Chapter 1 Fantasy Farm: 1. Go home and sell sweet potatoes

When Lu Qingji came down from the train, it was completely dark. He wanted to go to rent a heavy baggage. But the taxi driver refused when he heard where he wanted to go.

"Shuifu that place is too biased, don't go." The taxi driver looked up and down the ground, and there was more vigilance in his eyes.

Lu Qingjiu was inexplicably looked at him. He said: "Master, don't you add money?"

The driver hesitated for a moment: "Are you coming back from the field?"

Lu Qingji nodded: "Yes, A city is back." He said he pointed to the suitcase next to him.

The driver saw the luggage of Lu Qingji and gritted his teeth: "How much do you add?"

Lu Qingji counted the distance and said: "Two hundred lines?"

The driver just loosened his mouth: "Let's go, you come up."

Lu Qingji was so relaxed that he quickly put his luggage into the trunk and sat in the co-pilot position.

It was already early in the morning, the streets were empty, I saw a few rushed rentals, and the weather was just a little cold in the spring. I wore short-sleeved Luqing wine and licked some of my cool arms.

It is far from the city of A. It belongs to the outer suburbs of the province. The economic development is far from A city. Most of the surrounding buildings are relatively low-rise buildings, revealing an old taste.

The driver drove forward and asked some of the things in his mouth. Lu Qingjiu answered it one by one, and then he knew why the driver was unwilling to go to the water house.

Shuifu is a relatively remote village, and there is still a distance from their county. Some taxi drivers died in the previous period. The murderer has not been found yet. Later, there were some rumors that the two drivers were not killed at all. It was because they had collided with dirty things, so this taxi driver didn’t like to go there, especially the dark night.

If it weren’t for the two hundred dollars that Lu Qingji added, he really had to live in the county for one night today.

“What are you going to do from City A?” The driver looked at the front and chatted with Lu Qingji. “Is your home here?”

Lu Qingjiu: "Yeah, I didn't go outside, just resigned, thinking that there are still a few fields in the house."

The driver said: "This is so fun in the backcountry, young people, I see you can't stay here."

Lu Qingjiu’s words were just a smile and there was no response. This time he came back to be thoughtful, not a momentary arrogance.

As the car went all the way, passing through the narrow country roads, the surrounding environment became more and more remote, and the surrounding light could not be seen until the end, leaving only the endless night.

Lu Qingji took a train for a day. After chatting with the driver for a while, it was a little sleepy. When the eyes were about to fall asleep, the driver suddenly came to a sudden brake.

Lu Qingji suddenly woke up and asked with a puzzled question: "What happened?"

"You... can you see the thing in front..." At this time, the driver's face was ugly, his eyes were round and round, and his body was still shaking slightly, a look that might faint at any time.

"What?" Lu Qingji looked at the front and saw the same expression as the driver when he saw the things in front of the vehicle.

I saw a white thing floating on the narrow mountain road. Because it is a little far away, it is not clear, but it can be seen as a person...

"What is this thing?" The driver's tone is like crying. If it is too narrow to reverse, he is expected to turn around and run.

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

"Ah, ah, that stuff has drifted over!" The driver grabbed the arm of Lu Qingji.

Lu Qingjiu: "You calm down, there is no ghost in the world!" He just finished saying this, the driver around him screamed again, saying: "The thing is approaching us!!"

Lu Qingji looked ahead and found that the white figure was actually approaching them. The driver on the side of the body called the killing pig. It was quite a bit of a horror film.

"It seems to be a person!" But the white shadow is close, Lu Qingjiu is clearly seeing the white is indeed a person, although the look is not very clear, but it should not be something strange.

"It's an individual." Lu Qingji felt that his arm was quickly caught by the driver, and his mouth groaned. "Master, don't catch me, it's a personal."

"People?" The driver seems to be calmer.

The figure slowly came to them. With the lights, Lu Qingji finally saw the appearance of the white shadow. This was actually a man dressed in white, very beautiful, with no expression on his face, and his foot stopped at the taxi. Next to the position of the first officer.

"Mr.?" Make sure this is a human rather than something weird. Lu Qingji’s heart is slightly loose. He shakes the window and reveals half of his face. He said: "So late, this place is so partial, you have What is it?"

The man looked at the eye and Qing wine, and looked at the taxi driver shivering next to Lu Qingjiu. He smiled slightly and said, "Nothing, I can't sleep at night, come out and find something to eat."

Lu Qingji thought so late that you could find something to eat in this wilderness, but there were geeks everywhere, and he was not good at hobbies, so he smiled politely: "Yes, then you pay attention. Safety."

The man heard the words, but he suddenly reached out and took a picture on the taxi door. Then he turned and left, and the figure gradually disappeared into the dark night.

Until he disappeared, the driver on the left side of Lu Qingji started the fire again and continued to drive toward the destination. It’s just that he was scared, and he didn’t talk much about the latter halfway.

Lu Qingjiu did not put this episode in his heart. He thanked the driver after getting off the bus and took two hundred dollars from the wallet and handed it to the driver.

The driver took the money and said nothing. He drove away and looked like a ghost. It seems that it should be a long time and will not receive a list from Shuifu Village.

Looking at his appearance and fleeing, Lu Qingji laughed.

This day is the darkest time. The surrounding buildings are hidden in the darkness. Only the quiet insects are heard. Lu Qingji dragged his luggage and walked past his own house with his memory. He has not returned for three years, and the most recent one is to attend the funeral of the monk. After that, the old house was abandoned, and I didn’t know what it was like at this time.

The surrounding buildings changed slightly, but the general direction was still right. After more than 20 minutes, Lu Qingji finally found his goal.

The old house was as ridiculous as he expected. On the red door, there was a rusted lock. Lu Qingjiu took out the key, inserted it and twisted it several times before opening the lock, reaching out and pushing the door, there was a large blockbuster. The dust fell, and he couldn't help but cough a few times.

"I haven't been back for a long time." The low chanting sighed, Lu Qingjiu opened the door of a small building and saw the furnishings in the room.

Because I said in advance that I would come back to let the neighbors help pay the electricity bill, there is still electricity available. Lu Qingjiu turned on the lights and saw the furnishings inside the house.

There wasn't much change, and it was almost the same as in his memory. Only all the furniture was covered with a thick layer of ash. Lu Qingji simply cleaned up the bed and thought about making a night here. He lay on a hard wooden bed and looked at the ceiling of the cobwebs overhead, thinking that he would spend more time cleaning the house tomorrow...

The nose was filled with old smell, and Lu Qing wine slept.

The next day, Lu Qingji didn’t wake up until nine o'clock. The bright sun cast on his body through the window. He opened his eyes in confusion and saw countless tiny dusts filled with light. He sat up, rubbed his eyes and smashed his sleepiness.

Lu Qingjiu just ate something and started to sort out the house.

I haven't lived for a few years, and the house needs to be thoroughly cleaned. In the early years, Shuifu Village did not even have tap water. The villagers went to the mountains to pick them up. Fortunately, the government funded the water in the past two years, saving a lot of trouble.

Lu Qingji found a broom that had been covered with spider webs in the corner of the house. He was about to pick up his sleeves and clean it, but he felt a tingling in his arm. He was puzzled. He picked up his left hand sleeve and saw himself. After the painful part of the left hand, I couldn't help but **** a cold breath.

I saw five purple-red marks on his left-handed arm, which was particularly eye-catching on his wheat-colored skin. He touched it with his hand and felt a burning pain.

“Where did you touch it?” Lu Qingji muttered, “Is it crawled by the worm?” He was a little confused, and after thinking carefully, there was an incredible thought in his mind.

It seems that I touched his arm last night... It was only the taxi driver. Was the driver too scared, so he took out such a mark on his arm?

Lu Qingji laughed and felt that his idea was a bit tricky.

However, these few prints seem to have no other influence besides the pain. Lu Qingji looked at it for a while, then put down his sleeve and began to clean the room. He still has a lot to do today.

"Oh." About ten o'clock, Lu Qingjiu, who was sweeping his head, heard a knock on the door. He walked over to the door and opened it, but saw a familiar face behind the door.

"Small wine, come back, did you arrive last night?" and Lu Qingjiu greeted a younger man who was slightly shorter than Luqing. He smiled and revealed a playful tiger tooth. "Why didn't you call me?"

Lu Qingjiu saw the youth and smiled with him: "Small search, long time no see."

In front of this person named Yin Xun, it is the playmate of Lu Qingjiu in his childhood, but since Lu Qingjiu left Shuifu Village, the two have not seen each other for a long time.

"It was too late last night, I didn't tell you." Lu Qingjiu raised the broom in his hand.

"Oh." Yin Xun nodded. "You are cleaning? I will help you!"

Lu Qingjiu: "Are your farm work done?"

Yin Xun said: "Almost, I just inserted the scorpion yesterday and only gotten fat next month."

Lu Qingji smiled and said: "Well, it will bother you."

Yin Xun rolled up his sleeves and picked up an old rag to start helping Lu Qing to clean the furniture. While doing things, he chatted with Lu Qingjiu.

Although the two are young playmates, but perhaps have not seen each other for a long time, there are endless topics, Yin Xun is still somewhat strange why Lu Qingji resigned from the big city to return here.

Lu Qingjiu sincerely said: "My boss and I said that if you don't work hard, you should go home and sell sweet potatoes. I thought about it. It seems that it is good to go home to sell sweet potatoes. I will be back."

Yin Xun: "... really fake."

Lu Qingji took the big eyes of his eyelids: "Really."

Yin Xun: "..." He pretended to believe.

The two men engaged in a morning of hygiene, the house was roughly cleaned up, Yin found time is almost the same, they greeted Lu Qingjiu to go to the small restaurant in the village for lunch, Lu Qingji readily accepted.

Shuifu Village is a very small village. The village head can hear the sound of the village. There is no business in this village. There are two small restaurants, one seller, and one rice noodle.

"You came back, what do you want to eat? I treat you!" Yin Xun said.

"Eat rice noodles." Lu Qingji also ate the rice noodles of the family when he was a child. It tastes very good. Now I think it is quite a nostalgic feeling.

"Oh, let's go." Yin Xun went to the rice noodle shop with Lu Qingjiu.

The rice noodle shop owner saw Yin Xun greeted him and saw Lu Qingjiu standing next to him. After looking up and down, he asked some unsures: "This is the little grandson of Lujia?" It’s so big!”

Lu Qingji nodded with a smile.

"Uncle Shu, you want two beef powder, put more hot peppers." Yin Xun said, "Give me a handful of leeks, Sake, do you want it?"

"Well," Lu Qingji also eats leek.

When the boss snorted, he turned and went into the house to cook rice noodles.

Lu Qingjiu observed this small shop, this shop is not big, the table is placed on the ground outside, the furnishings are old, but the care is very clean, watching is not messy. When Lu Qing wine regained his gaze, he saw something flashing under the table. This thing was extremely fast. Lu Qingjiu could barely recognize that the skin was red and seemed to be an insect.

"What are you looking at?" Yin Xun asked.

"It seems that there is a bug." Lu Qingjiu replied.

"Bug?" Yin Xun said, "Yeah, this spring is coming, there are more and more bugs. I will go to the house to get some herbs for you later. You can take it home. You slept there last night. Actually not bitten?"

Lu Qingji shook his head: "No."

Yin Xun heard his eyes and smashed his trousers. He saw that the three or five red bags on his legs were very eye-catching. Yin looked for it: "Hey, I went outside for a while last night and I was kicked." Package."

Lu Qingji thought for a moment: "Maybe I am lucky?"

Yin Xunqi opened his mouth and smiled. The playful tiger teeth on his lips were extraordinarily cute: "Maybe."

The two were chatting about the sky, and the boss put the cooked rice noodles up and exuded a strong aroma.

Lu Qingji took the chopsticks and tasted the first bit and sighed: "It’s still a taste of childhood." This rice noodles are not added with edible glue. It tastes soft and squeaky, absorbs the taste of bone soup, and has a rich and delicious taste. The seasoning is very simple, and it is also sprinkled with a stir-fried savory spicy and green leeks. The leeks are very fragrant after being cooked with the broth, which just offsets the greasy feeling of the bone soup.

The two were a little hungry. When the food came up, they stopped talking. They only had the sound of eating rice noodles. When Lu Qingjiu finished eating a bowl of rice noodles and drank a few soups, he was satisfied with a long sigh.

"It’s full." Yin Xun took a nap and satisfied his own stomach.

"It's delicious." Lu Qingjiu is quite satisfied. He wiped his mouth and said, "Yes, I got a taxi when I went here yesterday. I heard the taxi driver said that two taxis died here. The driver?"

"Oh, you said this." Yin Xun said, "Yeah, there are no two, but the driver is not a passenger."

Lu Qingjiu: "..."

Yin Xun didn't notice that Lu Qingjiu's expression was a little bit wrong. He only said that when he talked about the gossip, "but it is not necessarily dead. The body has not found it, only found their luggage."

"Isn't it a member of Shuifu Village?" Lu Qingji asked.

"No." Yin Xun said, "It’s the other village, just passing through Shuifu Village... What do you ask this?"

Lu Qingji Road: "Oh, just listen to someone else."

Yin Xun didn't mean it: "The law and order of our Shuifu Village is still very good. There isn't even a small thief, it is much better than other places."

When they talked, they returned to the house, and the cleaning was done in half, and they had to continue.

On this day, the old house is finally a place to live, but the yard still needs to spend more time to take care of it.

The old house is actually quite big, and the backyard is almost a small villa. It is just because there is no living in the whole year, so there are fewer rooms for people to live in. Many roofs and walls need to be re-reinforced.

There was a well in the backyard of the old house. Lu Qingjiu went to the wellhead in the evening and found that there was still water in the well. It seems that it can continue to be used, but the rope on which the water is being used has already aged, and it has to be replaced.

"I still remember that when I was a child, I used this water to make watermelons." Yin Xun sat on the edge of the wellhead and looked at his head. "You are going back here to prepare something? Planting?"

"Raise the animals and plant the fields." Lu Qingjiu, "I still have some savings. I will fix the animal shed next to me..."

Almost every household in this village will raise some animals. The chickens are always standing. If there are good conditions, they will raise a few pigs or cows.

"Well," Yin said. "I told the carpenter and let the carpenter come to your house to fix the shed. What do you want to buy? After a few days in the town, you can go there together."

"Okay, thank you." Lu Qingji was grateful.

"Polite." Yin Xing waved his hand, and some did not care, "I am talking about this relationship. I still say this, it is not early, I will go back first."

"Good." Lu Qingjiu, "pay attention to safety."

Yin Xun turned and walked out of the courtyard door. Lu Qingji saw him go far and returned to his old house.

Although the old house had a TV set, but did not open the signal, Lu Qingji had to take out the mobile phone and climbed onto the bed. Clicking on the APP saw the news.

He looked at it for a while, but he suddenly remembered something. He opened the search bar with his finger and entered a few words in the search bar: the taxi passengers in Shuifu Village were missing. After a while, the search results jumped out. Lu Qingjiu browsed the news roughly and found that the news was similar to Yinxun, but the details were more detailed. Roughly, some people suddenly disappeared, their family members reported to the police, and finally found their lost baggage near Shuifu Village. After police investigation, they found that they were all on a taxi...

Seeing this, Lu Qingjiu put down his mobile phone and rolled up the sleeves of his left arm. The five purple dots were clearly visible on the skin covered by the sleeves.

Lu Qingji touched it and snorted softly in his mouth. The red dot still hurts a lot. He realized at this time that the taxi driver seemed to be wrong last night, but fortunately he left the taxi safely and there was no accident.

Lu Qingji thought about it, and his sleepiness rushed into his heart. He was busy for a day during the day. He was also a little tired. He closed his eyes and almost slept for a moment.

This kind of sleep quality does not dare to think when he goes to work. After all, their company requires employees to start up 24 hours, especially if he plans to do this. If there is any problem with the project, he must be called to the company at any time, although the salary is high enough. But people are also being swayed.

Lu Qing wine thought that he would sleep until dawn, but by the early morning, he heard a very subtle sound.

The sound is like something on the tile on the top of the head, and the head of Lu Qing’s wine is squeaking.

Lu Qingjiu was awakened from his sleep by this sound, and his sleepy eyes saw a faint light on his head. This light caused Lu Qingjiu to stop, and his brain didn’t turn over for a while, and after a while, he was fierce. Really aware of what, the eyes instantly rounded up - the tiles on the top of the room were actually opened by something, the bright moonlight spilled from the top of the head on the sheet, like a hot stamp.

"Scratch, rub." The sound on the top of the head rang again. The first reaction of Lu Qingjiu was that the creature like the wild cat ran to the top of the building, but when he came up with the idea in his mind, a circle The thing appeared in the hole in the roof. Lu Qing wine saw the appearance of the round thing. It was a red eye, the pupil was big, and the white nictuous film slipped through the eyeball, leaving a moist liquid on it. Lu Qingjiu recognizes that this is an eye belonging to a reptile.

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