bai Ze quite well. To reward his subordinate, Di Fuyi decided to assign Bai Ze to be the tester of all the dishes he made. Instead of feeling rewarded, Bai Ze immediately felt its world was spinning in the dark as its stomach was in pain!

The mussel was missing! It was five days later when the news was confirmed. Although the mussel was a big eater, it would not delay its return for so many days. Gu Xijiu had given the mussel a directed audio spell for convenience, and the mussel kept it in its shell, but it was accidentally eaten!

It was not easy to make a directed audio spell as it consumed quite a lot of spiritual power. Thus, Gu Xijiu decided to stop making it after a few incidents.Consequently, she only gave one to Lu Wu since both of them was always together. However, five days ago was the first time they roamed around separately. This was very unexpected.

Gu Xijiu was very worried, especially when she recalled that Long Siye mentioned to her about the incident of celestial pets going missing. Therefore, she decided to search for the mussel by herself after five days.

Due to her severe injuries, she needed another two weeks to fully recover even though she had consumed the antidote. Nonetheless, five days were enough for her to restore half of her spiritual power. Thus, it was sufficient for her to find her celestial pet even though she was yet to be fully recovered.

There was a mountain named ‘Yaori Mountain’ in the Sixth Heaven…

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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