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Chapter 187


5 months ago 615 readers Chapter 187 / 188

During the lunch break, the corridor of the hospital was relatively quiet. Only the nurses on duty were chatting in twos and threes. Gu Lai walked to the door of the ward with the food box, and just happened to see the nurse changing Shen You's medicine. The **** scene, waiting quietly against the wall outside, but the sensitive ears can still catch the suppressed and painful muffled sound inside.

The fire a few months ago directly burned the bed and breakfast, and even made the news. Gu Lai was in good health and was discharged some time ago. Only Shen You is still undergoing recovery treatment. The daily dressing change is no different. A torture.

About ten minutes later, the nurse pushed the cart out, Gu Lai went in, and then gently closed the door with his backhand.

Before Shen You could lie down, his waist was wrapped in circles of gauze. It looked terrifying because it was soaked in the dark liquid medicine, but it was much better than the previous time. He buttoned the button three or two times. , Covering those injuries, wearing loose clothes on her body, apparently a lot thinner.

This accident, Shen You, did not disturb the family. He was used to being alone. It is common for him to disappear for a few months, but no one has bothered.

Gu Lai put the food box on the table, then took out a tissue and wiped his sweat. He seemed to be proficient in doing so many times. Then he sat on the bedside and said in a low voice, "Is it better today? It still hurts. ?"

He would ask this sentence every day.

Shen You was still a little confused, and only reacted after a while, but his pale face was not convincing: "It's okay, it's all scarred."

Gu Lai didn’t say a word, knowing that it’s fake that he didn’t feel any pain, so he could only kiss his forehead as if he was soothing. Shen You couldn’t make too large movements. A slight movement would affect his back injury, so he could only hold Gu. Coming to the cuff, he said with a smile in his ear: "You kiss me a few more times and it won't hurt."

Gu Lai really kissed him several times when he heard the words. Shen You took the opportunity to bite his lower lip and kissed it back slowly and effortlessly, even though he was ill.

Shen You wanted to tell Gu Lai that it was not the first time that he was injured and was hospitalized.

The injury in college was more serious than it is now, every minute and every second is suffering. Changing the dressing is like cutting meat. It hurts when you don’t touch it, and it hurts even more when you touch it. It’s hard to sleep for countless days and nights. Apart from spending money around The nurses hired are gone.

That year, the chest and lungs were filled with hatred day and night.

But Gu Lai never knew how willing Shen You was when he was injured this time.

This soothing kiss will change the taste a bit, but it is impossible to do anything in the end. Gu Lai gently clasped the back of Shen You's head, hugged him in his arms, and brushed the tip of his tongue over his dry lips. Petal, continue to poke in, the technique of entanglement in the room becomes more and more proficient, no longer the person who blushed and wanted to escape when he was kissed.

Gu Lai's hand fell on Shen You's ankle, gently kneading, and moving upwards, without any excessive actions, but it was inexplicably sultry.

Shen You never realized that his ankles could be so sensitive, he kicked twice weakly, but he found that he didn't kick off, and his voice hoarsely said: "Gu Lai, you have broken your studies..."

Gu Lai looked at him innocently: "Huh?"

Shen You: "..." Well, when he didn't say it.

During this period of time, apart from going home to cook, Gu Lai has always been with the hospital to accompany him. He has never rested after he was busy. It was when he was sleepy at noon. Shen You looked in his eyes and patted the position beside him. : "Come and rest for a while, I can't sleep anyway."

"It's okay, I'm not sleepy."

Gu Lai shook his head and refused, took out the small snacks from the food box, and filled a bowl of porridge with a spoon to feed Shen You with small mouthfuls, lest the other party raise his hand to crack the wound.

The fire burned out the luggage of the two of them with years of shackles, and turned them into dust, leaving them in the once prosperous but remote ancient town, and then one after another, lingering in the mountains and rivers, quietly falling in Qingshixiang, sinking. So far, his heart is so full that he can't tolerate anything.

After finishing the meal, Shen You leaned against the bed, not knowing what he was thinking of, gently opened the locker sideways, fumbling through it with difficulty, and then took out something and tossed it to Gu, "Hey, yours. Break the stone."

Gu Lai subconsciously caught it, feeling cold and heavy. After a closer look, he realized that it was the blue stone that he had polished most of. The voice was a little surprised. He raised his head in surprise, "Did you bring it out?"

Shen You raised his eyebrows, nodded in silence, with three points of pride.

Gu Lai smiled and said, "I will buy tools for polishing again tomorrow."

Shen Youhao said leisurely: "What do you want to make? You have to draw a drawing, right?"

There are paper and pencils put by the nurse in the drawer to prepare the patient to fill in the bills. Gu Lai took out a piece of paper and used a ballpoint pen to draw a circle that is more standard than a compass, and added a pair of chubby little wings on the back. Turned over and showed Shen You: "It looks like this, doesn't it look good?"

When Gu said this, a mysterious light flashed in his eyes, and Shen You paused when he saw this, deliberately teasing him: "What's so good about a small broken ball."

Gu Lai had a disagreement with him for the first time: "Don't you think it's cute?"

Shen You glanced at the drawing again, thinking that it was chubby, it seemed really cute, but he didn't say that: "It's okay, I think it's average."

Gu Lai approached him with a serious expression and emphasized: "This is not an ordinary ball, it will shine and fly."

Shen You didn't collapse and laughed out. Suddenly, he felt that the days of hospitalization did not seem too boring. He was out of breath and said, "The psychiatric department next door, please be careful. I was taken away by the doctor. ."

Gu Lai looked at him without speaking.

Shen You coughed slightly when he saw it. He laughed enough and didn't tease him anymore. He drew the drawing and took a closer look, and then commented: "Well, it's pretty cute."

Gu Lai's eyes were bright: "Really?"

Shen You seldom saw him so happy, and inexplicably had a feeling of coaxing children: "Really."

Gu Lai was finally satisfied. He folded the paper three times in the drawer, and then whispered against Shen You's forehead, "You have to get better soon."

During the time when the other party was lying in the hospital, Gu Lai always felt that he was not in decline, as if something was missing.

Shen You wanted to say that after a few days, the situation would be better. He planned to leave the hospital and go home for training, but he said nothing. He kissed the corner of his mouth and nodded silently.

Now the weather is getting colder, and you can breathe out a breath of white breath when you speak. A thin layer of frost has condensed on the lawn outside the hospital, and it will snow soon if you want to come. When Gu Lai went upstairs the day before yesterday, he saw a patient covered in blood being carried into the emergency room. However, some mother-in-laws and aunts also liked to gather in the corridor to talk about the ghost morgue, which scared him. No longer dared to wander around, especially at night.

Shen You felt amused and distressed about this, and sighed helplessly: "There are no ghosts in the world."

Gu Lai seemed very stubborn at this time: "Yes."

Shen You compromised this: "Okay, if you say there is, there will be."

However, in the middle of the night, the kettle ran out of water. Shen You fumbled on the table for a long time, only to find that the cup was empty. Then he saw that Gu Lai was lying on the **** bed beside him as if he was asleep, moving his body hard, trying not to Sit up with a noise.

"what happened?"

Gu Lai was far more alert than he thought. He sat up, saw the cup in Shen You's hand, and instantly understood: "Do you want to drink water? I'll go out to fight."

After finishing talking quickly, get out of bed and put on shoes.

Shen You wanted to laugh a little, but also a little bit sour: "Fuck, aren't you afraid of ghosts? It's not far away, I can just go by myself."

Gu Lai disagreed: "The doctor said that you can't move, and the wound will open. If you sit down, I will be right back."

The corridors of the hospital were also lit at night, but the whiteness became more and more cold and gloomy. When you walked past the corner, the nurse on duty was no longer visible. The surroundings were so quiet that only footsteps could be heard.

Gu Lai felt a little drumming in his heart, and picked up the kettle to speed up and wanted to go back, but in the distance saw an old man appearing not far from the corridor, slowly walking forward on crutches, every time he passed the door of a ward, he would stop for a while, and then Going on again, it looks very strange.

In Gu Lai's mind, what those aunts and uncles said a few days ago uncontrollably appeared: "Oh, when I go to bed at night, I saw dark shadows swaying outside, and the whole body was whizzing, maybe some ghost sucked. Human spirit!"

The heart suddenly became cold.

Shen You’s ward was at the first room at the end. Gu Lai could only bite the bullet and walk forward. Despite deliberately slowing down, he quickly caught up with the old man’s pace. He squeezed the handle of the kettle nervously, and then quietly strayed. He glanced at the other person and found that the old man was very energetic, not like a ghost.

The old man had a bad temper. Seeing Gu Lai staring at him for no reason, he was so angry that he smashed the floor with his crutches. Just about to say something, the ground slipped and his legs were inconvenient. One staggering almost fell, Gu Lai. He quickly supported him, and saw that he stood firm, and then let go.

Gu Lai asked, "Are you okay? The ground here is a bit slippery."

The old man groaned awkwardly, with a stubborn temper, and did not say thank you.

Gu Lai didn't care, carried the kettle into the ward, and closed the door with his backhand.

Shen Youzheng looked down at his phone and sat on the bedside waiting for him. He raised his head subconsciously when he heard the movement, and then happily said half-truth, "Oh, it's been so long, haven't you seen any ghosts?"

Gu Lai knew that he was teasing himself and didn't say a word. He poured a glass of water for him, and carefully handed it to his mouth. After Shen You finished drinking, he said seriously: "No ghosts, there are beautiful nurse sisters."

Shen You should have been jealous, but felt unnecessary, squinted his eyes and said with a smile, "No matter how beautiful it is, it will be too late. You are now my person."

Gu Lai is sometimes more serious. He takes off his shoes and lays back on the bed, tidying up the quilt: "Why are you not mine?"

Shen Youer's roots became red. He kicked the quilt and whispered, "I didn't say it was not."

Gu Lai asked: "Then you are my person?"

Shen You vaguely replied in the dark: "Yeah."

His hand hung by the bed, and then he was held tightly by the other hand. On this winter night, it was so warm that neither of them noticed that the door was opened, and then he was gently taken. On it.

The old man leaned on crutches and took the elevator downstairs. The driver who had been waiting underneath saw this and hurried over to help him, but he pushed him away again, and got into the back seat with great effort.

The roar of the car rang and soon disappeared in the dark night.

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