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Chapter 1503

Who Slapped Who On The Face?

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 1503 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

It was as though he had landed using Lingbo Weibu (a very complex type of Qing Gong). His robe fluttered in the wind. He did not fly down from the sky but instead walked down step by step in the air.

His movements made it look as though he was stepping on solid ground in the air even though there was nothing underneath his feet. It was like he was descending a flight of staircase.

His posture and Kung Fu made everyone’s eyes opened wide as they held their breath. If anyone still doubted Celestial Master Zuo’s identity and suspected that he was an imposter from the Tianju Association,their doubts should have been cleared after witnessing his Kung Fu.

It was because only an expert with a spiritual power of level ten and above could perform this kind of Kung Fu! Furthermore, even the highest-ranking experts in the Tianju Association had not achieved such a high level of spiritual power!

He landed on the tower while the people who showed up with him landed by his side. Meanwhile, the airship disappeared as soon as all of them had landed. It was as though it was never there from the beginning.

The ambiance at the square was somewhat strange as two Celestial Master Zuo’s stood facing each other. As their body figures looked similar, no one would be able to recognize them once they started fighting. However, one of them was wearing a mask while the other had revealed his real appearance.

It was a rare sight. Perhaps, one might not be able to see it even in a thousand years. The crowd looked at one of them and then shifted their attention to the other.

“Greetings, Celestial Master Zuo!” Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted, and everyone knelt to the ground.

It seemed that this man was acting as a leader to the crowd. The citizens immediately knelt after a short pause. “Greetings, Celestial Master Zuo!”

The sound of their greetings was loud enough to shake a mountain.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo and his people were familiar with this scene. Eight years ago, all of the citizens used to greet and cheer for Celestial Master Zuo this way. Furthermore, they did it willingly.

Di Fuyi gazed across the audience as he nodded. “My fellow citizens, you’ve had enough bad days. The main objective of my return is to seek justice for all of you as well as to restore peace to this world!”

Though his voice was not loud, he almost made the audience cry! They have suffered and endured this unfairness for far too long. All this time, the citizens had been looking forward to the restoration of peace to their continent!

Even the royal army and imperial officials looked at each other when they listened to Di Fuyi. The imperial officials and the royal army were smart and observant. Finally, they understood the truth. Even though they were caught by surprise, they quickly bowed to greet Di Fuyi.

It was only at this moment that the four messengers came forward to greet him. “My Lord, you’re finally here!”

They could finally straighten their backs after having to pretend for such a long time under the fake Celestial Master Zuo’s supervision.

Two parties were formed on the stage. One party was led by Di Fuyi as their leader, while the other party was led by the Fairy Queen Li and counterfeit Celestial Master Zuo.

There was no reason for the fake Celestial Master Zuo to conceal his identity any longer, especially since the real one had shown up.

Di Fuyi had many experts in his team while the fake Celestial Master Zuo only had the Death Knights as all the other people had joined Di Fuyi’s ally!

Di Fuyi’s gaze finally fell on the fake Celestial Master Zuo. “Seriously, who are you exactly?! Do you know that it’s a severe offense to disguise yourself as me!?”

The fake Celestial Master Zuo’s face turned pale under his mask. However, he was a real man as he did not seem to panic at all. He smiled evilly. “Di Fuyi, it is a surprise that you’re still alive and decided to show up at this time. How could you accuse me of disguising as you? Celestial Master Zuo is an official title for a mage, so why should I be excluded from receiving this title if you consider yourself to be worthy of it? You don’t deserve this title since you couldn’t even reunite the continent though you’ve been carrying this title for so long! Certainly, it’s time for a change! I didn’t disguise myself as you just so that I could be honored with this title by The Lord!”

He was twisting the truths. However, he was not completely wrong. Celestial Master Zuo was indeed just a position. However, since Di Fuyi had been carrying this position for a long time, there was a tendency to think about him whenever someone mentioned ‘Celestial Master Zuo’. Unfortunately, many of the people around did not think about it that way!

Initially, some were still doubtful as they did not believe he was a fake. However, he had indirectly exposed his fake identity when he mentioned this sentence out loud and clear!

The crowd was seriously pissed now! Finally, they realized that they had been exploited by an imposter all these years! They had been fooled unknowingly for such a long time!

Therefore, the people who were standing at the center and were uncertain who they wanted to side with began to move towards Di Fuyi slowly. Eventually, Di Fuyi’s ally grew larger as more people had joined them now!

Of course, the Death Knights were excluded. They remained stationary as they continued to observe the people on the stage of the tower. It was as if they were made from iron!

Meanwhile, Fairy Queen Li was cursing silently with a frown.

‘The fake Celestial Master Zuo was indeed useless!’

Di Fuyi glimpsed at his attire with a smile. “That makes sense in a way. Anyway, why did you put on the same attire as me if you’re not planning to impersonate me? You manipulated my four custodians using magic so that they would work for you and you even caused so much disaster to the people using my name! How are you going to explain all these offenses?”

The fake Celestial Master Zuo grunted. “I’ll wear whatever I like. Why should others avoid wearing the same attire as you just because you wore it first?! Meanwhile, your four custodians decided to be my followers willingly! Since when did I manipulate them with magic?”

Mu Feng and the other messengers ran out of words.

‘What the f*ck!?’ They were speechless!

Di Fuyi smiled. “It seems like slander is the only thing you know since you don’t even have the guts to reveal your actual appearance. Mu Feng, kindly tell everyone briefly about how he cast a spell on you!”

Mu Feng immediately stepped forward and began to relate the entire story from the time when they were first put under his spell two years ago.

The people grabbed their fists when they finally found out the truth behind the four messengers submitting themselves to the imposter. Of course, Mu Feng also mentioned that it was Gu Xijiu who had made the antidotes to save their lives.

Though the crowd did not show any obvious response, Gu Xietian’s eyes sparkled! He immediately looked at Mu Feng. “Do you mean… Xijiu. She’s alive?!” That was the first time he had heard about his daughter for over eight years. Hence, he got a little stammered and was overexcited about the news.

Mu Feng slightly nodded. “She was the one who made the antidote for us. She has been working on her spiritual power with Celestial Master Zuo over the past eight years. Certainly, she is alive, especially since Celestial Master Zuo is here now,” said Mu Feng.

Gu Xietian immediately shifted his gaze to Di Fuyi. “Celestial Master Zuo, is this… real? How is she doing? Where is she now?”

Di Fuyi’s eyes flashed. “Don’t worry, General Gu. She’s safe and well. You’ll get to see her soon.”

Gu Xietian heaved a sigh of relief. He was glad that his daughter was alive and well. She seemed to have learned something powerful! He could finally be at peace! Although he was tied up embarrassingly with rotten eggs and food waste on his face, his eyes were sparkling.

Di Fuyi took a glimpse at him again and flicked his sleeve. The heavy chains on Gu Xietien were immediately crushed into ashes. He tried getting up after sweeping the ashes from his body. However, he knelt onto the ground again right in front of the green-clothed man as his legs had gone numb from kneeling on the ground for too long.

The man felt uncomfortable. His gaze was dim, but he still lifted Gu Xietian.

“Thank you, young master.” Gu Xietian thanked him.

The green-clothed man sounded cold. “It’s alright.” When Gu Xietian had finally stabilized himself, the young man immediately let go of his hands and took a step back. He did not want to be close to Gu Xietian.

Gu Xietian could not help but glance at the green-clothed man. “May I know your name?”

Unfortunately, the green-clothed man did not bother to answer him. Instead, he turned around and began talking to his companion.

Gu Xietian did not continue asking out of embarrassment. Moreover, that was the best time to socialize. Thus, he turned around and thanked Di Fuyi.

“Celestial Master Zuo, please save us!”

“Celestial Master Zuo, help!”

“Celestial Master Zuo, please save my child…”

“Celestial Master Zuo, we are innocent…”

The people from the Gu family who were tied up with ropes began screaming.

When Di Fuyi flicked his sleeves, the people around him immediately stepped forward to release the people who were tied to the execution pillars.

The executioners were all trained by the fake Celestial Master Zuo. However, they were stunned as they had no clue as to whether they should stop them from rescuing the victims.

Those who were loyal to the imposter immediately jumped in to stop the rescue operation. The executioners who did nothing were considered lucky while misfortune fell upon those who tried to stop the rescue operation.

After all, they were just executioners, and their Kung Fu was relatively weak. Even the most powerful man among the executioners only possessed a spiritual power of level seven. How could they possibly compete with those experts who possessed a spiritual power of at least level nine? It was sad to see them being thrown far away just as they were about to stop the people!

Nevertheless, the fake Celestial Master Zuo remained silent. Hence, the other executioners decided not stop them after seeing the response of the imposter.

The posture of the members from the Gu family looked rather strange when they were tied onto the iron pillars. They were tied with a solid rope, and there was no way for them to move at all. The ropes were robust to the extent that it cut into their flesh. It made it very difficult for the rescuers to cut the rope. The only way was to untie the ropes one by one.

Strangely enough, the knots looked rather odd. Even Luo Zhanyu had not seen such a knot before. Luo Zhanyu tried untying the rope which was bounding one of the kids. The kid looked as though he was about three years old and he was crying continuously in a hoarse voice. He had almost suffocated.

Finally, he managed to untie the dead knot and was just about to remove the rope one by one.

Suddenly, Di Fuyi shouted. “Stop!”

Luo Zhanyu was frightened and looked at him.

The rest who were trying to untie the ropes also immediately stopped.

Di Fuyi leaped and landed beside Luo Zhanyu. He glimpsed at the rope as he narrowed his eyes. “There is something strange about this rope!”

He drew his palms closer to the rope as if he sensed something. A moment later, he suddenly opened the kid’s pants.

Luo Zhanyu was stunned as he subconsciously took a look.

The dead knot of the rope was located on the kid’s belly button, and a black sticker, which looked like a plaster was found on the kid’s belly button as well. It was filled with evil energy.

“This is?” Luo Zhanyu was confused.

Di Fuyi whispered, “A bomb.”

The plaster on the belly button of the kid was an extraordinary flammable drug! The bomb would be triggered, and the kid would explode into pieces if he did not untie the rope according to a specific method! There would be no way to save them if that happened.

Luo Zhanyu started breaking out cold sweat after listening to Di Fuyi’s explanation. He furiously glared at the fake Celestial Master Zuo. “What a ruthless trick!”

The fake Celestial Master Zuo seemed to be surprised by the fact that Di Fuyi noticed his trick.

The invention of that bomb was led by an elite, and it was named as the Time Bomb. The elite claimed that it was not from the current era. Hence, no one would find out about it.

To his surprise, Di Fuyi recognized it at this critical time! He was sad as he thought that he would be able to escape when Di Fuyi was busy rescuing those people after the explosion. Unfortunately…it was not his day!

He took a step back and suddenly laughed aloud. “Di Fuyi, you’re quite smart! However, you wouldn’t be able to escape even though you managed to prove your identity! Look around!”

Di Fuyi glimpsed at his surrounding. Other than the citizens and his team members, there were many Death Knights at the square.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo added. “Do you know what kind of crossbow they are holding? It’s the Dead Soul Crossbow! You will turn into a puddle of minced flesh as soon as you get shot! Not only will it kill you physically but it is also capable of destroying your soul, which will prevent you from being reborn!”

He rotated the big ring on his finger and once again laughed aloud. “They only listen to my instructions, and they will launch the arrows altogether as soon as I press this button. By that time, none of you will be able to escape!”

Gu Xietian’s expression changed immediately. The others might not know the power of the Death Knights. However, he knew it better than anyone else as he once used them in a war.

“Celestial Master Zuo, the Death Knights aren’t human! They are not capable of thinking like an ordinary human beings and will only obey the orders to kill! The Dead Soul Arrow launched by them would not only kill the people but also turn their corpses into toxic gas which will end up harming more people!”

Everyone was terrified after Gu Xietian had shouted!

There were thousands of Death Knights surrounding them. Meanwhile, Di Fuyi only had tens of people from his ally including the elites from the Tianju Association. Even though they were the elites among the elites, it was still impossible for them to kill all of the Death Knights.

Di Fuyi and his team were very experienced and powerful. Hence, they might be able to avoid the Dead Soul Crossbow. However, the imperial officers, the members of the Gu family, as well as the innocent citizens might not be able to survive one thousand arrows all launched at the same time.

The citizens had just found the hope to live, but now they were once again being pushed into h*ll in a blink of an eye. At that moment, many gazes helplessly turned towards Celestial Master Zuo who was on the stage.

He was the almighty Celestial Master Zuo. Perhaps, he had a solution?

Di Fuyi did not say much but glimpsed at the fake Celestial Master Zuo. “You seem to be well prepared, huh?”

The fake Celestial Master Zuo laughed aloud. “Of course! To deal with an extraordinary person, I must use an extraordinary strategy! Di Fuyi, you can never escape from me regardless of how intelligent you are!” He then glimpsed across the audiences and added. “Is there anyone who wants to side with him now?”

The citizens remained silent.

The fake Celestial Master Zuo laughed as he raised his chin. “I’ll give you one more chance. I’ll let you go if you swear to be my loyal followers and acknowledge me as the real Celestial Master Zuo!”

It was such a tempting offer. On one side, there was certainty of surviving while siding with the other side could mean a certain probability of death.

It is human nature to follow the path that was good for them while avoiding the paths that are non-beneficial to them. The fake Celestial Master Zuo was confident that the dumb citizens would swear allegiance to him and become his followers when he offered the deal.

He wanted to use this situation to insult Di Fuyi! However, he did not expect himself to have made such a big mistake! The citizens burst into anger and began cursing him after a short discussion!

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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