Record of the Poison Doctor Pursuing Her Wife Chinese Web Novel

Record of the Poison Doctor Pursuing Her Wife

Poison Doctor Gu Qingyin found the gravely injured and amnesiac Leader of the Demonic Path, Zhong Shujin, at the bottom of a cliff. After all the trouble she took to heal the idiotic amnesiac leader and restore her intelligence, who also conveniently ate her clean without taking responsibility, the memory-restored leader ran away without a word.

Since then, Gu Qingyin had set foot on an endless bumpy road in pursuit of her wife.

Zhong Shujin: “The injury is on my arm, why are you taking off my clothes…”

Gu Qingyin: “Checking for other injuries on your body.”

Zhong Shujin: “Well… But! Your hand! Why are you touching everywhere!”

Gu Qingyin: “……Checking for wounds.”

Zhong Shujin: “Oh… Your mouth… Where are you kissing!”

Gu Qingyin: “Hey… I’ve cleared out the poison for you, so the medical fee should rightfully be given to me.”

Zhong Shujin was so weak she could only surrender to pay off her debts.

Gu Qingyin: “There’s still a long way to go, so I’ll explore from top to bottom.”

Other wise known as 毒医追妻记gl

Novel Details
Type Chinese Web Novel
Status Completed
Author 执念啊
Alternative Title 毒医追妻记gl
Total Chapters 152
Total Views 0
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Tags Historical Martial Arts Romance Wuxia Yuri Recommended Top Rated Web Novel Complete Chinese


Latest Release: 152 - Record of the Poison Doctor Pursuing Her Wife: Extra five

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