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Chapter 1383

I Don’t Buy His Guiltiness!

8 months ago 43203 readers Chapter 1383 / 3069

Translator:EndlessFantasy TranslationEditor:EndlessFantasy Translation

Luo Zhanyu also followed him and looked at the sky. However, he could not see anything but the grey sky. He could not even differentiate whether it was day or night.

“What is your plan after escaping from the Dark Forest?” Di Fuyi suddenly asked him.

Luo Zhanyu was surprised. He had not thought about it yet, or perhaps he refused to think about it.

“A man should seek more exposure to the outside world. I would like to travel around first.”

He had been stuck inside the barrier ever since he was 12 years old. Finally, he was able to escape from that place. Moreover, he possessed a high level of skill sets, and so he would want to build his career.

Di Fuyi glanced at him. “Don’t you want to go back home?”

Luo Zhanyu’s face slightly changed as he said, “I do not have a home.”

He could not forgive his father,so naturally, he did not want to go back to the general’s house.

Although he met Gu Xijiu every day over these past eight years, he had never asked anything about his family.

On the other hand, Gu Xijiu was the one who occasionally told him stories about her past, and it made him even more dissatisfied with his father. He discovered that his beloved sister had been bullied for many years at home. If he were at home, he would give all those people some lessons!

Fortunately, nothing terrible had happened to his beloved sister. Otherwise, he would never forgive his father.

“Don’t you want to visit your mother?” Di Fuyi seemed to have a lot to ask him.

Luo Zhanyu also got to know from Gu Xijiu that his mother was still alive. However, she was currently married to another guy. He slightly sipped his lips. “I don’t think it is necessary. She has her own family and kids now…”

“You mean you don’t want to see them after you escape from this place?”

Luo Zhanyu shook his head. “No, I don’t want to!”

Gu Xijiu was not in a deep sleep, and so she was awakened when Luo Zhanyu slightly raised his voice. “What don’t you want to do?”

Luo Zhanyu coughed. “Xijiu, are you going to force me to visit our parents?”

Gu Xijiu understood his concerns. She slightly shook her head. “It’s up to you. In fact, our mother has always felt guilty about what happened in the past. As for father, he has never stopped looking for you all these years.”

Luo Zhanyu wiped his weapon and lightly said, “He is doing that out of guilt. I don’t buy his guiltiness. I will never acknowledge this kind of father!”

In the past, Gu Xietian had mistreated his son to teach his wife, Luo Xinglan, a lesson. He scolded him and beat him almost every day. He purposely beat his son in front of Luo Xinglan so that she would become soft-hearted and listen to him. He had never considered his son’s feeling.

Luo Zhanyu had been living a stressful life all his childhood. If he did not feel despair,he would not have run away from home at the age of 12.

Gu Xijiu did not want to persuade him too much. She also felt unhappy with what Gu Xietian had done in the past so she would never convince her brother to go and meet their father. It would undoubtedly take Gu Xietian a long time and a lot of effort if he wanted to regain his son’s trust.

In any case, she had found her brother back for Gu Xietian. Whether they got back together, later on, was another matter and it was something that they had to deal with on their own.

Di Fuyi did not want to interfere in this matter too. His only concern was whether Gu Xietian would continue causing trouble in front of his palace or not.

Gu Xijiu was concerned about one thing. “What identity are you going to use when you come to my wedding?”

Di Fuyi had promised to hold a wedding once they were able to escape from the barrier. If they were going to have a wedding, they would need to meet with General Gu’s family. Gu Xietian would see Luo Zhanyu if he were to attend the wedding.

What would happen then when Gu Xietian met Luo Zhanyu? He would probably be very excited. However, it would be an unfortunate and sad thing if Luo Zhanyu did not want to acknowledge him.

Gu Xijiu suddenly had the urge to see what happens when her father and brother met with each other. It would be an exciting moment.

Luo Zhanyu did not answer. In fact, this problem had crossed his mind before. He would be attending his sister’s wedding with the identity of her brother. Thus it was inevitable for him to be recognized by Gu Xietian.

What was the big deal if his father noticed him? He still did not want to have any relationship with him! Gu Xijiu inadvertently looked up at the sky and frowned. “The sky looks rather red right now. Is it known as a sunset glow?”

Luo Zhanyu also looked up at the sky for a moment. He wondered. “We can’t see the sky outside right? I can only see the grey sky. I don’t see, the red sky that you mentioned… Xijiu, did you see wrongly?”

Di Fuyi stood up. “Well, we are almost done. Let’s go!”

These people already had their plans set once they escape from the barrier. They had left home for so many years,so the first thing they planned to do was to go back home. Therefore, they decided to have a farewell dinner once they had escaped from Dark Forest and then they would go their separate ways.

Of course, they all agreed to meet again during the wedding between Gu Xijiu and Celestial Master Zuo.

They had planned their futures. However, it was after they got out of the Dark Forest and had dinner in a restaurant under the mountain that they realized the world had changed tremendously.

The peace had been broken, and the three kingdoms were in an intense war with each other. During the war, the Haoyue Kingdom had been destroyed by the Feixing Kingdom. Now, only the Feixing Kingdom and the Zhaoyang Kingdom were left fighting with each other.

Once the war triggered, peoples’ lives were treated as worthless. A lot of innocent lives had been sacrificed in the war, and many others were severely injured. The continent that used to be peaceful and prosperous was now entirely covered in smoke. The battles that took place over the years had left vast areas of empty wastelands around the continent. There were corpses everywhere, and the survivors of the war were starving and having a difficult life.

As this place was quite close to the Dark Forest, it was not affected by the war. However, the people here also lived in worry, and did not stay on the streets for too long.

The war had led to inflation. All the necessities were very pricey because they were scarce.

While they were having dinner in the restaurant, they discovered some rumors. It was said that the war had been triggered by the emperor of the Feixing Kingdom, also known as Rong Jialuo, and Celestial Master Zuo fully supported his actions.

It was said that two years ago when Celestial Master Zuo was analyzing the astrology, he mentioned that the world would need to be separated as it had been united for too long,and it was time for the continent to be reunified. Therefore he urged Rong Jialuo to launch the war.

Some also said that, two years ago, when the people in the Zhaoyang Kingdom were cleaning up the river, they had dug up a rock statue. There were three words carved on the figure – The Unified World.

Therefore, the emperor of the Zhaoyang Kingdom thought that he was destined to be the king of the continent and so he ambitiously got involved in the war.

In the past, all the clans in this continent would never involve in any fight between the kingdoms. However, since Celestial Master Zuo was directly involved in the war this time, all the clans got involved as well. They all sided the Feixing Kingdom.

It was said that they wanted to use the young force to fight against the two kingdoms in compliance with their destiny. Among the five heaven gift disciples, only Long Siye from the Tianwen clan did not side with any party and remained neutral.

Once the war was triggered, even the average citizens in the restaurant were concern about the politics of their continent. They were all discussing the current situation of the war. Therefore, they almost caught up with the current situation of this continent while they all had dinner in the restaurant.

Of course, they were all shocked by the news.

‘Celestial Master Zuo was directly involved in the war two years ago? But… He had been trapped inside the barrier together with them all these years!’

Everyone looked at Di Fuyi with a surprised expression. Di Fuyi looked calm. He stood up and took out the jade tablet that he had not used for eight years and started contacting the four messengers.

Venerated Venomous Consort

In a modern world, a professional assassin was murdered by her beloved and found herself revived in an ancient world as a general’s daughter with a weak physique. She was engaged to a prince, but because she did not have a nice appearance, her fiancé and sister attempted to kill her. Although she had to struggle to survive, there were also those who unconditionally loves her that supported her in her time of need.

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