Doing All Kinds of Tricks Everyday Chinese Web Novel

Doing All Kinds of Tricks Everyday

After being thrown into each world, Chen Lin had only one purpose: to become a villain, accumulate hatred, and then be killed by the protagonist.

He can return to the real world by accumulating achievements in ten worlds.

[First World]

Madly Paranoid President: “Love me or die, choose one.”

Chen Lin: “I choose to die.”

Blackened President: “You’d rather die than love me? Ah, I won’t let you die, I want you to stay by my side, facing me for a lifetime.”

Chen Lin: “……”

[Second World]

The Little Emperor who seized power: “Why did you try to steal Zhen’s throne?”

Chen Lin: “I deliberately approached you, if it wasn’t for your throne, do you really think I’d love you?”

Little Emperor: “Don’t lie to me. Zhen knows that you want to take responsibility to benefit the people. Zhen permits you to be carefree. All your suffering, Zhen understands.”

Chen Lin: “……”

Other wise known as 每天都在花样作死[快穿]

Novel Details
Type Chinese Web Novel
Status Completed
Author 艾丽的猫
Alternative Title 每天都在花样作死[快穿]
Total Chapters 27
Total Views 0
Likes 0
Tags Shounen Ai Recommended Top Rated Web Novel Complete Chinese


Latest Release: 27 - High Priest X Tsundere Emperor (7)

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