Chapter 98 Don't You Like Me Chapter 98

When the results of the college entrance examination came out, the scores of the two people were only very different. It is not a problem to test a university. Their first wish is S, because the interests and the desired direction of development are very similar, so they have applied for the same major, and they should be able to study and live together as they did in high school.

S is in another city, not far from the city where they currently live. The high-speed rail can be reached in about two hours. It is the top ten university in China. Soon after the score line, Lin Feiran and Gu Kaifeng both received S's admission notice.

"In the future, we can also go to class together, write a thesis together, and take the exam together." Lin Fei couldn't stop picking up the notice and let it go. It was "very good."

"Small sticky cake." Gu Kaifeng pinched Lin Feiran filled with a beautiful face, "I like to stick my husband?"

"Yes." Lin Feiran frankly responded, and turned his head like a koala bear to Gu Kaifeng, screaming like a self-talk, "stick!"

So the soft and delicious little sticky cake was thrown down by the homeopathic mucus!


Wang Zhuo and He Wei have also taken a good test this time. They entered different colleges in the same university, and Gu Kaifeng Lin Feiran, the two people who can’t wait to grow up together, are mad at the pressure of He Wei. Wang Zhuo, who has been thinking for more than a year, wants to work with He Wei to take a class test. The main principle of choosing a major is that the less the intersection with He Wei, the better, and save him to supervise him every day.

"I will be free in the future!" Wang Zhuo smugly slammed the admission notice in his hand, and he said to him, "You don't understand when you go to the professional class of the brother. I see how you chase me to ask questions." ""

He Yan said in a cool voice: "There are English four or six."

Wang Zhuo: "..."

In the most relaxed summer vacation after the college entrance examination, Gu Kaifeng and Lin Feiran spent half of their time on tourism, and the other half was tired of eating and playing together every day. Because they were too relaxed, they couldn’t even bother to play. It is. However, they have always been very interested in each other, so the days before the start of school can be said to be ridiculous and unspeakable.

At the beginning of September, the two came to S to report, they were assigned to different classes of the same profession, but the different classes in the university are also in class, basically no difference, although the bedroom is not separated, but will go after anyway. Renting a house outside, so it doesn't matter. After the end of the report, it was military training. The military training of S was notoriously harsh. In the past, the new students were sent to military training every year. This year is no exception.

The military training lasted for two weeks, with fourteen people and one bedroom. Gu Kaifeng was placed next to Lin Feiran.

The conditions in the military camp are more difficult. These students who are used to living comfortably are dumbfounded when they enter the bedroom. The temperature is 30 degrees outside, there is no air conditioner in the house, there is no fan, and the weather is so hot that there is no wind. Moreover, the mosquitoes in the mountains are as big as the mutated ones. When they are still, they are like a big spider, taking off and screaming, and screaming and screaming. The most terrible thing is that there is no place to take a bath in the male accommodation building. The accommodation building with a slightly better condition is reserved for the girls. The boys are said to be able to simply use the cold water in the water room.

Lin Feiran put the luggage, and pulled out two fans from the inside. He ran to the next door to the Gu Kaifeng, and went back to his bedroom to fan the fan. Other students gathered in the hurricane.

The troops gave these students uniform uniforms during military training, green trousers, upper body camouflage half-sleeve T-shirts, and a hat.

After a break, I changed my clothes, and the students went to the training ground. In the corridor, Lin saw the Gu Kaifeng in the crowd. Gu Kaifeng has a fitness habit, and he has just the right muscles to support the clothes. The muscles of the chest and the strong arm lines under the half sleeves are very eye-catching. His back is standing sideways against the wall and standing in the hallway. Lin Feiran, a pair of heroic look.

Lin Feiran ran a few steps to stick to Gu Kaifeng. The two men walked side by side, Lin Feiran was afraid of hearing, and raised his face and said: "You can wear camouflage."

Gu Kaifeng’s heart was hot, and he looked around, and his relatives lie in Lin Feiran’s ear: “You wear this...”

Lin Feiran stunned and said: "Do not say lasciviousness."

Very familiar with the routine! Obviously, I have not been said so often!

"I didn't want to say that," Gu Kaifeng began to tout. "I want to say that you wear this very handsome, very sunny, quite different."

Lin Feiran licked his nose and bowed his head and smirked. It doesn't matter. "Is it, I think it is very general."

Hypocritical self-improvement is for more praise!

Gu Kaifeng is also very on the road: "How can I generally wear something that my family can wear? You just look good in the butt..."

Lin Feiran nervously looked around and was afraid of hearing.

Gu Kaifeng: "No, it's accurate to say that you look better."

"Hey!" Lin Feiran hurriedly raised his hand to his mouth!

The military training began in this way. The content is basically those. Standing in the military position, taking the right steps, tempering... and the evil midnight emergency gathering, the instructor’s whistle is the order, and the three teams must be dressed neatly in the following building. And the implementation of sitting, a person dressed up or late, the whole class will be punished, a hundred push-ups to do.

Although it is hard, but with such a large group of students to accompany them, you can still have fun.

On this day, the 30-minute standing posture training under the scorching sun was over, and the freshmen fled to the shade. Under the tree, Gu Kaifeng took the hat to Lin Feiran and fanned himself. Lin Feiran took a break and looked at the loose pockets of the military training trousers. He drummed inside for a while, then screamed at Gu Kaifeng: "He turned his head and opened his mouth. Don't let the instructor see it."

Gu Kaifeng opened his mouth obediently, and Lin Feiran shot like a wind, throwing two chocolate beans into his mouth.

Gu Kaifeng stunned and closed his mouth.

The sweet and fragrant taste of chocolate spread in the mouth, Gu Kaifeng smashed his fist into the mouth to cover his lips, but the slightly curved eyebrows still sold his expression.

Lin Feiran also secretly ate two chocolates. After eating the oblique eyes and aiming at Gu Kaifeng, he gently rubbed him on the foot and blushed and said: "What to laugh at is to let you supplement the energy."

The chocolate in my mouth is gone, Gu Kaifeng has never finished the product, I feel that the sweetness has penetrated into every cell of the body, and his heart is so sweet, Gu Kaifeng wiped his face and calmed himself. Down, I am dissatisfied: "Don't be so jealous of me in public, you can't kiss you when you are finished, you can't stand it."

Lin Feiran was silent for a moment and asked: "...we will we go to the toilet together?"

Gu Kaifeng: "Don't worry about it, the instructor has to let us go all the way even if it is fake."

The fear of this hot day is that it must be cooked.

Lin Feiran laughed.

After a day of military training, the tormented freshmen went to the cafeteria to eat.

This is a big pot of rice. Although it is full of vegetables and staple food, the meat is very poor. The freshmen are sitting at the table. A few dishes are already on the table. Everyone is staring at the green light. Stir-fried cabbage, this is the only dish on the table with a simmer. When I first arrived, these students were able to carry forward the gentleman's demeanor in front of the new classmates. They didn't grab the meal when they were eating, but they couldn't take care of them when they ate the soup in a few days. The table was like the battlefield. .

Gu Kaifeng sharply scanned the cabbage stir-fried meat again, and recorded the meat slices on the bright side and the pieces of meat that were covered with cabbage and only revealed a little bit of meat. As the instructor whistled, the young master slammed like a whistle. Wind, spelling a handsome face, don't slam a few pieces of meat into the Lin Feiran bowl. When he left the rest of the clips, he was robbed by other students. There were also unwilling people who dialed the chopsticks on the plate and saw that there was no shadow of the flesh. Cabbage.

Lin Feiran was very embarrassed. He didn't dare to look up at people. Although he was also a carnivorous animal, he was too good to face. He wanted him to put down the young master's shelf and people to grab the meat. He would rather not eat, so if there is no Gu Kaifeng who can abandon his face at any time, he can take care of it. Then, he had not eaten eight percent of his meat for half a month.

Gu Kaifeng gave him five pieces of meat. Lin Feiran wanted to clip it back to him. Gu Kaifeng blocked his chopsticks and smiled and whispered: "I eat it myself, go back and ask me to eat well."

Lin Feiran shook his head, insisted on pinching back to Gu Kaifeng, and biting the extra piece, and the remaining half was also clipped to Gu Kaifeng.

This way, one person and two pieces of meat, a special average!

Gu Kaifeng saw that he must let it no longer refuse, and picked up the piece of meat that still carries Lin Feiran's tooth prints, laughing and shaking his shoulders.

Lin Feiran also felt that his calculations were very funny, his cheeks were slightly red, and he was busy eating.

They have never done this before, and I don’t want to buy anything. I want you to let me and I let you, but here is Lin Feiran’s inexplicable happiness. He has a kind of happiness with Gu Kaifeng. The feeling of being over.

After the day's training, they returned to the dormitory.

Gu Kaifeng took a few minutes to go to Lin Feiran's bedroom to call him to take a bath. The boys can only use the tap water in the water room or toilet cubicle to simply shower, it is reasonable to say that such a hot day to wash the cold water bath is no problem, but this The groundwater is directly pumped up. Even the water that flows out of the faucet on a hot day of 30 degrees is cold and cold. When it is washed, the skin will be frozen and the wood will be frozen.

However, it is not bad to have a wash. When Gu Kaifeng came to the water room, there were two rows of boys standing in front of the pool. They all washed coldly with cold water. Gu Kaifeng used the basin to pick up the water, then found a toilet cubicle and flushed the dirty ground with the water in the basin. When Lin Feiran came, he greeted him: "Of course, come over."

Lin Feiran took two buckets of 4L of pure water and laughed out a small white tooth. He invited the idea: "You touch."

Gu Kaifeng reached out and touched the two buckets of pure water, which was warm.

Lin Feiran proudly said: "I took the cold water that I received this morning and put it outside. Just came back, we took this bath, one person and one bucket, enough."

"How can my family be so smart?" Gu Kai was very happy. He took a bucket of warm water. "You are advanced, and the clothes are taken off to me."

Lin Feiran went into the compartment and closed the door. He took the piece of clothing off the door and handed it to Gu Kaifeng. Gu Kaifeng took it and threw it in the basin with his clothes. Then he took a bath of warm water for a day. I can’t do it.

After the shower, Gu Kaifeng was responsible for washing himself and Lin Feiran's clothes and drying them. The two men put on the changing camouflage suits and went back to the bedroom to hurry up.

Yesterday, they gathered three times in the middle of the night and felt that they didn’t sleep well. It’s estimated that they didn’t sleep well in the middle of the night. Lin Feiran’s belt didn’t dare to solve it. He carefully moved the bed of Gu Kaifeng’s tofu quilt to his side, and then squatted. Rest at the bedside.

It was too hot, even though the sun had already gone down the mountain and the wind blowing into the dormitory was still warm. Lin Feiran was so hot that he couldn’t sleep after lying in bed for more than half an hour, so he went down to the corridor and circled. It may be that the military camp is full of yang, there are fewer ghosts here, there is basically no passing, only a few resident ghosts, Lin Feiran seems to look at it, pulling a look is not scary, let the ghost sit on his bed, If you can't stand the heat, you will hit the ghost.

It can be said that it is a rare cool in the heat!

Ghosts look blank, as if they lost their way in the ghost: "..."

Don't you be so good if you are not afraid of me? This kind of thing spreads out to make people ghosts in the future!

In the middle of the night, the whistle of the emergency gathering sounded, and Lin Feiran jumped up. He took the hat on the table and put it on the back of the shoe and ran out. This time everyone gathered in time, so there was no penalty, just in the training ground. After running for two laps, I went back to the dormitory to sleep.

Lin Feiran was sleepy and tired. He followed the big troops and walked back. The corridor of the dormitory building was very dark. When he walked, his arm was suddenly pulled by the people on the side. Lin Feiran knew that it was Gu Kaifeng. He struggled with a little bit of trouble and the other party hooked himself into his arms and then flashed into the door of an empty dormitory.

"A glimpse of it, I don't even look at it." Gu Kaifeng took a bite out of Lin Feiran's earlobe. "What if it's not me?"

Lin Feiran was bitten and shivered. After thinking about it, he said: "You are... you are different from others, I can feel it."

Gu Kaifeng was caught off guard and was sweetened. Lin Feiran whispered: "I miss you, I can't sleep, I haven't kissed you for several days."

Lin Feiran looked over Gu Kaifeng's shoulder and looked at the small window on the door. It was exciting and fearful of being broken: "We don't be here, people are coming back..."

"It's okay, this film is the dormitory of the Information Engineering Department," Gu Kaifeng put him on the door, screaming at Lin Feiran's lips eagerly and ambiguously. "When we came in, they did not finish the push-ups." ”

Lin Feiran heard the words immediately entangled Gu Kaifeng’s neck and responded enthusiastically. He whispered: "I miss you too, especially..."

Five minutes later, the two men, like two little beasts who had not had enough to stop, had slipped out of their dorms and ran back to their dorms.

Half a month of hell-like torture ended. After the performance, the students went back to the school bus. The students who had been squatting to go home all the time, like the Stockholm syndrome, shed tears and bid farewell to the instructor. I can’t wait to train for another hundred years. Lin Feiran is also a bit reluctant, but think about the end of military training and Gu Kaifeng can be tired, and then reluctant to quickly disappear.

After returning to school, the two had not lived together for a few days. Gu Kaifeng rushed to see the house, and rented a set that day.

“Do we stay in school for a while? Would it be better?” Lin Feiran hesitated. “Family familiar with classmates.”

Gu Kaifeng's face is black: "Not good."

Lin Feiran: "..."

Gu Kaifeng gloomyly grinds his teeth: "I thought that you actually live in a dormitory with other boys, and I can't even sleep well."

Lin Feiran helped: "They are all straight, you don't have to eat their vinegar."

Gu Kaifeng laughed: "You didn't think I was straight at first?"

Lin Feiran is actually speechless!

The house rented by Gu Kaifeng is in a residential area opposite the school. There is a large supermarket in a place five minutes away. It is very convenient for class and life. Considering that there is no accident, I might stay here for four years. After the landlord allowed Gu Kaifeng to hire someone to clean up the house, one of the bedrooms was evacuated, and a large desk and bookshelf were placed inside. study.

On the desk, there is a set of utensils for practicing hard pen calligraphy, including pens, inks, copybooks, and syllabuses. In addition, there is a set of writing utensils that are mainly for good looks.

These are all Lin Feiran's own preparations. After going to college, the time is a lot free. Lin Feiran intends to sink his heart and practice the words.

On a Saturday afternoon, Lin Feiran splashed ink in the study room. Yesterday, Gu Kaifeng, who was tossing to the early morning, made a nap in the morning. He only wore a big pair of pants, sleepy eyes, and swayed into the study room. Lin Feiran a bear hug.

"Baby is practicing words, writing well, and making progress." Gu Kaifeng praised his conscience.

In fact, it is very difficult to achieve results in the short term, but it is not a bad thing to give some confidence.

"I also feel better than before." Lin Feiran heartily accepted the praise, seriously wrote the three characters of Gu Kaifeng on the paper, the small tail stood tall and proud, "Look!"

Gu Kaifeng trembled.

Lin Feiran's three words of "Gu Kaifeng" are obviously different from other words. The structure of the frame is just right, and the copybooks are almost inconsistent. It is obviously focused on practicing these three words.

"I wrote the three words best, because I practiced the most." Lin Feiran turned his head and looked at Gu Kaifeng, probably because of the light, the exquisite face was extraordinarily fair and bright, and he was frank and slightly with a shy smile. It seems to be shining.

Gu Kaifeng’s heart burst into a cluster of evil fires, clearing up the scorpion, seems to have an attempt to ask: “Husband with you to write a brush?”

Lin Feiran nodded innocently: "Okay."

Ten minutes later, Lin Feiran understood it. The original written brush word refers to Gu Kaifeng writing on himself with a brush and water.

"Enough..." Lin Feiran was pressed on the table, his chest was bright, and he raised his hand and covered his eyes.

The soft fur that sat full of water wandered freely on him. The itch was itch into the bone through the skin, and it tickles him. Gu Kaifeng still swears and asks: "What is this?"

"I don't know..." Lin Feiran was almost crying. One hand grabbed two on the table in a panic. When he grabbed a piece of paper, he accidentally grabbed the paper into a ball. "You stop... wait a moment!"

"If you can't guess it, you won't stop." Gu Kaifeng used it with one heart and two, and went to the pen holder to fill the brush with water, and wrote it on Lin Feiran.

At this time, two small, fluffy little heads appeared behind the door of the study.

The two kittens, named Mung bean cake and Yundie cake, looked at the scene in front of them in confusion, and did not understand what the stupid two-legged beasts were doing.


Not long after the house was rented, the two bought two kittens to raise them. They are the same as Lin Feiran. They are especially suitable for one white and one black. Lin Feiran’s long-awaited cat industry has finally been implemented, and he is not happy. If you have nothing, just buy some of the cat owners on the Internet and fill in the ones. This weekend, he ordered the cat climbing frame online. Gu Kaifeng was responsible for packing up the cat room in the living room. Lin Feiran went downstairs to go to a nearby restaurant to buy food.

Gu Kaifeng moved the sofa and coffee table in the living room, and made a vacant lot. Then he opened the courier box and took out the cat climbing frame. The mung bean cake and the cloud cake were placed in their two yellow and orange pumpkins. Quietly watching this tall two-legged beast busy, from time to time to each other.

Gu Kaifeng finished the cat climbing frame and licked the cat in front of the cat litter.

He still remembers that in the high school, Lin Feiran saved four little milk cats. He wanted to raise but did not have the conditions to raise them. He was not willing to give away. He said that he was raised at the university, but Lin Feiran said that he would not test him. The university, when you talk, blushes himself. At first glance, it is not the right thing... Gu Kaifeng squats on the ground and thinks about the two cats. Thinking about it, the corner of his mouth slowly and gently rises.

The setting sun traces his figure on the side of pale gold. In the early autumn, the atmosphere full of memories is passing through the temple. It seems that it is still the time when the high school started in September. Gu Kaifeng took a deep breath and took out his mobile phone to Lin Feiran. WeChat.

Gu Kaifeng: "Right, where is it?"

Lin Feiran second back: "In the store, the rice is just packed, I am going back now."

Gu Kaifeng: "Come back, run forward."

Lin Feiran: "Are you a stupid military training..."

Gu Kaifeng: "No, I suddenly miss you."

Until the facial muscles began to become sore, Gu Kaifeng realized that he had been smirking.

Lin Feiran didn't return to him again. Two minutes later, the corridor heard a rush of footsteps. Gu Kaifeng was held a full moment when he opened the door. Lin Feiran, who was running all the way, panted and raised his face and kissed him. Then he happily ran to the table to open the packaging of the food, and said, "Come on, come and kill me!"

"Come--" Gu Kaifeng gently responded, closing the door and walking towards his little sticky cake.

The author has something to say:

Renting a house, a university, raising a cat, practicing a word... all confessed~! Then let's end it happily~!

However, their life is not over. I am willing to believe that the crazy brother and indeed do exist in the world created by a certain idea and continue to live happily.

Thank you all for your support!


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