Becoming the Girl of the Emperor Chinese Web Novel


In Different World with Naruto System Chinese Web novel

In Different World with Naruto System

Chinese Web novel

Read English translated Chinese novel “In Different World with Naruto System” At Divine Wind Continent, there is cultivation system—douqi, illusion and magic. Ren Tian You was a fan of Naruto, and a single moment of carelessness caused him to arrive in a different world. Unexpectedly, only to discover that his body possessed Naruto system! What? You will use douqi! I, your father’s taijutsu is also not weak! Look at my shadow dance! What? You will use illusions! I, your father, however, have every illusions’ ancestor, Sharingan! Look at my Tsukuyomi! What? You are a magician! I, your father am a ninja! Look at my fire style grand fireball!

Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mystery Shounen Slice of Life Xuanhuan

Swordmeister of Rome Korean Web Novel

Swordmeister of Rome

Korean Web Novel

Born of a great family, world shaking genius.
The man who had shaken the world.
The story of the Swordmeister.

Action Adventure Fantasy

Master Hunter K Korean Web Novel

Master Hunter K

Korean Web Novel

“With your own strength, prove the worth of your species.” Without warning, every man, woman, and the child was teleported off to fight an endless series of battles. Failure to clear every objective means that humanity shall be purged, or so the Operator claims. But if that is true, why was K sent back in time?

Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Mature Supernatural Psychological

Dragoon Japanese Web Novel


Japanese Web Novel

Rudel Arses, the first born of one of the ‘Three Lords’ of the Courtois Kingdom, is from a corrupted family, but at 5 years old, he saw a dragon in the sky and his dark future as a villain changed. He was considered an idiot, but was that true? How would his effort to become a dragoon change the kingdom?

Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Romance School Life Shounen Slice of Life

Paradise of Demonic Gods Chinese Web Novel

Paradise of Demonic Gods

Chinese Web Novel

Obtaining the topmost degree of talent in sword arts in the world requires giving up 72 years of lifespan, which leaves you with only five more years of your life. At the same time, you will never be able to feel love, kinship, and friendship, and you’ll end up leading a lonely life until your death, unable to procreate, or to have any descendants “From now onwards, everything related to happiness in the human world shall no longer be of your concern. Are you willing to accept this?”

Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Tragedy Xuanhuan

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