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Chapter 185

19 Baby

4 months ago 309 readers Chapter 185 / 186

Xu Ze didn’t take care of the relocation of the base, and left it to the people at Bei Rong. Bei Rong showed the qualities of a leader in various follow-up actions, so he gradually became the leader of everyone. Those who occupy the position of Zhong Qian, Bei Rong naturally does not do anything about the torture and murder that Zhong Qian did before, nor does he regard ordinary people as people who are not in the same class as himself. Everyone is Similarly, without these ordinary people, their supernatural beings are just ordinary people with some military value. People have social attributes and can better reflect their value in society.

Bei Rong treats everyone equally, which makes those who have been oppressed by Zhong Qian and them for a long time finally feel that they can breathe freely.

From everyone's point of view, they all thought that Bei Rong brought them the freedom, but they didn't know that there was someone else. If it weren't for Xu Ze and they would wipe out the people outside, Bei Rong would not have the opportunity to deceive them. Zhong Qian, let himself take advantage of this, and shot Zhong Qian to death.

Bei Rong used a silencing gun. It was so dramatic. Zhong Qian was not killed by an ability, but was killed by the gun.

Bei Rong pretended to tell Zhong Qian that there was something to talk to Zhong Qian alone, saying that it was about Xu Ze and them. He noticed something unusual about Xu Ze and them, and thought that the identities of Xu Ze and Teng Yan were suspicious, so Zhong Qian I distracted the other people around me and prepared to have a good talk with Bei Rong. Bei Rong did reveal Xu Ze and their identities to Zhong Qian, but those were Bei Rong’s suspicions. He had no definite evidence to prove that Zhong Qian He doubted Bei Rong’s words, but he still didn’t doubt Bei Rong. Then Bei Rong gave his plan. They designed Xu Ze to show their feet. Zhong Qian thought this was feasible, so Bei Rong was in charge of it at that time. At the moment when Zhong Qian relaxed his vigilance, Bei Rong took out the gun he had prepared long ago and shot Zhong Qian directly into his chest.

Zhong Qian didn't have time to react, so he was attacked by Bei Rong. Zhong Qian looked at Bei Rong in disbelief, pointed at Zhong Qian and said, "Betrayed me." Bei Rong smiled and nodded, telling Zhong Qian what he said was all Really, there is no lie.

It's just that Zhong Gan is dead, even if he knows the true situation of Xu Ze and them, he can't do anything.

Bei Rong is very good at judging the situation. He knows how much he notices between him and Xu Ze. There are people around him who don’t know why Bei Rong listens to Xu Ze so much, thinking that Bei Rong has a handle to be held by Xu Ze. He made suggestions and got rid of Xu Ze, and Bei Rong refused. Bei Rong was a small investment before the end of the world. He was very good at assessing risks, and he was enemies with Xu Ze and they would not do him any good. They did this. The ability person of is very powerful, but if you encounter other mutant creatures, most of the time it is not able to retreat all over the body, but Teng Yan is different, the person Teng Yan is beyond the scope of the ability person, and comes to Beirong behind. The more I felt that Teng Yan might not be a human at all.

It just doesn’t matter what kind of creature the other party is. As long as everyone gets along peacefully, there’s no problem. From the contact with Xu Ze, Bei Rong knows that Xu Ze has no desire for power. As for Teng Yan, that person’s eyes There was only Xu Ze, and Xu Zerang would never go east, even if they were better than himself, Bei Rong would not think they were a threat.

Bei Rong took the position of the tie and took care of everything in an orderly manner. The relocation of the base was quickly implemented. Everyone moved their belongings on the truck, and deliberately went to find a large truck and put the things on it. Then began to set off.

Xu Ze and Teng Yan were sitting in a car. The child was transferred to his stomach by Teng Yan. His appearance looks like a human being, but he is not human in nature. The child is parasitic on him and he is taken care of by Teng Yan. Taking care of him carefully, and there is no sign of a pregnant husband from him. Xu Ze now has no children in his stomach and is relaxed. He travels through so many worlds, and the children in this world are transferred out instead of him. Xu Ze was quite surprised by this situation. He asked Teng Yan if his child had any physical changes after arriving at him. Teng Yan said it was similar to before, and he did not feel anything abnormal.

Xu Ze then joked: "In this case, if I am pregnant next time, I will let you live."

Teng Yan didn't take this as a joke. Xu Ze was willing to conceive his child. For him, this was equivalent to a great gift. He immediately nodded happily: "Okay, let me be born again."

"Both?" Xu Ze laughed, and that is still the case. This is the end of the world. The child is not something else. It is not a matter of just being born. It is not simple to accompany the child to grow up. Having a child is already in Xu Ze's opinion. Very enough.

Teng Yan shook Xu Ze's hand: "All according to your ideas, I have no opinion."

Xu Ze pulled out his hand, touched the man's face, and then kissed him.

Since I’m not a pregnant woman, some healthy exercises can come frequently. When the child is with Teng Yan, Xu Ze will let Teng Yan be there. From him, Teng Yan’s body is not a human being, and he controls some organic matter. It can be said to be much more agile than human beings. In order to prevent Xu Ze from getting pregnant again, Teng Yan did not get his organic mixture to Xu Ze. The two can be said to be happy and harmonious.

Moved to a new address. It was in a grand canyon. The canyon looked like a new world, with green mountains and green waters, and there were no zombies in it. There was no need to clean up. Someone had already come to this place before moving over. While doing some repairs, Chengkang is an earth-type supernatural person. He can help a lot in building houses. The repairs of houses can be said to be progressing very quickly. Everyone works together, and soon the building will rise on the ground. The generator comes over to generate electricity. As long as there is electricity, many things will be smoother.

Xu Ze chose a place not too close to the crowd. After all, the secrets of the two cannot be known to others. Living in the new base, others are happy and active, and there is vitality everywhere.

Xu Ze and Teng Yan don't care much about the base. They often go out, and they don't go out to travel. The main thing is Teng Yan. Teng Yan is a non-human. He is not very interested in human food, but still likes to eat other creatures.

There was also a reason for smoking people before. After that, under normal circumstances, Teng Yan would not harm people casually. He and Xu Ze went to hunt those mutant creatures, many mutant creatures, and I didn’t know that humans appeared nearby. Before they attacked, Teng Yan was absorbed. Teng Yan's power became stronger and stronger, so powerful that no one seemed to be his opponent.

These forces Teng Yan used to protect Xu Ze and their children. Under the influence of Xu Ze, Teng Yan is now more and more like a human being. No one will doubt that he is non-human when he gets along with people.

A few months are fleeting, but theoretically it should not have reached the due date, but on this day Teng Yan told Xu Ze that their baby was going out. Xu Ze was stunned and asked if Teng Yan hadn't been ten months yet.

Teng Yan replied that their children are not purely humans, but are the same creatures as his father. They grow in his body more than twice as fast as Xu Ze's, so there is no problem with the time of coming out now.

In the past, Xu Ze was giving birth to a baby. Now he changed to Teng Yansheng. Xu Ze suddenly panicked and told Teng Yan to lie down. He went to call the doctor. Xu Ze just turned around and asked Teng Yan’s vine to curl his wrist. Living.

"You don't need to find a doctor, it will be soon." Teng Yan pulled Xu Ze back.

He said very quickly, indeed very fast. Before ten minutes arrived, a small tree man appeared from Teng Yan, supported by a bunch of rolled vines, which looked like lotus flowers in full bloom. Spread out a little bit, revealing the little guy inside.

The baby’s upper body is a human form, but the lower body is directly seen by Xu Ze. Below the waist are small brown vines, like small tentacles. Xu Ze reaches out to touch the little guy’s vines, and those vines seem to feel the same. , Trembling directly on Xu Ze’s wrist, the force is very light, the soft little vines, Xu Ze lowered his head and picked up their baby carefully. The little guy is very clean, there is no blood, and the blood is absorbed by his father’s vines. It's clean.

The little guy's body is glowing red. With his eyes closed, his little nose closes gently, Xu Ze's mouth slowly bends, he stares at the baby without blinking his eyes, and the little guy's vines entangled Xu Zebu. Let go, Xu Ze sat down on the bed, he and Teng Yan leaned on, and hugged the baby between them. Teng Yan took his fingers and gently touched the baby's face. The baby's skin was too fragile, as if it would break with a little force.

Xu Ze looked up at Teng Yan and saw the kind and paternal love of the man. He leaned over and dropped a kiss on his man's cheek. Teng Yan raised his head and met Xu Ze's eyes. All of his eyes were Xu Ze.

"Our child!" Teng Yan whispered these words.

Xu Ze smiled softly and nodded lightly, "Yes, our child."

Regarding how the child came, naturally I couldn’t say that it was theirs, but made up a lie. Xu Ze said that they ran into this child on the way out and was thrown on the side of the road. The child was crying loudly and gave the zombie to him. They led to the past, so they rescued the child. The child’s parents didn’t know where it was going. It was probably bad luck. No one else doubted Xu Ze’s statement. They never thought that the child was born to them. After all, there is a sign. nothing.

The child was carefully taken care of by Xu Ze, and this human base was slowly built up in the back. People organized search and rescue teams to search for survivors outside, leaving clues to the base on the road.

As for whether you will be worried about people coming in with ambitions, such people are definitely unavoidable, but they have some coping methods, not to mention Xu Ze and Teng Yan, who are the hidden trump cards of the base, basically except No one in Beirong knew the secret of the two.

Now there is one more child, two children.

The growth rate of the little guy slowed down a bit after he was born. It was Teng Yan’s method. The little guy can eat human food or **** other creatures like Teng Yan. In order to prevent the little guy from growing too fast, Try to feed him human food, and treat the rest as small snacks, so that no one will be suspicious.

It can be said that Xiaoshu people are basically Teng Yan taking care of daily life, Xu Ze is happy, anyway, they have nothing to do now, and Teng Yan, the father, seems to be no less inferior to Xu Ze in taking care of the baby.

Looking at the father and son, Xu Ze felt that he was very satisfied with this life.

The system came when the baby was born. He told Xu Ze that after this world was over, Xu Ze could return to the real world, and this world was considered the end.

Xu Ze had been looking forward to the end soon, but when he finally knew it was going to end, he felt a little stunned.

But fortunately, with Teng Yan and his son, the feeling of loss in Xu Ze's heart soon disappeared. It was good to be able to stay with these two people for a lifetime, and one should not be too greedy.

Quick Transmigration: He Likes Being a Father

He transmigrates into each world as a cannon fodder. The original cannon fodder would always be pregnant when he transmigrates over. He was forced to be a father in every world.

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