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Chapter 1533

She Was Watched By A Million People

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 1533 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xietian was there as well. He was in the military crew responsible for maintaining the safety of the kingdom. He felt so proud of his daughter who was standing on the tower.That was his daughter! She was way stronger than anyone else in his family!

‘Sigh. Her mother and brother passed away too early. Otherwise, they would be so happy if they got to see this! It’s all my fault! Was it possible that Luo Zhanyu was indeed Tiannuo? They look quite similar, and the time he was trapped in the forbidden land was almost the same as the time when my son ran into the Dark Forest. If I am not mistaken, he should be Tiannuo!’

In fact,Gu Xietian paid a visit to Luo Zhanyu yesterday using his daughter’s name. However, Luo Zhanyu seemed to intentionally avoid Gu Xietian as he did not manage to find him.

At the moment, Luo Zhanyu was in the audience talking to his buddies. He did not look in the direction of Gu Xietian.

‘Level nine!This boy is so capable!He managed to achieve a level nine spiritual power at such a young age!’ He remembered Gu Tiannuo was already a genius since he was very young.

He was much better than his second son, Gu Tianchao.In fact,Gu Xietianloved Tiannuo, and he only neglected him when he was angry with his mother. He was full of regret!

Although the fake Celestial Master Zuo has died, plenty of his evil doings were still present. There was no guaranteed safety even though Celestial Master Zuo got all of them executed in the last few days. Hence, he needed to be alert just in case they would come and make a mess today. Therefore, all the military crews had been sent to ensure high security.

Gu Xietian was the chief general of the security operation today; he did not only instruct the military crew nearby but also arranged many spies and secret agents in the crowd. Once they see any suspicious target, they should bring them to him immediately.A soldier ran over to report and requested for assistance because there was a suspicious man on the rooftop in one of the buildings.

“General, the red-clothed lady is very suspicious. She has been standing under the shade on the rooftop and never moved her gaze away from the tower. Also, she just stood there invisibly as though she doesn’t want to be seen by anyone,” the soldier reported.

Gu Xietian moved his gaze to the direction where the soldier was pointing. Instantly, he got a buzz in his head! Indeed, the red-clothed lady was standing under shade, and she seemed to use a spell to make herself partially invisible. No one would notice her without paying enough attention!

Since she was partially invisible, Gu Xietian could not see her appearance. However, he could tell that was Luo Xinglan! The body figure and aura…That wasdefinitelyLuo Xinglan or a clone of her!

His heart almost popped out. He immediately took a few steps forward as he wanted to have aclearerview. However, the lady seemed to have noticed something and glimpsed at him. Gu Xietian almost forgot to breathe when their gazes met in midair. Unfortunately, the lady only took a glance at him, which was followed by a high leap and she suddenly disappeared in the air.

“AhLan!” Gu Xietian shouted as he leaped into the air and disappeared in the same direction. Unfortunately, Gu Xietian did not manage to catch the lady because she was too fast! In the blink of an eye, she disappeared without any trace, and he had no idea which direction to go.

Gu Xietian was standing at the spot where the lady stood earlier. He could barely smell her elegant odor. At the same time, his brain was blank, but he could recognize the unique fragrance which solely belonged to her.

‘Was that her?’

‘Did she survive? Could she be still alive?’

‘Was it possible? She jumped from such a high place, and all her spiritual power was sealed by him…’

‘Moreover, it was already so many years ago, how could she still look the same as before? In fact, she looks even more beautiful than the old days!’

‘She looks younger than thirty years old…’

‘She’s beautiful and charming just like how she looked in the old days.’

Gu Xietian could not help but look at himself. His hair and beard have turned white; he has aged!

‘Perhaps, that is not her but just someone who looks like her? Otherwise, she had no way to maintain such a nice appearance with only a level five spiritual power.’

She looked even younger than the time when she wanted to leave him!

‘Perhaps, that is her younger sister?’

Unfortunately, this theory could not betrueas she was the only child in her family.

Gu Xietian’s heart was racing as he stood there idly. A sound of applause shocked him. He immediately raised his head and saw that Gu Xijiu began to move on the tower.

Her actions were swift but graceful as several spells formed in her palms. A few haloswere stackedon one and another which produced a colorful light.

Tian Jiyue and the rest were very familiar with the procedure of the ritual as they used to watch Di Fuyi conduct it as well. All of them were surprised with Gu Xijiu’s skill as it was very similar compared to the one Di Fuyi used to perform.

Hua Wuyan was particularly impressed. She never took Gu Xijiu seriously because she did not think a little girl as young as Gu Xijiu could make anybigimpact. Not to mention surpassing her and the other heaven’s gift disciples. However, she managed to achieve a level ten spiritual power though they had not met for only eight years!

Hua Wuyan only managed to reach level nine and a half. She thought that was considered fast and that it would impress Di Fuyi. Unfortunately, she never expected that Gu Xijiu would excel far beyond her.

Hua Wuyan had very complicated thoughts when she glimpsed at Gu Xijiu.In fact,she was agitated at how Di Fuyi used to look at Gu Xijiu differently. However, she could not deny it anymore.

A cyclone appeared around the tower as the spellswere completed, and it rushed like a tornado toward the mansion of the counterfeit Celestial Master Zuo.

A moment later, a loud sound of a building collapsingwas heardfrom afar. After a while, the cyclone returned rapidly with black mist and evil wraithssurroundingit.

Creepy and eerie sounds of sobbing and howlingwere heardas though many were crying and whaling. The temperature at the square decreased dramatically as the cyclone returned and the crowd quickly took a few steps back.

Although thewraithsin the black mist were clashing with each other, it could never break through the white glowing cyclone at the outer layer. Thus, even though the wraiths were ferocious, they could not form any threats to the crowd.

The cyclone and the black mist moved to the tower right away. The four heaven’s gift disciples worked together to launch their power, while Gu Xijiu slowly flew intomidairfrom the tower. Her elegant palmsformed a giant ball above her head.

There were plenty of black clouds in the sky above the tower. However, it could not cover Gu Xijiu’s white dress. She looked powerful and mighty.

The crowd was terrified when they saw so many evil wraiths. Besides that, they also worried about Gu Xijiu not being able to suppress the evil spirits at such a young age. Any mistake would bring chaos to them.

Fortunately, things went well. The crowd finally learned that Miss Gu could also handle the situation even if Celestial Master Zuo were not around! She could also complete the ritual ceremony! Perhaps, she was now as capable as Celestial Master Zuo? Who knows, she might be better than Celestial Master Zuo!

In the past two years, the wrongdoings of counterfeit Celestial Master Zuo had caused many negative impacts to Celestial Master Zuo’s image,and many citizens hated him so much.

Although the truth hadbeen revealed, some of the citizens were still unconvinced.They no longer admired or respected him as passionately as they did eight years ago.

In fact,the citizens subconsciously wished someone reliable could replace Celestial Master Zuo. Coincidentally, Gu Xijiu made a good fit for their wish! Most importantly, she was one of their own as shewas raisedin the Feixing Kingdom.

Therefore, the crowd could not stop cheering passionately when Gu Xijiu performed the salvation ritual ceremony on the evil wraiths. Their voice was even louder than when Celestial Master Zuo performed the ritual ceremony!

The entire squarewas occupiedwith loud applause and cheers followed by Gu Xijiu’s name repeatedly called by the crowd when the last batch of evil wraiths disappeared in the air after the salvation ritual ceremony.

Gu Xijiu’s name seemed to be magical now as it got many people excited as they called her name. Gu Xijiu looked at the audience as she stood on the tower. It was a sea of people.

She took a breath, and she knewshe was watched by a million people. That made her recalled a song lyric. ‘You’re enjoying the light of glory in the crowd of a million…’

She remembered when she just traveled to this eraandshe was caught and forced to undergo a test by Di Fuyi. Back then, hewas highly respectedby the citizens, and everyone had to kneel out of respect wherever he went. However, she was like a rat which everyone despised.

Back then, she envied him so much to the extent she swore in her heart to achieve a similar glory as he did and eventually able to stand side by side with him! At that time, both of them were so different. However, she could finally fight side by side with him now!

Although she achieved her goal, she did not feel as excited as of how she imagined it in her head. She was exhausted from the ritual ceremony because it consumed a lot of her spiritual power. In fact, she almost failed at the latter stage just now. Fortunately, she managed to endure and finally accomplished the mission.

Therefore, the citizens had even more respect for her. However, why did Di Fuyi not come? It was the best time to win their trust again. The counterfeit had ruined his reputation; she thought he was supposed to grab the opportunity to gain theirtrustagain. Howurgentwas the thing he needed to do? Perhaps, something was wrong with his health? Many questions began to float in her head… She could not wait to rush over and take a look at him.

The ritual ceremony finally ended. However, the crowd did not seem to intend to leave astheywere still cheering and talking about it.

When Gu Xijiu was about to get down from the tower, Hua Wuyan walked toward her with a smile. “Congratulations, Miss Gu! Based on your progress, you will soon surpass Celestial Master Zuo! Although Miss Gu is not a heaven’s gift disciple, you’re way better than all of us! You deserve all these blessings,” said Hua Wuyan.

Gu Xijiu glimpsed at her because she knew Di Fuyi was the reason for Hua Wuyan being sarcastic. Since she was relatively helpful earlier, Gu Xiju decided not to be calculative. Thus, she just nodded and wanted to leave.

Suddenly, Hua Wuyan grabbed her hand. “Miss Gu, come on, let’s be close,” said Hua Wuyan.

Her initial intention was to make Gu Xijiu feel pain on her fingers. Unfortunately, she realizedher spiritual power was being absorbed by Gu Xijiuright at the moment she held her hand!

She was panic! “What… What kind of black magic are you using?!”

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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