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Chapter 791

2 For Your Own Good

3 months ago 24364 readers

Chapter 791.2 [For Your Own Good]

In the Tong Tian Tower.

On the tenth floor.

Endless Sea, Falling Star Islands.

Yue Yang returned here, and besides coming to fetch the Ocean Empress, Hai Ying Wu to go to the Heaven Staircase, he also made an appointment to meet with Tian Zhu, Dragon Emperor, the Emperor of the Underworld and Elder Nan Gong who were undergoing harsh training at the Heaven Realm Gate.

“Could it be that there has been another disturbance in the Heaven Realm?” Tian Zhu was a typical warmonger, and fighting and killing were the things closest to his heart.

“Is there something good for us?” What the Dragon Emperor thought of was what Yue Yang had researched something new again and wanted everyone to test it out.

“We are late!” The Great Demon King Baruth, Ha Xin and the others did not receive Yue Yang’s invitation, but they knew that it was better to be thick-skinned and not need Yue Yang to open his mouth, and directly chose to arrive uninvited. Anyway, as long as they were able to make some real contribution, Yue Yang this brat did not like to owe people, and would not shortchange them, and will more or less reward them in return.

“Good, you’re just in time.” Yue Yang hadn’t wanted to call on them, but this next thing he was planning to do would require a lot of people, the more the merrier.

Yue Yang didn’t say anything, he just opened a teleportation gate to the first floor of the Heaven Staircase.

Tian Zhu and the others were puzzled. What’s the point of going to the Heaven Staircase?

In the Water World at the first floor of the Heaven Staircase, a ‘Yong Hui Chief’ was sealed, some time ago, everyone had taken turns to abuse it. However, it wasn’t a good cultivation method to keep abusing Yong Hui, besides that guy also chose to surrender, it was just that without Yue Yang’s final nod, he would still have to continue to sit there in a water prison.

As for Yuehang, who had hidden in the grimoire after being severely injured, he had recently been chased and beaten up by Tian Zhu and the others so much that he could only flee every time he saw them.

It’s just that this guy wasn’t as headstrong as Yong Hui, after being chased for a few days he had then given up all resistance.

And announced his surrender.

He was now recuperating.

Could it be that this excursion to the Heaven Staircase was because some new ancient powerhouse had broken the seal?

All of them were a little surprised when they thought about it this way, who was this expert that even Third Young Master Yue had to gather all the experts in Tong Tian Tower to go against?

“Don’t overthink it, no one is breaking the seal for the time being.” Yue Yang was able to see through the thoughts of the people and waved his hands, not mentioning the real Heaven Staircase, but instead talking about the Training Grounds in the Heaven Realm: “In the Heaven Realm, there is a place where both Empress Fei Wen Li and Prison Emperor had gone in to train, and there are ten stages in total.

“A training ground? Good!” Tian Zhu was only afraid that he would not have the chance to challenge himself, and was most interested in this training grounds where no one had successfully completed yet.

“Inside, the Heaven Realm’s strongest are gathered, and with the strength of our Tong Tian Tower, honestly, it’s still a bit out of our reach.” As soon as Yue Yang said that, the crowd couldn’t help but be a little ashamed.

If it wasn’t for the two girl’s, Zhi Zun and Night Empress, whose strength was still considered passable, otherwise the Tong Tian Tower would have really degenerated.

Since the death of the Prison Emperor, there had been no particularly bullish expert to lead everyone to break through the seal and return to the Heaven Realm, until the appearance of the Third Young Master of the Yue Family. Of course, it was also because of his appearance that the Tower ushered in a new era and a new chance to rise once more, not to mention Innates, people were starting to break through to Supreme Innate one after another. If everyone could improve further, it was estimated that the day would not be far away when the Tong Tian Tower would return to the Heaven Realm.

Yue Yang didn’t say much and threw out a dark shadow.

At a glance, everyone at first thought that it was a mad demon monster.

It had collapsed mentally, but its strength took everyone by surprise, this demon monster that had been turned into a lunatic by Third Young Master Yue actually had the strength of a peak Heaven Rank 5!

“He is an Elder of the Central Palace Hall, for an Elder like this, the Central Palace Hall had countless numbers of them, and above them there are the Deputy Palace Lords and the Palace Lords, and even higher up there is the Grand Palace Lord and the Supreme Palace Lord, and even, I suspect, there is a ‘God’ level existence higher up. Of course, that kind of existence is not something we can deal with right now, so we do not need to think too much about it. Just think about what we should do if we met a Palace Lord in the training grounds who is a hundred times stronger than this Central Palace Hall Elder! I don’t doubt that you’ll be able to challenge a Palace Lord one day, but before that, you’ll have to take this Central Palace Hall Elder who almost has the ‘Immortal Body’ to the ground!” As Yue Yang removed the World Creation Domain, the Central Palace Hall Elder, who had gone completely insane, sensed that there were many hostile experts surrounding him, and immediately shouted in anger, his energy bursting.

As soon as his power of a peak Heaven Rank 5 exploded, even the war maniac Tian Zhu immediately retreated back a hundred meters.

The faces of the people changed greatly.

Just a Central Palace Hall Elder already had such strength, not to mention the Palace Lords who were a hundred times stronger than him…. The most important point was, except for the war beast that had fused with him to become a single entity, Yue Yang had already got rid of all his other war beasts, if the Palace Lord who is a hundred times stronger than him, also had a grimoire, had awakened the Supreme Will and also had defensive war beasts to rely on, how strong will he be?

That’s unthinkable!

“Well, the challenge, the trial, starts with this crazy lunatic!” Tian Zhu understood Yue Yang best, he had brought back this half-crazed lunatic from the Heaven Realm instead of killing it outright was surely meant solely to be used as training material for them. It could be said that Yue Yang had really gone the extra mile for them.

This is to create opportunities for everyone to improve their cultivation!

If there was such a powerful external pressure, everyone’s cultivation would definitely have to speed up.

Tian Zhu, Dragon Emperor, and the Emperor of the Underworld had all improved recently, and they brought out their greatest strength to besiege this Central Palace Hall Elder who had already tormented to madness by the World Creation Domain. Yue Yang, on the other hand, drifted off, taking with him Hai Lan, Xia Yi, and Southern Goblin King Nan Jing as well as Liu Ye and Bao’er who had voluntarily returned with him from the Heaven Realm, heading to the true Heaven Staircase Gate together.

There, they would have a different kind of cultivation ….

Chapter 791

1 For Your Own Good

3 months ago 24364 readers

Chapter 791.1 [For Your Own Good]

Rain Valley.

Fatty Hai madly snarled at the Heaven Realm Warriors of the two major battle groups of Snow Plains and Battle Song, “You’re all crazy, I told you, you must not summon war beasts, how long are you going to be stupid?”

Since entering the Rain Valley, because it was a strange place and they were afraid of being ambushed.

So the warriors of the two battle groups, Snow Plains and Battle Song had summoned their war beasts one after another, and as a result, the sky was filled with shadow clones that were the same as their own war beasts. The warriors of the Eight Desolations battle group, because of the persuasion of Tu Hai and Lord Ling Yun, had put away their defensive war beast, but the warriors of the Snow Plains and Battle Song battle groups, because of the low strength of Fatty Hai who had come to warn them, had not paid attention to him at all, and as a result, they were almost drowned by the flood of shadow clone war beasts…….

Seeing the situation, all the people of the Eight Desolation battle group rushed over to dissuade them.

Lord Ling Yun, even personally vouched for Fatty Hai: “Everyone, what Young Master Hai said is absolutely true, he has the most top secret information, including the news of the Dark Realm’s incoming attack, all of which was learned from his captain.”

When the Heaven Realm warriors of the three major battle groups heard what Lord Ling Yun had said, they realized that it was not Lord Ling Yun who was truly well-informed, but someone else.

At the entrance of the Rain Valley, the Fallen Warriors of the Dark Realm seemed to be a bit more ‘smart’ as they had already put away all their war beasts.

No more shadow clone warbeasts headed their way.

The leaders of the Snow Plains and Battle Song battle groups already had an induction before they came in, plus seeing how Lord Ling Yun was protecting Fatty Hai, they also chose to believe Fatty Hai’s words. In their capacity as Heaven Rank experts or even as lords of a country, they would not apologize to Fatty Hai, an Earth Rank warrior. But they weren’t very rude to him either, perhaps because Fatty Hai had information about the Rain Valley, and they nodded their heads as a sign of affirmation to his words.

“The Dark Realm’s fallen warriors are trailing behind us, let us discuss, what should be done?” The several leaders of the Eight Desolation battle group took the initiative to place themselves by the side of Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the rest, one was to prevent them from any misfortune; the other was that they were worried the other two battle groups, Snow Plains and Battle Song, would try to draw them into their own groups.

“We haven’t gotten any treasures, yet we must go all out and fight to the death. If we go back empty-handed now, we won’t be satisfied.” Several leaders of both battle groups expressed their unwillingness to go to war with the Dark Realm warriors for the time being.

“How about we all listen to one word of advice from Young Master Hai?” Lord Ling Yun gestured for Fatty Hai and the others to come over.

“Alright let’s hear it!” The leaders of the three teams are holding onto some faint hope, does this fat guy really know the best way to get through this stage?

“Our captain once said that this place is called the Rain Valley, and everywhere there are law restrictions, no flying, no summoning, and those who violate them will be hit hard by the law, and the whole Rain Valley is like a maze, once you get lost, it is extremely difficult to get out. Even when you get out of the Rain Valley maze, there is still the final test… Furthermore, this Rain Valley is just the easiest and simplest first stage of the ten stage test.” Ye Kong stepped forward, and his words that came from the bottom of his heart revealed a secret that secretly shocked the three battle groups.Turns out that in this Earth Rank group, they still have a mysterious captain who seems to be in total control.

On the surface, this team is made up of Earth Rank weaklings.

However, they are all extremely promising young people.

If they were given some time, it was not impossible that they might all one day become lords of their own domain….As for their mysterious captain, based on how respectful Lord Ling Yun was towards him, he must be of extremely honourable background, so how could they doubt the information that had been provided by such an honourable existence?

If what this young man said was true, then they might have some sort of guidance from their captain and hold some sort of secret?

The two major battle groups, Snow Plains and Battle Song, took a look at the several leaders of the Eight Desolations battle group, all standing at the side of that Earth Rank team.

From the surface it might seem as if they were protecting them from danger, but in reality it was as if their stance was one to prevent outsiders from getting too close to them.

Immediately, the leaders of the two battle groups improved their attitudes and gave a slight salute to Ye Kong who was only an Earth Ranker, this was a sign of respect and goodwill to the captain he represented: ”Very well, since this brother and his teammates know the mysteries of Rain Valley well, how about becoming our vanguard and lead us forward? If it goes well, you will be well rewarded.”

If not for the Eight Wilderness leaders full of caution and vigilance, the leaders of the two battle groups would still want to come over and have a chat.

“Let’s go!” Seeing that the Dark Realm Fallen Warriors in the distance were approaching, Xue Tan Lang took the lead and sprinted towards the depths of the Rain Valley.

If under normal circumstances, if he as a puny Earth Ranker dared to take the lead in front of so many experts and Lords, he would definitely be subjected to much criticism, but not now, everyone was willing to let him lead the way. Accompanying Xue Tan Lang was Prince Tian Luo, while following closely behind him were the Li brothers and Fatty Hai as well as Ye Kong and the others.

At almost every intersection, the six would communicate through eye gestures.

Coming to an agreement tacitly.

Although it was the first time they came in, with the instructions of Yue Yang, they were like old horses who knew the way… The three battle group leaders who were following behind them and were secretly watching each other were all in awe. Of course, the object of their amazement was not the weak Earth Rank Xue Tan Lang, Prince Tian Luo, or any of the others but rather that one mysterious captain who provided them with information!

Who was it that knew the secrets of this previously unknown ‘ancient ruins’?

Lord Ling Yun and City Lord Tu Hai were now secretly rejoicing.

It looked like associating themselves with the Third Young Master really brought them a boundless future!

Long Live Summons!

["[\"[\\\"The Soaring Dragon Continent is a world of summons, you can only become strong if you become a summoner! Yue Yang, an average high school boy, was suddenly transported into this world. When he woke up, he was greeted with a lot of worried faces and found out that he had assumed another person\\\\u2019s identity. Turns out he\\\\u2019s the good-for-nothing third son of the Yue Family, who had just recently drowned himself because of a failed engagement. Unlike the third son of the Yue Family who was useless in summoning, Yue Yang succeeded in making a contract with a summoning grimoire on his first try, even when the other guy failed for the past fifteen years. Others would have a headache making contracts with beasts afterwards, but countless beasts tried to gain favour with Yue Yang instead, acting like a good kid before him.\\\",\\\"\\\\r\\\\nYue Yang the brat, however, didn\\\\u2019t feel grateful at all: \\\\u201cScram, Mythical Beasts! Do you think you are cool like that? Go away from me now, I like only beautiful summons!\\\\u201d\\\",\\\"\\\\r\\\\nEven when royal families approached him for his talents, the shameless brat replied, \\\\u201cI\\\\u2019m not interested in government stuff, I\\\\u2019m only interested in beauties!\\\\u201d\\\",\\\"\\\"]\"]"]

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