Abused Female Lead And Beautiful Villainess HE (Quick Transmigration) Chinese Web Novel

Abused Female Lead And Beautiful Villainess HE (Quick Transmigration)

Leader of the time and space department: Shen Wan, your task is to influence every novel world to pervert the extreme male character, rewrite the original abuse of the plot into a sweet pet, and calm the reader’s resentment.
Shen Wan: No problem.

Penetrating into the perverted president text, Shen Wan: He wants to dig my waist to Bai Yueguang, sorry, this will not sweeten.
Leadership: You can’t make money without turning back into a sweet man.
Beautiful female gift: This kind of person should go to prison.
Shen Wan was later taken home by a beautiful female mate, the reader said, so sweet.

Put into Wang Yewen, Shen Wan: He wants to put my blood to detoxify the cinnabar mole, it really cannot be sweet.
Leader: You do it.
Beautiful princess female match: When I became the emperor, I put the elder brother on the fief.
Shen Wan later became the queen, readers commented, it was really sweet.

Penetrating into Xianxiawen, Shen Wan: He wants to take my spirit root and poke my heart, it can’t be sweet.
Leader: Please ask Miss Moxiu next door.
Beautiful Sister Nun: The deity cut his head with a sword.
The nuns of the nuns were later separated and rebuilt as revamped immortals. The reader shouted, sweet.

Other wise known as 虐文女主和漂亮女配[快穿]

Novel Details
Type Chinese Web Novel
Status Completed
Author Qian Mi He
Alternative Title 虐文女主和漂亮女配[快穿]
Total Chapters 170
Total Views 0
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Tags Romance Recommended Top Rated Web Novel Complete Chinese


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