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Game, Live Stream

The horror game anchor Xiao Tangqiu crossed into a horror game. He hadn’t yet cleared the instance when he met a man who was exactly like his childhood friend who had been dead for many years. Where did this cold and powerful mysterious man come from? Why did the brutal killing games happen so frequently? Why did his teammates go crazy in the middle of the night? Who was the ultimate mastermind behind all of this… Was it a distortion of human nature or moral decay?

Please pay attention to the ‘Horror Game, Live Broadcast’ and follow the live broadcast of Anchor Xiao Tanqiu’s horror game.

Other wise known as 游戏,在线直播

Novel Details
Type Chinese Web Novel
Status Completed
Author Yu Tianjun
Alternative Title 游戏,在线直播
Total Chapters 141
Total Views 0
Likes 0
Tags Action Adventure Horror Shounen Ai Supernatural Recommended Top Rated Web Novel Complete Chinese


Latest Release: 141 - Extra (5)

Extra (5)

2 months ago

Extra (4)

2 months ago

Extra (3)

2 months ago

Extra (2)

2 months ago

Extra (1)

2 months ago

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