Almighty Game Designer Chinese Web Novel

Abandoned Children

Would You Mind If I Play? Chinese Web Novel

Would You Mind If I Play?

Chinese Web Novel

Zhang Jun joined Shu Guang High School to find that their soccer team are bottom-feeders! What could he do? Who is his beautiful new neighbor? And who is Li Yongle, and why would he declare himself as Zhang Jun’s rival? Youth, romance, and rivalry, all waiting for you in “Would You Mind if I Play?”

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Sevens Japanese Web Novel


Japanese Web Novel

Read Japanese Web Novel “Sevens” Lyle Walt is a young noble boy and heir looking forward to the day he can inherit his family’s territory. Except around when he was 10 years old, his parents started neglecting him more and more in favour of his little sister, Celes.
On his fifteenth birthday, he is challenged to a duel by his sister to see who will inherit the household and horribly loses, being cast out of his family. Afterward, he gets treated by the family groundskeepers and receives the family heirloom Gem from him that Lyle’s grandfather had entrusted to him. From there, he begins an aimless journey with his childhood friend and former fiancée, Novem, and the Gem-turned-Jewel that houses the memories, personalities, and Skills of seven of his ancestors.

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A Heartwarming Decade Chinese Web Novel

A Heartwarming Decade

Chinese Web Novel

rs later, the grandchildren gathered around their grandmother in front of the fireplace, listening to her telling a story during winter time. Wen Heng smilingly, told a story that spanned a decade. Well kids, to start it off, this is just a story. In the first year, from a crow in the southern small town, she became a glittering phoenix. She came across a pair of man and woman kissing. The male looked rather delicious, my heart delighted.

Josei Romance School Life

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