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Chapter 1496

Do You Like Him?

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 1496 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

Though the grasshopper and the wreath had withered, his other possessions were well maintained. The young man must treasure them very much.

The bar owner sighed as he realized that the possessions worn around the young man’s body were more valuable than all the things he just took out. However, the young man seemed to care for his worthless possessions as if they were the most valuable things to him in the world.

Yan Chen idled as he looked at his possessions. He was touching the jade with his fingertips. All of these possessions were gifts from Little Fox. He could relate to every single one of her gifts without opening his eyes.

Back in the days, her gifts did not mean so much to him. However, he felt nostalgic when he thought about it now. Her image lingered in his mind even though he tried not to think about her. Now, he could only secretly miss her.

In the beginning, he felt that Lan Yue was incompatible with Little Fox and the only reason that she was getting engaged to Lan Yue was so that she could hurt him. He decided that he was willing to get back together with her so long as she was not married. Unfortunately, he had lost his courage to do so ever since the truth was revealed.

“Little Fox, we’re not meant to be together.” He seemed to have seen Little Fox’s smiling face as he played with the poor jade. A light green jade at his waist suddenly blinked.

He ignored it after taking a glimpse. It was a communication device specially owned by the Yan family. The device could blink and produce different colors of light, and each color had a different meaning.

The blinking color this time meant that it was a call from the Yan family. A sarcastic grin appeared on his face. He then took off the jade and threw in on the table. “Boss, get me three more barrels!”

It was very late at night now. The bar owner went to bed a long time ago as he could not stay up any longer. When the bar owner woke up the next day, he noticed that the handsome young man had left. However, he had left behind a big ingot on the table which was enough to buy over his bar. Besides that, he had also left behind a bright jade which looked rather valuable.

Mrs. Yan was always thinking of how to get his son the best wife possible. She was willing to use all sorts of evil tricks on Little Fox. Unfortunately, she never expected to have lost the best girl for her son and got an ordinary girl instead. Not only had her actions jeopardized her son’s destiny but she had also lost her son in the process.

Now, Yan Chen was missing. She had not seen her son for a very long time. Yan Chen had cut off all contact with his family. He had not gone home ever since the incident, and his family members had no clue of his whereabouts. However, that is a later part of the story.

The Tianju Association returned to its original peaceful state. Everything seemed normal, and yet, everything seemed to have changed.

Lan Waihu was still studying in the Tianju Association. Strangely enough, she seemed to have become more inspired! She used to be very playful in the past, but nowadays she was very hardworking. She was busy with practice every day to the extent that she would even forget to eat and sleep. She was now even more hardworking than Lan Yue. Lan Yue tried visiting her several times. However, she was busy with practicing and was not interested to see him.

When she was stressed out, she would say, “I thought you said that I’m the future national master of the Blue Fox family? How could a national master possess such a low level of spiritual power? I must work harder!” Lan Yue was speechless.

Ever since Little Fox’s true identity was revealed and people knew that she was of a noble lineage, she would undoubtedly attract many admirers as soon as the public caught news of her. Whoever that managed to win her heart would be given a chance to enhance their spiritual power by several multiples. It was even better than medicine.

It was no longer safe for her to stay outside alone. Hence, Lan Yue wanted to bring her back to the quarters of the Blue Fox clan.

The Blue Fox family was an independent body, and they did not involve themselves in any battle related to the outside world. Hence, it was not suitable for Lan Waihu to stay here any longer. However, Lan Waihu refused to follow him back. She only wanted to stay in the Tianju Association and nowhere else!

Indeed, she had her excuse for doing so. According to her, the association was the best place for her to improve. Since she was not familiar with the headquarters of the Blue Fox family, her growth progress would probably be affected. According to her, it was embarrassing to meet her peers if she returned without achieving a spiritual power of level nine.

Little Fox was somewhat stubborn though she looked very gentle. No one could make her change her decision once she had made up her mind. Even Lan Yue was incapable of changing her mind, unless, he forcefully took her home by knocking her out first. Unfortunately, Lan Yue was stuck.

Lan Waihu had done an excellent job. Other than refusing to leave with him, she did not reveal her emotions. She had grown to be a more passive person and was no longer as emotional as before.

The consequence of working too hard was that one would lose control of themselves. All of Lan Waihu’s internal power was almost destroyed in the process because she had trained too hard. However, Gu Xijiu managed to save her life when she coincidentally paid a visit to Lan Waihu. Though she was saved, her legs wereimmobile for several days.

Gu Canmo panicked as he was afraid that she would be affected by some side effects just like Yan Chen. Fortunately, Little Fox was luckier than Yan Chen as Gu Xijiu had been there for her and was able to treat Little Fox’s injuries in time. Therefore, Little Fox was only paralyzed for three days before she fully recovered.

Though the paralysis did not lead to numbness in the legs, she suffered extreme pain. Therefore, her nerves stopped functioning, and her muscles could not follow her instructions.

Her legs felt very painful. Little Fox used to be very soft, and so Gu Xijiu was worried that she might cry. Surprisingly, she endured the pain without even dropping a tear. The only reaction was that she started sweating profusely.

Her face was pale when Gu Xijiu tried treating her, and a layer of sweat covered her forehead. She said, “I didn’t know that it would be this painful. I thought I’d only lose my senses.” She sat still as she said it.

When Yan Chen lost control in the past, he acted very calmly in front of her and even had the mood to tease her. They played chess together, and he even asked her to bring some flowers from the garden so that he could make a wreath and a grasshopper for her as though she was a baby girl.

Not once had he revealed to her that he was suffering. Hence, she thought that the only side effect of overworking himself during the was that his limbs would stop functioning for two days every month.

It was during those two days that he would accompany her. When they were staying in the Yan residence, she subconsciously looked forward to the arrival of those two days. She only realized now that the two days he usually spent time playing with her were the most suffering for him throughout his entire month.

Though Lan Waihu was only paralyzed for three days, she found herself feeling as though she had just taken a stroll through hell.The pain was driving her nuts. Though she did not cry, she never stopped breaking out in cold sweat!

Perhaps, Yan Chen had experienced the same thing as well? Or was the severity of their injuries different?Little Fox finally asked Gu Xijiu about her doubts. Gu Xijiu took a look at her and calmly explained. “Though there are quite a few ways to lose control during practice, the paralysis that resulted from either way of losing control is the same.”

Little Fox did not want to give up. “What if someone suffered from a side effect due to the paralysis? Like what if they had paralysis for several days every month? Would that be painful?”

Gu Xijiu answered, “Logically speaking, it would be more painful for those who were affected by the side effect. Besides that, their legs would be different from ordinary people even if they could walk as their nerves would suffer from cramps. They would need to bear with several hours of pain every day.”

Lan Waihu’s face turned pale, and she stopped speaking.

Gu Xijiu remained silent. After treating her injuries, Gu Xijiu was just about to leave after comforting Little Fox when suddenly, Little Fox stopped her by pulling her hand. “Xijiu!”

Gu Xijiu turned around, and Lan Waihu asked her with a pair of big round eyes, “Xijiu, are you able to treat such a difficult side effect?”

Gu Xijiu frowned. “Don’t worry. You don’t have this side effect.”

Lan Waihu finally revealed to her the truth. “Yan Chen does, but he was never able to cure it.” According to her, Yan Chen never wholly recovered from the side effect but the duration of his paralysis had been slightly shortened. Initially, he would be paralyzed for two days. Now, he would have paralysis for about one and a half days.

Gu Xijiu asked, “Do you still care about him?”

Lan Waihu was stunned, and she gazed downwards. She added after pursing her lips, “I treat him like my brother. After all, it was because of me that he got injured. I have always felt guilty about it.”

Gu Xijiu comforted Little Fox with a smile. “To be honest, I’ve already given some medicine to him when I first checked his injuries.”

Lan Waihu heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s curable, right?”

Gu Xijiu shook her head. “He has delayed his treatment for far too long. I can only help him to avoid the paralysis effect, but he would still have to bear with the pain. Unless…”

Lan Waihu immediately grabbed her sleeve. “What is it?”

However, Gu Xijiu did not want to talk about it anymore, and she tapped Lan Waihu’s hand. “Little Fox, there are certain things that we can’t get back once we have lost it. Let’s not think about it anymore. Though my medicine won’t be able to nullify his side effects completely, it should help him deal with the pain. Don’t worry. He will even be able to fight during those two days.”

Lan Waihu remained silent.

She still wanted to pursue the matter. “Yan Chen would still have to suffer. If only there were a way to heal him completely.”

Gu Xijiu continued to look at her without a sound.

Lan Waihu’s head fell lower as Gu Xijiu continued to look at her.

Gu Xijiu helplessly sighed. “Little Fox, is Lan Yue treating you well?”

“He is very nice.”

“Do you like him?”

Lan Waihu was stunned. “I guess…”

Gu Xijiu frowned. “I guess?”

Somehow, she felt that Little Fox had finally dated someone nice. She had found a suitable relationship, and they were finally adapting to their condition after a period of interacting with each other. Hence, would she marry the man?

Lan Waihu was getting anxious and nodded. “He is quite nice to me.”

Lan Yue had treated her quite well over the past two years ever since they revealed their relationship. He went to see her almost every day and even brought her out every ten days to strengthen their bond. It was very similar to the dates between men and women that Gu Xijiu described.

“What about Yan Chen?”

His name seemed to trigger Little Fox’s feelings. Hence, she decided not to speak about it anymore.

Perhaps, she felt comfortable whenever she was around Yan Chen as they grew up together ever since they were young. She would throw her tantrum whenever she wanted if Yan Chen pissed her off and usually, Yan Chen would coax her. When she was happy, she would bring Yan Chen along to play with her. After that, she would fall asleep in Yan Chen’s embrace when she was tired from having fun. Though Yan Chen was not a talkative person, he took great care of her. Even if she fell asleep in the snow, she would never catch a cold as Yan Chen would carry her back to the hotel or find a cave and set up a fire to warm her. Perhaps, he would also use his spiritual power to keep her warm so that she would feel at home even though she was asleep in the forest.

She need not worry about anything when she was with Yan Chen as he always took care of everything. Indeed, Yan Chen was slightly egoistic and dominant. Hence, he was always the decision maker. He never bothered to ask for her opinion when they were ordering food. However, most of the dishes he ordered were usually her favorites.

She always felt nervous around Lan Yue. He possessed a certain kind of aura which was difficult to describe. Hence, she always felt cautious and stressed whenever they were together. Whenever they played together, Lan Yue would always ask for her opinion and even allowed her to decide what to order. However, she had a problem with making decisions and always panicked when she had to make the final say. She had no sense of direction and did not know what she wanted to order. Regardless of their next destination or what they were going to have for their next meal, everything she decided always made her think of Yan Chen.

Lan Yue wanted to be more intimate with her, so he tried hugging her. However, whenever he tried to get close to her, she would immediately get nervous, and the hair on her skin would stand. She did not want him to hug her. She even felt like withdrawing her hand when he held her hand.

Though she was a fan of cuddling people, she did not dare and did not want to do so with Lan Yue.

She felt like a little girl whenever she was around Yan Chen. On the other hand, she felt like a woman whenever she was with Lan Yue. A woman with responsibilities on her shoulders.

Gu Xijiu looked at her for a moment and sighed. “Little Fox, try and ask yourself this question. Who do you want to spend time your time with for the rest of your life? It’s a lifetime promise for two people to be together. You’ll see each other every day; you’ll have a child together.”

Lan Waihu trembled as her fingers clenched onto her blanket. Was she going to be with Lan Yue for the rest of her life and also have his baby? She immediately felt anxious and even wanted to escape!

Gu Xijiu added, “Marriage is an important thing. Don’t risk your life over a bet because of anger especially since you’re from the Blue Fox clan. You will live a very long life.”

Just as Gu Xijiu was about to leave, Lan Waihu quickly added, “But I’ve lost the bet, and we have gotten engaged! How could I possibly ask for a divorce? Lan Yue told me that the Blue Fox clan treats an engagement to be as sacred as marriage itself. Hence, it can never be canceled.”

Since when did the Blue Fox clan have such an odd regulation? Had Lan Yue fooled Little Fox? Gu Xijiu frowned and tapped on Lan Waihu’s shoulder. “This is something that you need to ask yourself. Little Fox, you need to learn how to take full responsibility for your decision. Don’t worry. I’m always here for you regardless of the decision you make.”

Everything is possible as long as one is determined enough! Not to mention that it was only an engagement, one could get divorced even after he or she was married!

Gu Xijiu would help if Little Fox wanted to cancel the engagement with Lan Yue. However, she must learn to be strong and take accountability for her actions. After all, it was Little Fox’s decision. Advising her was the best that Gu Xijiu could do.

She finally walked out from Little Fox’s room. The moonlight made the ground look snowy as though a sea of mercury covered it.

She raised her head and looked at the moon that was in the sky. She wondered whether Di Fuyi would come back tonight as it was a full moon.

It had been eight days since Di Fuyi left. It was their first time being apart for so long since they got married. She wondered if he had accomplished all of his tasks.

Before leaving, Di Fuyi had left her a letter saying that he needed to investigate something. Hence, he wanted her to stay in the Tianju Association to handle Little Fox’s issue.

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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