Becoming Rich Family Comparison Character Chinese Web Novel

Becoming Rich Family Comparison Character

Jian Rui Xi, who was on the island vacation with little fresh meat (aka toyboy), transmigrated into a book, and became a comparison character of a classic rich family spoiling wife novel. She is married into rich family like the heroine. But the heroine has the “rich family spoilt wife” script and has the touching true love story of the rich husband; but she has the standard “the rich daughter-in-law is not easy to do” script. The parents-in-law urging to have more sons. After five babies, the wealthy husband always on the news outside, resulting in a gossipy wealthy ladies ridiculed her and end up crying.

Jian Rui Xi, sitting on the bed in the middle of the night, unable to restrain her laughter said : “wealthy life , here I come ……”

Other wise known as 穿成豪门宠文的对照组

Novel Details
Type Chinese Web Novel
Status Completed
Author 清越流歌
Alternative Title 穿成豪门宠文的对照组
Total Chapters 119
Total Views 0
Likes 0
Tags Comedy Drama Josei Romance Recommended Top Rated Web Novel Complete Chinese


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