Chapter 779 2 [Assault, Murder Mystery]

If he was able to counterattack successfully and critically wound the Ghost-eye King, he believed that the Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue would definitely believe in his sincerity.

Whether it’s to reach an alliance or to eliminate a potential rival, any of those reasons is worth taking action for. Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu was secretly on guard, the next attack would definitely be the Ghost-eye King’s sneak attack, if it was not in this law-filled Rain Valley, but somewhere else, then Wei Shu could wait for the Ghost-eye King’s attack with complete confidence. Because, with his strength as a Deputy Palace Lord, it would be more than enough to deal with a king-level expert… Unfortunately, in this Rain Valley, his strength was greatly reduced.

Of course, the Ghost Eye King certainly had greater limitations as well.

How should he seize this opportunity to strike with all his might and critically injure the Ghost Eye King?

The Ghost-eyed King is very strong, and is especially proficient in spirit attacks. As long as anyone looks at his eyes, they will be affected to varying degrees, for those with weaker strength, it is even possible for the Ghost-eyed King to directly use his Ghost-eye to destroy the spirit, meting out an instant kill.

But the Ghost Eye King also has a weakness, and that is that his eyes can suffer wounds in particularly bright places.

And Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu just happened to know this particular weakness of his.


It was like the sound of the wind but also like the sound of rain.

However, Wei Shu understood in his heart that this was the sound of wind and rain that the Ghost-eyed King had imitated, and this was the beginning of the opponent’s sneak attack!

Ghost Eyed King, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time! In a flash, Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu burst out his full force, his body shone like the sun, and his light was like a strong blast, passing through the rain curtain and directly illuminating the entire Rain Valley, blinding everybody to a point where they could not keep their eyes open. In both his right and left hands, Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu formed two balls of light that was comparable to two mini suns and merged them together.

At the instance he turned around, Wei Shu shot the “Sunsphere” towards the shadow that was rushing towards his back: “Ghost Eyed King, quietly become a blind man!

The Sunsphere exploded with a bang.

The impact of the explosion caused the entire Rain Valley to shudder, the blinding rays causing the heavens and earth to lose their colour.

The dazzling flash filled the Rain Valley for a long time.

It wasn’t until three minutes later before it faded back to what it was.

Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue originally didn’t want to cause any trouble, but he couldn’t curb his curiosity and wanted to see how powerful the Deputy Palace Lord of the Central Palace Hall was. He wanted to see whether a King-level Heaven Ranker could receive such a powerful blow. Would the Ghost Eyed King be utterly defeated or would he be able to fight on even terms with Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu?

The sight that appeared before his eyes shocked him.

Shocked beyond belief!

For a long time, Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue stood frozen on the spot as if struck by thunder, his brain was numb and could not think properly.

It was unknown when, but three shadows had silently glided towards the back of Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue, they originally wanted to take this opportunity to kill the Demon Doctor, but who would have expected that after looking at the events that took place, the shadows immediately stopped in disbelief and also froze, for a long time not knowing how to react. In front of the four of them, the surrounding valley had exploded into a huge circle, and except for the perimeter protected by the power of the law, the ground had completely exploded into a huge pit with no sign of its bottom.

At the center of the pit, there was a lone pole.

There was a man standing on that pole.

It was Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu.

Wei Shu was still in the position of swinging his Sunsphere at the enemy, however, he was dead.

Wei Shu who didn’t even know when he died still had a smug look on his face, as if visualizing the Ghost-eyed King turning into a blind man. Yet, he had died……there were no wounds on his body, apart from his eyes which had lost the luster of a living person, apart from his body which did not have a speck of life in it, everything else looked normal, even the treasures he was wearing was still helping him keep his balance.

Who killed Wei Shu from the Central Palace Hall?

This was a Deputy Palace Lord who had the strength of a peak Heaven Rank 6, somebody even more powerful than a King-level Heaven Ranker. Yet he had died in this Rain Valley without a word, who has the ability to do this in a single stroke?

The Demon Doctor’s face was horrified.

He couldn’t imagine.

Wei Shu, outwardly looked unharmed. But inside his body, there were at least three fatal injuries. The first one is the energy crystal in his head, which has been completely shattered, without which Wei Shu cannot fight: the second one is the magic heart, which has been removed, and similarly, without the magic heart, even if Wei Shu was not dead, his body would not be able to function; the third one is the fatal star point which connects the body and the spirit, which had just been circulated by Wei Shu to his arm, yet had been discovered by the enemy and destroyed. This way, even if Wei Shu has a thousand treasures to protect his body, even if he had resurrection crystals, it is impossible for him to revive. Because even his spirit had been completely annihilated. An extremely tall, lean shadow drifted forward, its voice as cold and ugly as ice.

“Ghost Eye King, wasn’t it you who did that?” The leftmost of the three shadows that had joined forces cried out in alarm.

“Ridiculous, Six Pan King, do you think that I, Ghost Eye, can kill the Deputy Palace Lord of the Central Palace Hall? If I had that kind of strength, why would I have to come here to risk my life, wouldn’t it be easier to directly march up to the Central Palace Hall and challenge a Deputy Palace Lord, would that not be better?” The extremely tall, thin and long Ghost-Eyed King faced the others with his back and had his eyes closed.

“If you didn’t do it, who could it be?” One of the three shadows asked out of doubt.

“There must be someone else here, maybe even more than one.” The shadow on the far right of the three shadows made a judgment.

“Being able to easily kill Wei Shu before we arrived, this person must at least have King-level strength, now it’s our turn to be in danger.” Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue started to laugh maniacally, “Shiver and shake for your lives, inside this ancient ruins all our lives are worthless, the death of a Deputy Palace Lord from the Central Palace Hall is nothing, even the death of a few King-level Heaven Rankers would be nothing! In front of a real expert, we are nothing more than slightly larger crickets, hahaha!”

“That’s enough, the person who killed the Deputy Palace Lord of the Central Palace Hall is not necessarily our enemy.” Ghost Eyed King laughed coldly: “I think the only thing we have to worry about now is the Central Palace Hall, now they have completely found an excuse to send troops into the ancient ruins.”

In the Shrine Sanctuary of the Snowfield Camp, there was a man cloaked in a cloak of concealment.

When he saw the crystal ball on the table shattering soundlessly into pieces, he immediately stood up and waved his hand to the elders of the divine temple who were standing respectfully outside the door, and gave an order: “Wei Shu that pathfinder has really been slaughtered. Give the order to set out immediately, in the name of avenging our comrade, slaughter all Heaven Rankers inside the ancient ruins. As for the campsite outside, after we leave, let those scum from the Dark Realm attack immediately…….the Western Heaven Realm has been peaceful for far too long!

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Chapter 779 1 [Assault, Murder Mystery]

Inside Rain Valley, there were numerous windy and curvy passages.

The most gripping thing is that in this maze of passageways, there are many roads that are interconnected and lead back to each other without a clear path forward. In a storm, it is easy for an entrant to lose his or her way. Only now did Yue Yang understand why they were not allowed to fly, as once they took to the skies, the maze would practically be useless and they would be able to directly bypass it. As for not being allowed to summon warbeasts, it should be to prevent warbeasts that have a strong sense of smell or some sort of direction induction to directly lead the way through the maze. These 2 restrictions forced all entrants to rely on their own abilities to find the true passage in the Rain Valley.

This is a kind of trial.

Yue Yang had waited for a long time at a three forked road, and now that the Deputy Palace Lord had gone through this place twice and still hadn’t found the correct path, he couldn’t help but be bored.

The Deputy Palace Lord, who also had an excellent memory ability, would never repeatedly walk the same path he had chosen before. However, in the face of the completely unfamiliar crossroads, he could only gamble and choose a fork, unable to directly see the correct path like Yueyang, who was able to use his Divine Vision to directly identify the correct path.


From a distance, a sharp cry was heard.

Despite the gusty winds and torrential rain, the screams of the wounded were as clear as lightning breaking through the sky.

Even the Deputy Palace Lord who had taken a few steps down the fork he chose, returned immediately, a guarded and wary look appearing on his face.

There was actually someone else apart from himself who had entered the ruins.

And, by the looks of it, it was more than one person.

The Deputy Palace Lord traced the sound and moved towards its location, when he arrived, he saw a man in black who was holding a dagger that was dripping blood.

That Divine-grade dagger, was pitch black as ink, every drop of blood that dripped onto the waterlogged ground would ignite a cloud of green smoke. The black-clothed man immediately laughed coldly when he saw the Deputy Palace Lord coming from afar: “I was wondering who it is, turns out it is Palace Lord Wei Shu. Didn’t the Central Palace Hall declare that it would not send out explorers to explore these ruins personally? Why are they going against their own word?” “Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue, I originally had no intentions of coming, but since there was murder and unethical snatching of treasures within, how could I not come? If the Central Palace Hall does not take action, wouldn’t it mean putting all the explorers of Snowfield Camp in danger?” The Deputy Palace Lord who was named Wei Shu was a very experienced veteran and was able to immediately change the situation. Using words to instantly shift the blame back to the other party. After a moment’s pause, he continued asking, “Who is it, who is it that dares to attack you, this Demon Doctor whose body is filled with poison? Is it people from Imperial Temple King or is it Sky Realm King’s underlings?”

“Neither, it’s the Ghost Eye King.” The black-clothed Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue laughed coldly.

“The Ghost Eye King is here?” Wei Shu was faintly startled when he heard this.

“Not only him, but also the Six Pan King, the Sky Water King and the Sea Swallowing King have all come, only they are like fish returning to water in this Rain Valley, leaving me and the Ghost Eye King far behind while they went ahead first.” Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue exhaled a mouthful of black fog and enveloped himself, and his originally injured and weak body quickly recovered.

The killing intent in the eyes of Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu was half hidden and a tint of pity flashed past, seemingly regretting the missed opportunity to finish off the Demon Doctor.

Of course, there was some justification for his caution.

Although the Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue was not as strong as him in terms of rank and strength, yet his reputation as a poison expert was far more feared in the Heaven Realm than any other ordinary King rank Heaven Ranker.

Even if there was a good opportunity right in front of him, Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu would not take it easily. If he is unable to finish off an opponent like the Demon Doctor, then the consequences were endless. Furthermore, the Ghost Eye King, the Six Pan King, the Sky Water King and the Sea Swallowing King are all here, even if Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu personally feels that he is stronger than any of them by a comfortable margin, he would not dare to take the enemy lightly.

It would be a good idea to find an ally, such as the Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue.

With two against four, it would be better than going against the four Kings alone.

The second Deputy Palace Lord Wei Shu thought of this, he immediately laughed and said, “Demon Doctor, the situation now is pressing, why don’t we two join hands? If we can discover the treasures of the Rain Valley, you can choose first. Towards allies, we from the Central Palace Hall would never sneakily attack from the back.” , Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue immediately sarcastically replied, “Yes, if I let the Ghost Eye King beat my brains out, I will definitely believe your words!” “In actuality, regardless of whether the situation is pressing, or for the common good, our alliance is not harmful, why must we be stubbornly outnumbered?” As if not hearing the Demon Doctor’s mockery, Wei Shu laughed and continued: “I believe the Ghost-eyed King is lurking in the distance, as long as we join hands and get rid of him, the only enemies left are the Six Pan King, the Sky Water King and the Sea Swallowing King. You also know that the Six Pan King is cunning and treasures his life, I reckon he will remain neutral and not participate in the battle between us, as for the remaining Sky Water King and the Sea Swallowing King, the two of them have always been at odds, even if they are forced to join forces, their battle prowess will certainly be far less powerful than us, I promise, as long as you join forces with me, I, Wei Shu, will go all out in the entire battle, absolutely not using the lives of allies to exchange for victory, how about that?” ” What a touching proposal, however, I won’t trust anyone else. The Ghost Eye King and I have been good friends for hundreds of years yet he would still betray me for profit, let alone you?” The Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue kept away his Divine grade dagger which was black as ink and took the lead, declining the offer of Wei Shu to join hands.

“Well, we have time, take your time to consider my offer.” Wei Shu was not in a hurry, this alliance was not that important to him and he could do without it as well.

As long as, when the need arises, there is an ally to lend a hand.

At that time, not only himself, but also the Demon Doctor Wei Jing Lue will definitely need a hand, the alliance will naturally be formed then. On the battlefield, Wei Shu had experienced this kind of thing countless times and was completely familiar with how it would end up..

On the verge of walking out of the Rain Valley maze, Wei Shu suddenly heard an extremely soft sound.

Although the sound was greatly muffled by the wind and rain, Wei Shu could be sure that this, was the Ghost Eye King.

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