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Protagonist Strong from the Start Schemes And Conspiracies Contracts Polygamy Spirits Alchemy 2004 2015 Generals Game Racism Male Yandere Returning from Another World Lolicon Cheats Imperial Harem Bickering Couple Misunderstandings God Protagonist Loyal Subordinates Low key Protagonist World Hopping 2019 Leadership Complete Tragic Past Josei Mature Beautiful Female Lead Merchants Sister Complex Twins Depictions of Cruelty Master-Servant Relationship Top Rated Wizards Mecha Average looking Protagonist Seinen Sword Wielder R-15 Androgynous Characters Army Hackers Shounen Ai Pragmatic Protagonist Webtoons Lack of Common Sense Demon Lord Naive Protagonist Devoted Love Interests Cooking 2016 Ancient Times New Arrivals Multiple Transported Individuals Quick Transmigration Time Skip Handsome Male Lead Dwarfs 2009 Anti social Protagonist Kidnappings Stockholm Syndrome Reincarnation Strong to Stronger Helpful Protagonist 17+ Religions Immoras Couple Growth Marvel Universe Detectives Shoujo 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