Chapter 568 Another EpicQuality Subdued Beast [Two in One]

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Back at Bei Du, Huang Juyun was sighing endlessly.

“Ai, it’s already been over twenty days. Why aren’t Xiaoche and Lanlan back yet? Did they come into some danger… ah no, knock on wood! With Xiaoche around, there wouldn’t be any danger.

“They must be trying to increase Lanlan’s beastmaster tier and thus stayed for so long.

“Mmm, that must be the case!”

Although Zhang Che had told him from the start that they’d be going into the beast world for a long time on this trip, it had already been more than half a month, and the two had yet to return. It was impossible for Huang Juyun to not be worried.

After all, one of them was his only daughter, his precious pearl, while the other was his proud son-in-law, his future successor! He truly couldn’t afford to have any accidents befall them, or he wouldn’t know what to do.

However, all he could do right now was worry.

Although Huang Juyun knew which beast world the two had entered, the beast world was too vast. Technology was useless inside; it was impossible to find the two among the countless mountains and rivers. It would be useless no matter how many men he sent in.

Moreover, Huang Juyun couldn’t possibly mobilize too many people for his private matters and send them into the beast world for a search operation.

They were currently in a troubling period. The military and government had come together to strike at cult organizations in many different cities, and they were finding themselves short-handed despite even after using private forces from various clans.

It couldn’t be helped. Huang Juyun could only console himself and believe in Zhang Che. They definitely wouldn’t be in any danger in the beast world…


Huang Tielan looked confused. Zhang Che pulled her along with a wicked smile and flew in a certain direction without explaining anything; she couldn’t help but ask doubtfully, “Zhang Xiaoche, where are we going that we need to be in such a hurry? I still want to kill more exotic beasts and try to rise to Tier Six beastmaster as soon as possible before returning! We have been inside the beast world for more than twenty days now!”

Zhang Che’s smile remained plastered on his face. He pointed at the frisky monkey at his side, signalling with his eyes, as if to say, “Make a guess.”

Huang Tielan reacted immediately. She was very clear on the frisky monkey’s abilities. That fellow didn’t have much fighting ability, but his skill at finding spiritual herbs was simply incredible!

Who knew if the frisky monkey would retort to her if he knew what she was thinking, arguing that he was also an exceptional archer!-With my powerful bow in hand, I would even dare to fight a mid-tier epic-quality exotic beast!-

“Ah, so you’re saying the frisky monkey has found something good?”

Zhang Che nodded. He replied with a smile, “Right, the frisky monkey said he found a high-grade spiritual herb. We’ll quickly go harvest it and see exactly what it is.”

Huang Tielan smiled excitedly. She said impatiently, “Then let’s hurry. It’d be too much of a pity if an exotic beast found it first and ate it!”

Zhang Che laughed involuntarily and said, “No hurry. There will definitely be powerful exotic beasts guarding spiritual herbs of that grade. We don’t have to rush over. In any case, it’s impossible for other exotic beasts to dare approach it. We still have a battle to fight for it!”

Huang Tielan grew even more nervous when she heard Zhang Che say that. She hurriedly asked, “Then, will that exotic beast eat the spiritual herb? It’d be too much of a pity!”

Huang Tielan had already claimed that spiritual herb as theirs. Of course she wouldn’t be willing to see it getting eaten by an exotic beast!

“Hahahaha, why are you being so impatient? It wouldn’t be so coincidental! That spiritual herb is definitely not mature. In that case, the guarding exotic beast won’t consume it. Exotic beasts will wait until the spiritual herbs are mature before they eat them, because that would provide the highest benefit!”

While the two were talking, the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and the Dark Unicorn were flying along the way. After a short discussion, they arrived in the vicinity of the spiritual herb.

Zhang Che’s expression suddenly turned a little more serious after they arrived. He turned his head and said to Huang Tielan, “You stay back later. The exotic beast guarding the spiritual herb is very powerful. I think it’ll be an epic-quality exotic beast.”

Huang Tielan’s expression changed as well. She asked nervously, “Ah? Will it be dangerous, then? Let’s forget it if it’s impossible! We can find high-grade spiritual herbs elsewhere.”

Zhang Che couldn’t help but laugh seeing Huang Tielan being overly anxious. He said, “My silly Miss, you’re still worried about me? It’s only an epic-quality exotic beast. I’m worried you might get caught up in the upcoming battle, I’m not afraid of the exotic beast. Moreover, it’d be strange if there wasn’t a powerful exotic beast guarding spiritual herbs of this grade.

“Don’t worry. You stay back first. When I’m done with the exotic beast inside, not only will we get a high-grade spiritual herb, we’ll also obtain another epic-quality subdued beast. So why not?”

Huang Tielan relaxed a little after hearing Zhang Che putting it that way. He shouldn’t be afraid of an epic-quality exotic beast when he was so strong. Thus, she nodded and retreated to a hill hundreds of meters away on the Dark Unicorn.

Zhang Che wasn’t assured of her safety, and had the elemental queen go with her.

It’d be disastrous if Huang Tielan was ambushed by some powerful exotic beasts while he was hunting another exotic beast.

Huang Tielan didn’t say anything. She knew Zhang Che was worried about her safety, and didn’t reject his help.

The epic-quality exotic beast in the mountain woods ahead had sensed the arrival of Zhang Che’s group. However, seeing the spiritual herb it was guarding was about to mature, it couldn’t be bothered to pay them any attention, only hoping they would know their place and back off on their own.

Afterwards, however, it was thoroughly enraged. Not only did Zhang Che not leave, he directly rushed at it aboard the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon!

An earth-shaking roar was heard. It spread more than ten kilometers away, scaring the nearby weak exotic beasts into laying on the ground, then scurrying away from the roar, terrified that the furious powerful exotic beast would find trouble with them.

“Hmm? This fellow isn’t weak. It’s at least at seven-stars. Looks like I’ll be adding another powerful subdued beast to my army!”

Zhang Che wasn’t afraid at all when he heard the exotic beast’s intimidating roar. Instead, he grew excited.

He didn’t expect to kill two birds with one stone here. Not only would he harvest a high-grade spiritual herb, he’d also kill a powerful exotic beast and obtain a decent epic-quality beast card. The heavens were really smiling upon him!

“Come, we’ll go inside and meet it!”

Zhang Che didn’t bring any other subdued beasts or pets with him. He slapped the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s back, signalling him to enter the forest ahead.

Given the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon and his attack power, Zhang Che didn’t believe there were any epic-quality exotic beasts that were a match for them.

Of course, that was excluding the nine-star exotic beasts!

However, it would be very difficult to come across exotic beasts of that level, even the low-quality ones, not to mention epic-quality. They wouldn’t appear in these areas.

The Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon was extremely fast. He entered the mountain forest in the blink of an eye.

Before they could see the situation inside the forest clearly, arrow after arrow of pure wood elemental energy suddenly came flying at them at lightning speed.

Zhang Che could sense that the arrow was purely elemental. Its destructive force couldn’t be underestimated.

As such, he didn’t react slowly. He immediately had Hanming raise his body, blocking the arrow for him, while he quickly equipped the Purple-Gold Demonic Armored Worm armor, and activated the Elemental Protective Barrier.

When dealing with exotic beasts with pure elemental attacks, the Purple Crystal Armor was far inferior to the Purple-Gold Demonic Armored Worm. As long as it wasn’t a divine-quality elemental attack, they could forget about hurting Zhang Che for an hour!

As for when the hour had passed… if Zhang Che couldn’t kill his enemy during that time, what was there to say? Escaping while he still had time would be the best option for him.

After blocking that volley of arrows, Zhang Che finally got a clear look at the exotic beast.

“Heh, what a beautiful fellow! I would have thought it was a harmless exotic beast only meant for the eyes if we didn’t meet under such circumstances! How ferocious!”

It turned out that the exotic beast that attacked Zhang Che was a large deer with rainbow patterns on its body.

That giant deer was quite handsome. It was over a hundred and fifty centimeters at the shoulder, and its body was over three meters long. There was a pair of beautiful forked golden antlers on its head, too.

Even so, what that deer was doing to Zhang Che wasn’t beautiful.

Seeing its volley of arrows had failed to hurt Zhang Che and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon… well, actually the rain of wood elemental arrows had damaged the dragon to a certain extent, but it wouldn’t mean anything unless Hanming’s foundation was damaged. The giant deer let out another cry and suddenly lowered its head. Its golden antlers shone resplendently as it charged at the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon.

Zhang Che noticed that the deer’s feet were actually not touching the ground. It was directly running on air! However, that was nothing to be surprised about.

As an epic-quality exotic beast, it’d be too weak if it couldn’t fly!

Take Zhang Che’s Earthen Rock Demon and the Demonic Energy Large Boar, for example. Their all-around combat abilities were much weaker since they couldn’t fly. Most of the time, Zhang Che was simply unwilling to use them. Their limitations were too great.

From the looks of it, this giant deer in front of him was indeed the best kind of subdued beast. He had to take it down no matter what!

Sensing the terrifying momentum of the giant deer, Zhang Che didn’t know whether there were any tricks involved in this attack. He hurriedly ordered the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon to dodge, while he used his data eyes to check the exotic beast’s attributes.


[Rainbow Vinewood Deer]

Level: Seven Star (Level 69)

Quality: Epic

Characteristics: Born with Vinewood Attribute. Excels in Controlling Plants to Attack and Defend.

Weakness: Fears Metal and Fire-Attributed Attacks of the Same Level and Quality

Innate Attribute: Able to Gather the Wood Elements in the Surroundings to Form Elemental Weapons and Attack Enemies with Them. It Can Also Use the Elements to Form Tough Defensive Armor.

Skill: Vinewood Slip. When in Danger, Exhausts the Pure Vinewood Elements in its Body to Activate the Powerful Vinewood Art of Escaping, Turning its Body into Pure Wood Elements and Using the Environment to Instantly Move 10,000 Meters Away. Cooldown Time: 24 Hours.

Skill: Vinewood Puppet. Able to Draw the Surrounding Wood Elements After Activating Skill and Form Large Groups of Powerful Vinewood Puppets to Attack its Enemies. Skill Duration: 1 Hour. Cooldown Time: 12 Hours.

Potential: D Rank


“Hmm, looks like its attributes aren’t bad. A pity it doesn’t have a False Domain, or even a Halo, for that matter. It’s a tiny flaw in an otherwise beautiful picture!”

After looking through the Rainbow Vinewood Deer’s attributes, Zhang Che’s eyes were practically shining. It was actually a Vinewood-attributed exotic beast. That was truly rare! Putting aside how strong it was, its rarity was definitely worth hunting for!

However, that fellow’s escaping skill could actually allow it to move ten thousand meters away. He had to prepare for it….

Done thinking, Zhang Che immediately waved his hand and summoned out the Purple Jade Condor. He ordered it to soar high into the sky and observe the situation below carefully. Once the Rainbow Vinewood Deer made its escape, he could immediately have the Purple Jade Condor find where it went. It would be difficult for him to hunt this exotic beast otherwise.

After reading through the Rainbow Vinewood Deer’s attributes, Zhang Che no longer acted politely. He directly instructed the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, “Come, Hanming, let it have a taste of your Extreme Yin Ray!”

In any case, this fellow’s attacks didn’t threaten him much. Zhang Che no longer viewed it with high regard and quickly ordered the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon to engage it in battle.

At the same time, a streak of light flew out from Zhang Che’s brow as he summoned out the scarlet and white sword.

He didn’t have time to waste here. It was better to end the fight swiftly!

Sensing the killing intent from Zhang Che and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, the Rainbow Vinewood Deer knew things weren’t boding well for it. Without any hesitation, a flash of green light shone. A layer of wooden armor appeared on its beautiful body.

Although the layer of armor didn’t seem very different from ordinary wood, Zhang Che knew its defense wouldn’t be low.

Indeed, when the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s Extreme Yin Ray struck the Rainbow Vinewood Deer, the triumphant skill, for the first time ever, did not yield any effective results. It only left a layer of frost on the Rainbow Vinewood Deer’s wooden armor.

In the next moment, the provoked exotic beast activated its attack skill. The nearby wooden elements quickly gathered. Several gigantic wood-attributed puppets rose from the ground, brandishing various weapons and charging at Zhang Che.

“I want to try and see how strong these wooden blocks are!” Zhang Che stared at those wooden puppet warriors, controlling the scarlet and white sword to cut at them.

The scarlet and white sword slashed consecutively, producing a wave of dull noises. The vinewood puppets were directly cut into pieces of wood and fell to the ground, turning into streaks of pure wood energy and dissipating into the air.

Putting aside the attack power of those wooden puppets summoned by the Rainbow Vinewood Deer, it was obvious their defensive strength was nothing impressive, and they were easily dealt with by Zhang Che’s scarlet and white sword.

The Rainbow Vinewood Deer was becoming sluggish after being covered by stream after stream of cold breath from the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon. Its speed was obviously lower than before

Zhang Che couldn’t help but feel disappointed. “Ai, it’s actually only for show. Really, made me happy for nothing.”

In truth, Zhang Che had misunderstood.

It wasn’t that the Rainbow Vinewood Deer was too weak, but that he and the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon’s combined attack power was too high, especially the scarlet and white sword. It was a godly weapon that could possibly threaten divine-quality exotic beasts. How could it be something the Summons of a mere seven-star epic-quality exotic beast could withstand?

At the very least, this fellow’s defense was not bad at all. Zhang Che couldn’t cut through its vinewood elemental armor easily.

Realizing the enemy before it was too strong, and that it was impossible for it to win, even though the Rainbow Vinewood Deer couldn’t bear to abandon the spiritual herb it had guarded for months, it knew its life was more important. It quickly activated its other skill. It suddenly turned into a green wisp, attaching to the nearest plant and disappearing before Zhang Che’s eyes.

“Damn, that skill is so strong!”

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