My Sweetheart And I Became Love Rivals GL Chinese Web Novel

My Sweetheart And I Became Love Rivals GL

Qu Panyan, who traveled to the cultivation world, brought a buff: all who fell in love with her were scumbags. Qu Panyan also has a crush in this world, the Su Lingyu, the master of Xian Mengzong. But Su Lingyu already has an object.
As a result, her target was a scumbag, and he fell in love with Qu Panyan.

Qu Panyan didn’t do anything like this, and her relationship with
her sweetheart escalated into a rival in a second… She said that the dog buff hurt me! ! !

#This world has too much misunderstanding about me. #
#I don’t want to be Sister Lingyu’s rival, I just want to be Sister Lingyu’s intimate little fairy##
Today is also a crazy day for Sister Lingyu. #

Other wise known as 我和心上人成了情敌GL

Novel Details
Type Chinese Web Novel
Status Completed
Author Unknown
Alternative Title 我和心上人成了情敌GL
Total Chapters 91
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Tags Romance New Arrivals Editor's Pick Web Novel Complete Fantasy Chinese


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