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Chapter 86

I Regard You as Enemies, Yet You’re All After My Heart! Vol 2 Chapter 85:

4 months ago 336 readers Chapter 86 / 86

I don't know if it was because of Chu Huanzhi's soul drifting and splitting for so long in time and space that the recovered soul couldn't be integrated at all. They even resent and hate each other, and they want to kill each other.

In the end, Chu Huanzhi had to use the source of divine power to condense the doppelganger for himself, splitting the other six souls into the doppling body.

The most peculiar thing is that the consciousness of Chu Yunshu and Chu Yunzhi have been condensed for too long, so that the method of separation/identity soul cannot separate their consciousness, and eventually they have to be fused into one body again.

This has led to a kind of miracle. The immortals often see Tianyin immortals who control the rhythm of all things in the world, fighting against themselves in order to fight for the right to use the body.

Whenever he fights with himself, immortal law and Dao intent are in the nine heavens, and countless mysterious spells and spirit patterns flow in the sky, forming a dojo that is higher than that of the Taoist Pope.

In every fight, countless immortals moved after hearing the wind and came to observe, in order to have some insights and breakthroughs from their fights.

And most of these people who understood the Dao and broke through the cultivation base actively followed Tianyin Immortal Sovereign, and gradually formed a great power in the heavens.

But the Tianyin Immortal Monarch was Chu Yunzhi, and Chu Yun sparsely repaired the Heavenly Demon Avenue. Since the deity regained the memory cultivation base, he also immediately possessed the power of the Devil Emperor. Since the collapse of the fairy world in the ancient war, the demons have almost disappeared. It took tens of thousands of years before they barely regained their lives, but they were still far behind the power of the immortals.

In the entire world territory, the fairy clan occupies seven tenths, and the demons only survive in the remaining three tenths with the monster clan and ghost clan.

When Chu Yun was ascending to the sky, the whole Demon Realm felt it. In these years, in order to fight against the Immortal Clan, the demons had long formed an alliance with the Demon Clan, almost as servants.

Everyone in the realm of the magic road bowed towards the place where Chu Yun was ascended to the sky, and the ten great demon monarchs who had retired and secluded the world went out together to meet the new emperor in the immortal world.

This led to the fact that Tianyin Xianjun and Demon Emperor were obviously the same person. Not only did the two clans not extinguish their disputes, but also because of their body grabbing battle, the Demon Race and the followers of Xianjun fought.

There will be a war almost every other month.

In the beginning, Chu Wuqing often persuaded these two people because of the sense of responsibility he brought in his previous life, especially when Chu Yunzhi opened his eyes innocently and called his father, asking him to be the master...He couldn't help but soften. Reprimanding Chu Yunshu should not provoke a dispute between fairy and demons.

Besides, Chu Yunshu, as an older brother, can't let his younger brother be allowed?

But later, Chu Wuqing discovered that the hatred between these two people was real, but it was fake to start a battle between the immortals and demons! He just wanted to deceive him into a means of trust, so half-soft and half-hard to induce him to double cultivation, Chu Wuqing never cares about these things anymore.

The immortals often criticized this. They felt that Chu Wuqing was no more than a triple innocent immortal cultivation base. With the support of the immortal emperor, he occupied the position of killing the immortal monarch.

It's the shame of the fairy clan!

The demons were also indignant about this, a little fairy with a low level of cultivation, dare to refuse them the Devil Emperor, who gave him the courage, who gave his face!

For this reason, many people tried to assassinate Chu Wuqing, but they all failed. Almost no one could return. Even if they came back in danger, they became unconscious. The whole person was immersed in the fascination with Chu Wuqing and forgot. Your own beliefs, your own race.

Even anyone who dared to say something ill of Chu Wuqing in front of them would go desperately with others, become like the gods and devil emperors, and lose his reason.

This has aroused public anger.

Baihua Immortal Monarch Lingyue not only has the cultivation base of the immortal monarch level, but is also the number one beauty in the immortal world. He has never done any mundane duties, and only cultivates in his own immortal palace, and is the admirer of almost the entire immortal world. The only thing that can move her heart is Chu Huanzhi, who has not recovered the cultivation of the fairy emperor, as a disciple of the fairy emperor.

But who could have expected that Chu Huan took a trip to the earth, and everything turned upside down.

Regarding this, Baihua Xianjun only extinguished his only mortal heart and focused more on cultivation, but how could he have expected that Chu Wuqing was such a scourge, and eventually had to leave the customs, contaminate the customs, and kill him personally. he.

Everyone thought that the immortal world could finally return to calm, but the next day there was news that the fairy king Baihua was subdued by Chu Wuqing's character and talent and was willing to be a maid!

It’s said that Chu Wuqing pays attention to carefreeness, and the immortal emperor and the immortal kings are even more reluctant to have such a beautiful maid deliberately approaching, but Baihuaxianjun is shameless enough to announce the news directly to everyone and hesitate to change to Chu The dress of the maidservant in the Palace of Wuqing Master. Waiting for dispatch outside Chu Wuqing Cave House every day, he did not hesitate to offer a trace of his soul to show his loyalty.

Xianjun wanted to kill her, but Chu Wuqing was moved by Baihua Xianjun's sincerity and accepted this maid?

What the **** is this!?

In the teahouse, everyone who listened to the latest fairy world gossip was dumbfounded and took a deep breath. They couldn't believe that the goddess in their hearts was exquisite, high above, and never contaminated with the mundane world. .

How can this be!?

"Bang" at this moment, a tea bowl fell to the ground, followed by a sharp sword sound, breaking everyone's silence.

Everyone looked at the place where they made their voices, and saw a fairy in Tsing Yi sitting there with a sharp sword half out of its sheath, full of killing intent.

When they saw the appearance of the fairy in Tsing Yi, everyone gasped again.

Someone has such a handsome appearance. No, not so handsome, but strange. His facial features are so exquisite that people can hardly distinguish gender. If he is not too strong and unstoppable, he must Will be considered a peerless beauty in a woman disguised as a man.

"I don't know, how does Chu Wuqing look compared to this fellow Taoist."

"He is so good-looking, and unlike Chu Wuqing, he is not easy to understand. It is hard to see by ordinary people. It is impossible to be unnamed in the heavens. Is he a soaring little guy."

Everyone wanted to take a closer look, but found that they couldn't see through the cultivation base of Immortal Tsing Yi, but the unstable movement of the immortal power showed that his indeed only soared soon.

Someone wanted to make a trial, but just after taking a step, they were shaken by the sword intent of Dao, and they spewed blood on the spot.

"You!" He backed away in fear, and wanted to find someone to bring justice. You must know that the owner of this teahouse is the cultivation base of the fifth heaven. No one dares to make trouble with him, let alone a little guy who has only soared.

But I found that from beginning to end, no one in the teahouse made a sound. Does this man's Taoism attainments surpass the owner of the teahouse?! He has only soared... terrifying, and a monster-like genius.

Immortal Tsing Yi was very satisfied with this quiet scene. He took the long sword back into the scabbard and so on, and smiled softly: "You said that the Slaughter Immortal was called Chu Wuqing?"

"Yes, yes," everyone swallowed, and someone boldly asked, "Are you going to assassinate him?" All of a sudden, everyone looked at the strange fairy and felt cordial.

"No," Immortal Tsing Yi shook his head, "I knew him when I was in the mortal world. He stole the most important thing from me, and now I am going to ask him to get it back." When he said this, the young man gritted his teeth.

"What did he steal from you?" The owner of the teahouse, who had never appeared, appeared curiously.

What the Tsing Yi immortal said was true, but it was not assassinated, but with the will to die, the fish died and the net broke, and they all chased to the sky?! People can't help their brains, could it be that Chu Wuqing stole the young immortal back then The chance of this made this young man finally ascend thousands of years later than him.

This is a sea of ​​blood and deep hatred! No wonder when I heard Chu Wuqing's name, the bowl was so angry that I couldn't hold it and fell to the ground, and the sword came out of its sheath!

"No, he stole my heart."


In Luo Ningchuan's palace, Chu Wuqing didn't know that an deceased was about to come, he was playing chess with the so-called master.

Obviously, as a master, Luo Ningchuan is indecisive in the battle. His spirituality is feeling that two forces are destroying the defensive cover of his fairy palace formation!

He couldn't be more familiar with these two forces, and they belonged to Linyi and Xiao Yan.

He couldn't help but looked at his apprentice pitifully. He just wanted to take advantage of it by the way. He didn't really want to be this master!

Ever since Chu Wuqing flew back to the immortal realm, and the immortal emperors and monarchs also returned to their positions, his immortal palace formation was in vain, and each time he had to spend a great price to rebuild.

His heart is really tired, this tiredness, even if QAQ Xianjun Xiandi calls him as a master, it can't be calmed down.

He is so stupid, he regrets it.

"Wuqing, don't you really want to take a look? The immortal clan and the demon clan are fighting again." Luo Ningchuan wanted to ask the trouble out. There is no more humble master than him, and he always looks at his apprentice's face. .

"Master, how can you not be calm when you play chess," Chu Wuqing frowned dissatisfied, and dropped a move.

Lingyue poured out the fine wine and added the fragrance to her red sleeves. It was the wine that Luo Ningchuan had cherished for 100,000 years and she was reluctant to drink. She praised her obsessively: "The son is really handsome, he just breaks it casually. The enemy has carefully considered the layout for three months and will soon be able to accept a large area of ​​mountains and rivers."

Luo Ningchuan: "...shit, isn't this just filling in? What does it have to do with the compliments you said?"

"Master." With a weak coquettish sound, Luo Ningchuan saw a white object pounce on Chu Wuqing's chest.

It was a small and exquisite rabbit.

The rabbit looked very delicate, as if afraid of the sky and cold, shrank his small body and got into Chu Wuqing's collar, only his head was exposed, "Master, I'm hungry QWQ."

Shameless. You are obviously the Nine Profound Immortal Lord who controls the black and white reincarnation, why do you want to become a rabbit to fight for favor! Being an immortal, is there any dignity?

At this moment, Luo Ningchuan's thinking was in sync with Lingyue.

The jealousy in her eyes almost turned into substance. Knowing that Chu Wuqing liked this delicate little animal, she would not recommend herself to be a maid. She could become a little cat.

It's definitely a hundred times cuter than this rabbit!

Shameless, extremely shameless, obviously a person has to become a rabbit and pretend to be stupid, your dignified fairy is great, with a cultivation base higher than me, afraid of light and cold? You actually got into the Qingqing collar... . And Qingqing will feed him something!


Baihua Xianjun thought bitterly, if you know that as a maid, she is really a maid, she can only serve tea and hand water, she can't even touch Qingqing's finger.

Lingyue wanted to take Xiao Yan out of Chu Wuqing's arms, but reality did not allow her to do anything offensive to the Lord.

Because once offended, she couldn't even be a maid, so she could only go back to the fairy palace and continue to be her fairy king of the hundred flowers.

"Master," Lin Yi didn't know when he stood quietly behind Chu Wuqing, he hugged Chu Wuqing from behind, and the movement was just right to make Chu Wuqing lean in between and let the pet in his arms roll out. , Grabbing Chu Wuqing's finger and dropping a bit, "How about this?"

Chu Wuqing's entire game of chess was alive.

"What's the matter with you?" Chu Wuqing gently stroked the rabbit on his lap with his fingers, and the white hair felt very good.

Linyi smiled lightly, "I have found a way to separate Chu Yunzhi and the two, and I also ask the Lord to hold back others.

Before coming to see Qingqing, he had already induced Chu Yunzhi and the other two to fight because of their physical contention. The Immortal Clan once again went to war with the Demon Clan, and Chu Huanzhi as the Immortal Emperor had to come forward to comfort him.

And Tantai Ziyan had been banned by Qingqing for a hundred years.

Gu Yu, a silly boy, really believed that Qingqing wanted a new set of formations to protect Luo Ningchuan's cave, and went to retreat to study.

As for Chu Wujun, Tantai Ziyan thought that his ban was caused by Chu Wuqing's frame of him, and had already sought Chu Wujun's fighting method.

Only Xiao Yan actually took advantage of his unpreparedness and lurked as an animal for many years, and could not find any way to get out.

Heh, do you like to play as a pet? Linyi's eyes narrowed slightly, and he said to Chu Wuqing: "Lord, I heard the monster of the demon race say that pets are best neutered, otherwise it will affect your health in the estrus period. , And even the owner of the crisis."

Sure enough, Chu Wuqing's expression changed and he threw Xiao Yan out.

He remembered that on two occasions, Xiao Yan didn't know if his brain twitched and turned into a white tiger, and then he did something unreasonable to him.

Another time, he wanted to take a monster dragon as a mount, and that monster dragon turned out to be Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan also said shamelessly, "Why does Qingqing look for a mount? How can those monster dragons be so powerful?"

Chu Wuqing calmed down, and said to the other two people: "Master, disciple first retreat, Lingyue, please serve Master for me."

Luo Ningchuan:...Don't dare! That's Fairy Baihua!

He wanted to object, but seeing the smile in Lin Yi's eyes, he only felt cold from his head to the soles of his feet, and said in fear, "Okay, don't worry, disciple."

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I Regard You as Enemies, Yet You’re All After My Heart!

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