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Chapter 1574

A Date

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 1574 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

Lan Fei was the idol of the nation. It was not too much of a shock for him to propose to the incoming ruler of the mermaids. He poured his heart and soul into writing Gu Xijiu a love letter, saying that he had been thinking about Gu Xijiu for over eight years. He had looked for her for eight years! It was like a gift from God that he managed to find her.

Lan Yaoguang was utterly shocked when he received the news! Had Lan Fei proposed to Lan Jingyi, he would be so happy to give his consent. But Gu Xijiu… To Lan Yaoguang’s knowledge, his sister had belonged to someone else, so he immediately rejected the proposal. He told Lan Fei that Gu Xijiu wasengaged.

However, Lan Fei was determined. He sent in another proposal after two days. Lan Fei was ready to be the second husband of the incoming ruler of the mermaids, and would not rival against the first husband. He only wanted to be by her side.

Lan Yaoguang honestly felt that Lan Fei’s brain had malfunctioned. As he was about to reject his proposal again and send his messenger away, little did he know that Gu Xijiu would come back and spot the two letters

She looked at the proposal and drifted off for a moment. She immediately smiledand responded to the messenger, saying that she would like to have a date with Lan Fei. If they turned out to be suitable for each other, she would consider making him her husband

Hence, that date turned out today.

In everyone’s hearts, there always lived a God or a Goddess.

Lan Fei was the God in the hearts of many young mermaids while Gu Xijiu was the Goddess in Lan Fei’s heart. To have a good date with his Goddess, Lan Fei cleared the spot! The next pair of lovebirds were at least ten miles apart.

A silk mermaid cloth laid on the ground. On the fabric were the delicacies of the mermaids. There was also fruit wine specially brewed in the sea.

With amber-like moonlight glasses in hand, the two of them sat opposite each other. Gu Xijiu was tasting the wine while occasionally having a bite or two of the food. The breeze made her smoke-colored dress and long hair sway, making her pleasant-looking.

Lan Fei’s gaze could not help but linger on her. The Gu Xijiu he met eight years ago was still young and child-like. However, she had a lovely voice and carried a certain elegance with her.

The Gu Xijiu of today was slim and fit, with perfect features. Furthermore, the smoke-colored maxi dress made her complexion even fairer. By simply sitting there, she looked like she was in a gorgeous painting, making others reluctant to move their gaze away.

The date between the two of them was harmonic. Gu Xijiu had the corner of her lips curved upwards the entire time. They had almost finished a bottle of wine.

She did not talk much but did not make the atmosphere too quiet either. Lan Fei was a handsome young man. The sunlight even appeared to be more mesmerizing when he was around.

He had an attractive voice. When he opened his mouth and sang, he would attract the fishes swimming near the coast over, making them reluctant to leave.

He told Gu Xijiu about his life for the past eight years, remarking on how much he had missed her over those years.

Gu Xijiu sat there and listened idly, occasionally clinking her glass with his. She did not fully comprehend his feelings but enjoyed his company. She and Lan Fei had only met once, and it was in a competition. How could this make him latch onto her for eight years?

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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